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Catering is the business of providing food and service at hotels, houses, and other locations. The service may include simply dropping off the food or actually setting up the tables, serving the food, and clearing it away.
      ‘’Good food is all you need to run a successful catering enterprise’’ is a false statement, to run a good catering business you need more then good quality food. It is important that not only the food it good but the staff members are polite and well mannered. If you’re...
Fine motor skills are required to handle various items of catering equipment such as knives, crockery, cutlery, pots, pans, trays and other utensils. These items often require additional physical demands, such as pushing, pulling, sustained grip or deviation of the wrist from the midline. These...
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Monica and Pheobe begin catering jobs i believe in the middle of season three. They continue until season 4. There are quite a few episodes that showcase their working together. There is a funeral episode where they cater and then have a problem with receiving payment from the "grieving" widow....
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The cost of catering depends on the size of the event and the services provided. Catering costs include more than just multiplying the cost of food per plate by the number of guests, and can vary from $10 per person to $50 per person and above for formal events.Catering costs vary based on location...
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Usually it means tax and/or tip.
can you give me a 10 questions regarding to the feasibility study  on catering business.
== chef can help ==   whats the menu charge per person   it depends on the items that how much items are in the party
Central Kitchen hopes to maximize overall efficiency of food  distribution within Cleveland's homeless shelter system by  providing a centralized location in which fresh food is prepared  and cooked.Central Kitchen aims to provide healthy meals for local  organizations that serve with...
Depending on what type of sausage you are cooking, the military has a portable grill top that is non-scratch, uses a flame system that when properly maintained and used to specs, does an outstanding job at grilling everything and best of all it is easy to clean and move. Look into finding a surplus...
well depending on what you wanna do like chef, hotel or restaurantbut there was this one college cant remember though and a whole 2 year catering course was about 10,000 but it really depends on how many years your going to do it for
accomodators are persons with special skills in cooking,baking,and serving.usually the client provides for the food and equipment. This type of catering is usually done on a part-time basis but you can be developed into a full-time occupation.
Self catering accommodation in South Africa is graded by the Tourism Grading Council. This ensures that guests get an appropriate standard of accommodation. Luxury accommodation would be graded 4 or 5 star, whilst affordable self catering accommodation (such as ours) will be graded 3 star.
It's greatest commodity to the caterer is cost savings: price, durable, versatile, storage, shipping cost, and portion cost control. Rice is has the lowest water weight volume dry - pending quality can expand cooking 1:2 ratio or 1:3 ration dry to cooked. best quality 1:6 ration expansion Unlike...
Examples would be: burglars, extortionists, environmental disasters, and such.
Self-catering accommodation means doing all the cooking yourself instead of going out for meals. Its also means that food prices doesn't come under that bracket and needs to be supplied by yourself. So all self-catering lodges will have a kitchen for you to accomodate yourself.
I did not like the Catering. Catering staff was very polite.
The three bucket system is a safe-handling practice for cleaning  dishes in catering and restaurants. The first sink is filled with  hot, soapy water. The dishes are washed in this sink. The second  sink has clean, clear rinse water. After the dishes are rinsed,  they are rinsed again in the...
banquet is in a form of a feast while catering is rendering assistance in the form of food, drinks and accommodation.
It is a firm that say if you were having a party you could hire a catering firm to come and prepare and serve your food for you
duties and responsibilities of restaurant captain. Duties and responsibilities of captain
An accountant in a restaurant will have many duties. They will  track payroll, as well as all of the other expenses and profits of  the restaurant.
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Figure on 8oz. of meat per person, so that would be 25 pounds of meat to serve 50 people. If you wanted to save a little money, you could probably go with 20 pounds of meat, if you increase the amount of other ingredients (such as onions, peppers, tomatoes, etc.).
A that is offered pw, implies that the cost is given per week rather than per night. Most self catering establishments quota price per night but will be negotiable on longer stays.
Northampton college are probley the best place to study hospitality & catering because in the year of 2011 we will have a brand new college built and brand new facillitys to use. We have our own resturaunt wich is verry popular. The students can get the best out of there education here, we have...
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Catering food and beverage on a massive scale for the employees of a particular industry keeping in mind the nutritional value of the food. Many factors are involved in this kind of catering such as availablity of raw materials, equipments, food cost and many others.
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10% = 10 / 100 = 1 / 10 4,000,000 * 1 / 10 = 4,000,000 / 10 = 400,000
•Social trends•Cost•Cultural trends•Legislation•Regulations set by EHO (Environmental health officers)•Media•Tourism
There are actually 4 classes of the food service industry. They are: Class I - Serves prepackaged foods that do not have to be prepared, other than possibly heating and serving in the original package within 4 hours. Hot and/or cold beverages may also be served. Class II - In addition to the above,...
fast food, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, streetvendors, airlines,artisan, outdoor catering
what is the menu performance report for 
Catering Equipment Leasing Allows you to try it before you buy it. For example, you love the new stainless-steel refrigerator line, but do you actually want to buy it outright? Instead, consider leasing one for a short term to see how you like it Fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk
what are the 3 segments of catering
Generally, you have the banquet manager who is responsible for organizing, timing, setting, servicing and staffing the event. Under the manager is a captain, who will be responsible for making sure the manager instructions are followed completely. Under the captain are the banquet servers. Where I...
  I am wondering the same thing, I was able to book a caterer for a wedding and the price we were quoted was extremely cheap. But the bride and her mom thinks the caterer is getting over. Note: Under $500 (Food Purchased by Couple)???
Independent Catering is under the Commercial Segment, traditionally considered the for profit operations. Management Catering has three segments Commercial Segment, Noncommercial Segment and the Military Segment.
Catering Management System relieves you from extra pain and burden regarding any food services. Catering easily manages to provide food service at any location in specific occasions such as wedding events, birthday party's, corporate events or any other events you are organizing for a get-together....
Elements of catering plan are Budget, Location, Size, Style, Season, Kitchen Facilities, Rentals and many more for details logon Fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk
First Function: Planning-The Basic Catering Management FunctionSecond Function: Operations-Execution of TasksThird Function: Organizing the EventFourth Function: EquipmentFifth Function: ImplementingSixth Function: ControllingSeventh Function: Understanding Insurance and Legal
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what are the types of the premise catering
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Be sure you have the traditional tea as some people do not care for herbal teas. The catering establishment can tell you what they would recommend for special teas. Green tea for instant is a favorite along with mint and other flavors.
Low sugar foods with no wheat or gluten. i.e: salads, some curries, chips etc
A serving being 4 oz. you should need 1200 oz for 300 people but considering there will be overeaters, you should probably bring 1400 to be sure to have enough.
Stack on a plate and sandwich each individual pancake with greaseproof paper. Place stack in a polythene bag, seal, and freeze. To reheat, remove from bag and microwave just until hot.
1. make sure you have the correct ingredients and amounts 2. Wash your hands 3. make sure your surface area is clean hope this helps
what qualifications do i need to become a catering lecturer / assesor / tutor have 20 years experience 4 star and 5 star hotels and restaurants.
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How much will you serve one person x how many people are expected = how much you should make. For instance, if you will give each person 1 cup of green salad and you are expecting 50 guests, the formula would be 1 x 50 = 50. You'll need 50 cups of salad.
One opportunity that businesses have to maintain contact with  customers and suppliers is to give away calendars each year. Other  opportunities include sending out special emails about events,  postal mail about sales and discounts, hold open house events, and  meet with supplies periodically.
  Some restaurants can cater your party either at their restaurant, or at your place of choosing. If they cater at your place, it is called "off premise" catering. Not all restaurants offer "off premise" catering.
To look up the day to day operation. Make sure the hygine standerd. Making the duty rota. Codinating with the guest/Host in the party
Generally caterers charge 3x the food cost because they have to make a profit, plus pay their employees.    Think of it this way: if you had to feed your friends/guests and know about how much it would cost to do it yourself, just multiply that number by 3. That should give you a pretty good...
Hotel Catering Institution has a plan for providing complete food and beverages for an events. It is an efficient method of providing food for large parties.
customer satisfactionThat is correct, but I would add that it's also to provide food and service according to the customer's needs and directions.
all about catering advantage or disadantage
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The short answer is "not usually as a business". Because of health regulations, states typically require inspections, and (at least where I live), you cannot use the kitchen for anything other than your business. So if you want to set up a separate kitchen in your house (which theoretically could be...
what are the three segments of catering
A catering business operating under poor standards of food hygiene will very likely end up causing food poisoning. This could very likely result in loss of trade, and legal action.If the business is routinely inspected by local authorities, whether or not any complaints have been made, and found to...
Caterers who provide food for large events should offer to provide  you with a tasting, in order to gain your business for a large  contract. Keep in mind, however, that this tasting will be the very  best product the caterers can produce.While Some caterers will only  prepare and deliver you...
This is a trick question to make you think, they both provide foods to different places such as pubs, clubs, hotels and business parties so there is no difference! I had this question in my coursework at college and I thought there was a difference too but no, my teacher told me to redo this...
It is important for a caterer to understand how the potential customer's decision making process works. A potential client looking for a caterer who has the capabilities to do both on-premise and off-premise catering a certainly beneficial.
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in-store catering
A good place to start when considering factors in catering is to think about:* WHAT the event is* WHERE the event will be* WHEN the event will be* WHO (how many) will be attending* HOW MUCH you want to spendOnce you've answered those, it's a matter of getting estimates and planning.
I'd say $4000.00 at least, with a bar , entertainment a bartender and two waitresses.
  It depends what you're looking for.   Catered gives you the chance to meet lots of people quickly but there is less choice and if you have dietary requirements or are a fussy eater it may be a bad choice.   Self catering means you don't meet as many people as quickly, but eventually...