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The Educational Muslim Achievement Awards Night (EMAAN) is coordinated by the Muslim Association of Canada to award academic, community service, and leadership achievements to Muslim junior and senior high school students. EMAAN was established in 1997.
Hazrat Adam AS said to the angels.
the person who came to another house.and when salam with another person
They wouldn't be called a Muslim then. They would be called non-Muslims.
Try googling for the term "Old Kaaba" and it will turn up many pictures..   Alternatively see the link below
"Muslim" is an Arabic word that means one who submits to God.
It is unlawful, and it does not only signify for Muslims. Whether your Christian, Jewish, etc., NO person should "snog" with anyone to whom they are not married.
it is a piece of clothing which covers everything except the face and the hands. it can be any colour.
During prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) miracle of the night journey from Al-Masjid-al-Haram (at Makkah or Mecca) to the farthest mosque (in Jerusalem), prophet Muhammad met with the prophet Idrees and all other prophets in Jerusalem Al-Aqsa mosque. Quran says (meaning English translation): ...
i believe that these simple teachings and ethics laid out for us by the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) were the steps that led us to a developed society in the first place. so yes for me it matters what you eat now in a developed society.
As a general rule AS is reserved for holy Prophets and RUA for  Companions and RA for Muslim scolars who are dead. Anyhow, there is  no harm in writing As provided you don't consider Hazrat Ali a  prophet or more than a respectable Companion of our beloved Prophet  Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). The...
Fowllowers of Islam are Muslims Islam is the second most popular religion in the world Islam means subbmission (hope this helps)
Durin Shab-i-Mia'raaj. On the night the holy Prophet (SAW) went  uponhisheavenly journey.
all of them are right as their opinion and actually it is hard to judge.
Yes. Of course Imams marry; in fact, marriage is half of the emaan of a person. Islam is unique and Islam is a complete religion. Islam is the way of life and to live your life in a good manner you need to marry to prevent yourself from sin, from forbidden acts, and Islam teaches you how to do that....
It means you really adore something. I adore your new soccer ball!
It may be hard to decide what is meant by 'meaninful'.
Okay from an Islamic point of view, they pray to God, they follow his orders, they fast Ramadan, they hold their patience when they are angry because GOD told us to do so. They take care of his holy book and memorize it, they say zikr, they thank God, they follow both his words and Prophet...
Actually I think it's you have to shave you head before going to Umrah and it is obligatory.
He is in the world and he is alive.
   Barelvi is a school of thought, a sect. Some people who believe  that a Muslim must follow the teachings of the Qur'an and Hadith in  letter and spirit consider Barelvies wrong because the Barelvies  seek help from Sufies who have died. They even prostrate (do  Sajdah) on their graves...
Yes it is haram, but I think bidding is not. You can't gamble, or deal with loans, interests, or any of that. It's also haram.
Okay I'm sorry to tell you bud but Islam isn't a language. It's a religion. Arabic is a language, Chinese is a language, French is a language but not Islam.Islam is a religion, not a language.
Yes. The Ibadi are recognized as a third legitimate sect by most Sunnis and Shiites. Additionally, there are sects like the Ahmadiyya which consider themselves to be Muslim, but this contention is challenged by both Sunni and Shiite Muslims do to the Ahmadiyya reverence for Ahmed Mirza Ghulam.
Lord Shanker is a Hindu lord. Makka Mukarma and Madina Munawra are  the most sacred places for the Muslims. The entry of any Non-Muslim  is completely banned in and arround these two cities. No shanker or  his prison exists in these two sacred cities.
An Updated Answer Prophet Muhammad didn't start Islam. Prophet Muhammad is God Messenger and his prophet to call for Islam. Islam in its universal sense is an Arabic word that means peace and means submission. It is peace between one and himself/herself through belief in the one and only one God. It...
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Muslims pray in Islam because it is one of the 5 pillars to pray. It is also one of the most important things in Islam that help define a Muslim and differentiates them between the other religions. Lastly, Allah ordered us to and the Prophet p.b.u.h. prayed so we follow his example.
Answer     There are six basic beliefs in Islam:Allah (or God and same God worshiped in Christianity and Judaism)Angels of AllahHoly Books of AllahAll prophets and Messengers of AllahThe day of judgment and life after deathPredestination                  ...
In English you call him: leader of the mosque. But in Arabic you  call him: Imam ul-masjid. However, most people just call him :  Imam.
Shirk - to give a cold shoulder to, to ignore, to shine on.
It was decided by MOhammed (S.AW). If you need further information.Please do follow Bukhari Hadees not others... Answer-2 Sakeefa Bni Sa'ad was a place where people used to gather todiscuss important matters. On the day the holy Prophet HazratMuhammad SAW passed away, the Head of the tribe Bani...
The daily worship leader is called Imam.
He born before the hegra "the prophet Muhammad travel " with 23 years at 13 of ragab "month of the arab"
Okay, here's the thing. I don't understand what you are trying to say. If it is meant to be a nice dua you are trying to tell me than thank you. I accept your duaa. I do hope Allah s.w.t. prevents all evil from coming near me and keeps the devil away.
we know from the holy Quran that Yaqub (Jacob) PBUH had 12 son, Yousef (Joseph) PBUH & His 11 brothers.
Prophet Muhammad died on June 8th 632 AD. However, Islam is God religion that was revealed to mankind through God revelation of Quran to prophet Muhammad.
Spying on people in social life is strongly prohibited in  Islam-Sura Al-Hujraat. Spying is allowed in case of war against  enemies of Islam.
The same limits that are for other NA-MEHRAM.
No exact date can be given. His photographs used to appear in the  newspapers and magazines frequently.
First of all, back biting in Islam is haram. Also, you shouldn't be talking behind someone back if it's bad. I mean the only situation is if you're trying to mend a friendship between two people by telling them that the other person is saying great things about them. Another thing, speaking about...
Shahada [testimony that there is no god except Allah (God) the one and only one God and Muhammad is His messenger], . Salah (praying), . Zakah (specific compulsory charity), . Saum (fasting during Ramadan) and . the Hajj (pilgrimage) for those who can afford it. Refer to related question below
Sunni (Sunnism) is the largest branch of Islam it is known as Orthodox Islam. Shia (Shiaism) is the second largest denomination of Islam, Ismāīlism is a branch of Shia Islam, it is a sect of Shiaism, as are the mainstream Twelvers. The Aga Khan is the hereditary title of the Imam of the largest...
حج‎ Ḥajj is related to the Hebrew equivalent, essentially translating as "Holiday", as its an annual pilgrimage of Muslims.
It is not Islamic point of view to hang the criminals before  sunrise. Islam wants that the criminals should be hanged/beheaded  before the crowd of people. People should watch and learn a lesson  not to kill others and then get themselves beheaded.
Truthfully I don't recall Muslims singing when it's an Imam's b-day.
I don't know if that is necessarily true but this is what I know. To a Muslim, this life is like prison and paradise to us is freedom. To us Muslims this life we live right now is a test. If we pass we go on to Paradise and if we don't we go to the Hell Fire. For a Non-Muslim this life is Paradise...
It is prayer that holds importance between Fraiz and Sunnan. It is  important because the beloved Prophet (SAW) laid great stress on  its offering.
Yes but both wife and husband should have a healthy, trustworthy relationship. She shouldn't be doing anything wrong and you shouldn't be either.
You can, I mean I don't know if it's musthib or not but you can.  Some sheikhs, when coming to read say it out loud others say it to  themselves in a whisper.    Sana-Praise to Almighty Allah and Tauwaz are recited in a whisper  and Sura Fatiha is read aloud by the Imam. While offering...
Yes. Youmayoffer Namaz behind any Muslim. Only some sects of the  Shias have different kind of namaz i janaza.
These are extremely necessary for the peaceful functioning of  society.
Yes if they have memorized the full Quran.
to remember Allah by saying his names
No. The life long efforts of the holy Prophet saw and the  sacrifices of his Companions were NOT so futile that Islam could be  hijacked. Islam is the religion and guidance provided to human  beings by Almighty Allah. It can't be hijacked. There are millions  of Muslims in the world. The efforts...
   Sakeefa Bni Sa'ad was a place where people used to gather to  discuss important matters. On the day the holy Prophet Hazrat  Muhammad SAW passed away, the Head of the tribe Bani Sa'ad gathered  some of the people belonging to his tribe and other Companions rau  to discuss the nomination...
 Islam is the religion and guidance provided to human beings by  Almighty Allah. It can't be hijacked. There are millions of Muslims  in the world. The efforts of the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)  and his holy Companions (RAU) were not meant to be hijacked by any  sect. Though the Jews...
Babul Hawaej is a title of Hazrat Ghazi Abbas (A.S.) , He was not the IMAM, But Hazrat Ghazi Abbas was the Companion and Brother of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.Z.). Also Hazrat Ghazi Abbas (A.S.) was the General of the Army of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.)
it was only changed once ....it used to be Jerusalem and then it turned to Mecca "Saudi Arabia".
I don't think it is. I mean it can but from the countries I know of you wake up on your own. Fajr is sounded but after fajr comes duhr.
no, it is against what Allah has told us to do. It is haram.
there is no answer for this question if mean by heaven the paradise " al ganah" becuse allah says that he prepared a paradise "heaven" for my servants that no one see it and no one hear it and no one can imagine it .
NO!! if you get married to a Hindu and if you are a MUSLIM WOMAN, you are NOT A MUSLIM ANYMORE!!
Our fate has been determined by Almighty Allah much before our  birth. Better have firm faith in Almighty Allah, do your best to  lead your life according to the teachings of Islam, follow the holy  Prophet (SAW) sincerely, earn your livelihood by halal means, and  leave rest of the matters in...
If you purchase an item then you buy it. If you steal an item than yes. Why would you buy an item and then return it if you don't want to have it. It would be a waste.
sacred objects are the toileysacred objects are the toileyThere is plenty of objects one of them is the KORAN which is so sacred to them it has to be untoched by human hand.
No such ceremony is necessary per teachings of Islam. The Muslims  are advised to give their children good names and educate them  properly so that they become good human beings and true Muslims.
The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H was the first Haafiz of Quran.
its SUFISM. the group of sofi's called salkeen. This jamat teaches about the pure islam. it's practically P.H.D teaching of islam.
It is an Arabic word meaning Mosque or house of kneeling (prayer). Place of Prostration
It has it in almost every surah that Allah swt made the world. Try reading it in English.
Well if you're a Muslim and that person is supposedly a 'Muslim' then it's your job to get them to believe in it and re-believe in Allah's words.
They eat it because it's halal. They don't eat pig because it's haram.
The holy Sahabas learnt Eeman from the holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad  (SAW) in whose exalted company they remained.
it is Zionists community made by Jewish to get all rich and effective people in every field like "down " and add them to be free mason member USA president : to control Politics of the big bank owners : to control Economy effective actors : to controls people thinking way pepsi owners kfc any...
if she lose her virgin by have sex with man not his husband it is forbidden "haram" but if she lose by any accident no problem or lose before she was moslim so islam remove any thing you do before Islam .
It gives man awarness about his Creator, Sustainer, Provider and  the Sole Ruler of the Universe. It guides him to the Right Path and  gives him the courage to walk bravely on the Right Path as told by  Almighty Allah in the holy Qur'an.
Loving people isn't haram. Hating people is not a characteristic of Muslims. But aren't you a little too young to love (if you are still 17 or younger) and isn't she a bit too young or too old for your age. I mean if you want to marry her go ahead and talk to her father about marrying her. But I...
Carrying a card makes no harm to Islam.
It is called "Tahiyyat-al-Masjid". It is only two rak'ats.
Well, Muslims all know that they're going to Heaven. It's stated in the Quran and I think even the other religions (that have read the Quran) know it too. It brings you love, happiness, joy, richness, riches,etc;
THE INTRODUCTION OF THE TABLEEGHI JAMAAT AND ITS FOUNDER It is very necessary to know the mind of the founder of the association (Jamaat), for finding the real motives and definite objectives of its activities, because according to practical results, the adherence of the Jamaat to the thoughts and...
Okay, Hajj is pilgramige- it's when the Muslims make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Everyone usually does it in the last month of the Islamic year. In the first 10 days.
well, they make a pilgrimage to Mecca. They travel from place to place and they sleep for a night in one place than travel to another, and they pray, they make dua, and ask for Allah to accept their repentence.
It is very hard to establish.
The Imam is like the priest. He is the one that leads the Islamic prayer. Anyone can be an Imam but he should have vast knowledge about Islam and he should also have memorized many surahs in the Quran.
if you want become a Muslim it's simple just say "lailah illallah muhammadur rasulullah" or in other words just say the shahadah. And your heart believes it. Certain people (that are not born as Muslims) are chosen to embrace the religion of Islam. "ash hadu ana lailaha illallah. Wa ash-hadu ana...
Friday, for Muslims, is a holiday. All Islamic countries (at least the Middle Eastern ones) take Friday off. Every Friday there is a Jumaa. The Imam gives a Khutba and anyone who attends it from the beginning is attending salat duhr. After the Khutba, they pray 2 rakaas for the duhr.Also, the...
More and more people get convinced with the inherent truthfulness of Islam teachings and the logic and sense behind these teachings. They also get convinced with the authenticity of Quran and that it reflects real God words in its real language; Arabic. These facts is leading to the frequent convert...
The Muslims all over the world face the holy Ka'aba for prayer. In New York City specifically, the direction towards the Ka'aba isnortheast facing. Although the Ka'aba is south of New York, it isactually a shorter distance to arc over more northern areas(because of the Earth's curvature).