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Officially called the Republic of Benin, this West African nation has a total area of 110,000 sq km. Its official language is French, though indigenous languages like Yoruba and Fon are usually spoken. Its capital is Porto-Novo.
As of his ascension to the office of President, Dr. Thomas Yayi Boni, better known as Yayi Boni, has served as the President of Benin since April 6, 2006.\n
There is no department director of Western Union in Benin. Any email you receive from someone claiming to be the head of Western Union is a SCAM. Delete the email and move on.
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1897 When Britain invaded Benin City
  The city of benin ended by the british coming to invade unless they trade what they offered but they refused. So the soldiers took all the bronzes out of the palace and burnt every thing down. Every city every house every thing!
It isn't of slavery but of wealth and power , it controlled and ruled all of Europe.
ZENITH TRAVELLING AGENCY LIMITED, 55 MISSEBO ROUCH COTONOU, REPUBLIC OF BENIN. Yes, you can book a flight with them without problem, but they always work with Air France generally   ZENITH TRAVELLING AGENCY LIMITED, 55 MISSEBO ROUCH COTONOU, REPUBLIC OF BENIN. Yes, you can book a flight...
Benin is a poor country so meals are often rice , beans,tomatoes, yams and couscous . They eat mandarin oranges,oranges, bananas, kiwi , avocados, pineapples and peanuts.
Benin is a country in West Africa.Porto-Novo is the capital city of Benin.
The population of Benin is: 8,791,832.
Artists signify the importance of the figures in  their work by size. The most politically powerful is the largest  figure. Sometimes by dress as well. 
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Beninese people eat a variety of foods depending on the region they  live in. Many of them eat tropical fruits, fish, beef, manioc,  corn, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, peanuts, eggplants, millet, and  yams. They make different types of mush and sauces out of many of  these ingredients.
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There used to be. According to Wikipedia - the hospital (sited  roughly 70 km from Pretoria and 30 km from Jo'burg) was formerly  known as Boksburg Benoni Hospital and was  subsequently renamed as Tambo Memorial Hospital.
Yes, Benin is a LEDC.Benin is rather poor, has a high population and is located in a very dry part of Africa.
They were famous for their art
It was an Obas. It wasn't a representative government when people did not vote for someone to represent them. Council members represented the various people in the kingdom.
there are two Benin: Republic of Benin located between Togo and Nigeria on the west coat of Africa and Benin a city located in Nigeria. It is crucial to distinguish between the city and the country
the 18 or 9th century
In Benin, the way to say hello is snapping of the fingers followed  by clapping of the hands and saying Nde Ewo.
Kudeu Or you can say "A do gangi a", which literally means "are you well". See related links for more information.
Africa. Burundi (Visa granted upon arrival). . Comoros (Visa granted upon arrival). . Djibouti (Visa granted upon arrival for 10 days or 1 month). . Egypt (Visa granted upon arrival for 14 days for visiting South Sinai resorts only). . Kenya (Visa granted upon arrival for 3 months). . Madagascar ...
communist military leader Mathieu Kerekou from 1972-1991.
Nicephore Soglo defeated Mathieu Kerekou the communist military leader in the 1991 democratic election
Atacora Mountains
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You could try asking the nearest Beninois embassy or consulate for a business directory. Be careful when inviting people to visit. They might be legit but if they start asking you to wire money for plane tickets, visa fees, immigration problems etc, they are scammers.
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in Benin how many people Speak French
Benin has a special type of government used only for that country. they use what is called a "Dojngg".
The Republic of Benin
Dr. Thomas Yayi Boni was the President of Benin in 2011. He assumed office on 2006 April 6, and was re-elected on 2011 March 13 for a second 5-year term.
Benin was colonized by the French in the later part of the 19th century. France consolidated its control over the west African area by the early 20th century. The French made the area a part of its French West Africa colonial region.    The French colonization of Benin bought in a period of...
rice and peanut sauce
Benin is a country in Africa (West). The citizens of Benin do notneed a visa when they travel to Malaysia with one month validity.
  What does cost to send to ship a 2007 Toyota camry from San Antonio, Texas to Benin?
Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Nigeria
Well the Beninese slave were sent to Haiti by the French but they mixed with the French and Taino Indians, so the average Haitians today is believed to have 45%to 50% African Dna, 45% to 50% Taino Indian Dna, and 5% to 10% French Dna But the Spanish did rule Haiti once in history and some might have...
The walls surrounding Benin City and the Hausa city-states  contributed to their success in trade because it meant that those  who wished to do trade with them had to be on their turf. They  could not just rip them off and run off, they'd be trapped.
I think the important leaders of ancient benin were the Oba and his wives..but mostly the Oba (king)
Benin Kingdom rose to power as it served as the capital of the  Kingdom of Benin, the empire of the Oba of Benin. As other kingdoms  crowded around the area, they became more powerful and the Kingdom  of Bein fell.
No. This sounds like a dating scam. There might be a departure tax, but it would only be about $20 US, in local currency. Don't wire money to anyone you don't know personally (as in face to face meeting) and trust 100%.
Porto-Novo is the capital and Cotonou is the  government seat.
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There is Faith Medical Centre (also called Faith Mediplex) on Airport road in Benin City, Nigeria.
Country code +229 (dialed as 00229 from many places) is Benin . Landline numbers begin with +229 2. Mobile numbers begin with +229 9. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSMmobile phone, you can enter the number in full internationalformat, starting...
Latitude: N 6° 20' 20.688", Longitude: E 5° 37'  35.3352"
The unit is the CFA Franc, or Communaute Financiere Africaine franc. This is a currency widely used in West and Central Africa, and guaranteed by the French National Bank. There are two types of CFA Franc; one is used by several West African countries, the other by several coutries in Central Africa...
Before it was known as Benin, the country was known as Dahomey.  From 1600-1900, the region was known as the Kingdom of  Dahomey, which the French dissolved in 1900. After it became a  french colony, modern Benin was known as French Dahomey from  1904-1958. In 1958, the region changed its name...
Benin is not in Cameroon. Benin and Cameroon are two separate,independent countries.
Benin controlled a narrow, north-south strip of land in west Africa
No. There is no legal recognition of such marriages in Benin. In fact, The Penal Code of 1996, Article 88, provides: "Anyone who commits an indecent act or an act against nature with an individual of the same sex will be punished with 1 to 3 years prison and a fine of 100,000 to 500,000 francs."
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The tallest mountain and point in Benin is Mont Sokbaro @ 658 meters high.
pounded yam and ogbono soup tomato soup with meat
The achievements of the Hausa city states were that they coined the  term "sweg" and taught the meaning of it to other kingdoms and  passed it along and in return the recieved salt from nothern africa  who had surplus salt. The kingdom of benin was know for their large  competetions hosted in...
Benin got its independence in August 1, 1960.
Dr. Thomas Yayi Boni was the President of Benin in 2012. He assumed office on 2006 April 6, and was re-elected on 2011 March 13 for a second 5-year term.
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'Cotonou' doesn't mean anything in French, the name comes from the Fon language in Benin, and means "the mouth of the river of death".
France, India, US, UK, Netherlands, Ghana, China, India
It is famous for its "bronzes"
Benin is country code +229. The rest of the number is 8 furtherdigits. Landline numbers begin with +229 2. Mobile numbers begin with +229 9.
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