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Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson, (born 17 December 1945) is an award-winning English author, known for her vast and diverse work in children's literature. Her novels have been adapted numerous times for television, and commonly deal with such challenging themes as adoption, divorce, and mental illness, issues that have sometimes made her controversial considering her young readership.
in the book yes but in real life no
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Melchester College. It's an old mansion that is slowly falling apart. Spooky. Especially attics.
yes it was and apperantly she quite liked writing this book
Jacqueline went to Bournemouth on holiday in Jacky daydream
399 pages,i got it for Christmas that's why i know
Jacqueline Wilson favourite book is Meil the cat in a hat
Jacqueline Wilson has won 28 book awards.
I don't know why don't you have a look I don't think anybody will know watch it on youtube.
When she got an OBE from the Queen
Type your answer here...if someone from like lily has left Tracy beaker returns, then you can send a message to cbbc- telling them dat u want 2 b on Tracy bka returns
Her latest book is called The Longest Whale Song, and the newest book before that is called Hetty Feather, about a girl who has been adopted many times and always gets up to mischief.
She didn't have a hard childhood but if you would like to read into her childhood then read: Jacky Daydream and if you would like to read about her adolescence then read: My Secret Diary. Cheers :)
If you mean Emma Wilson the British writer and academic, 1967. .
Tracy Beaker started in 2002 and has been around for 8 years.
she was born on december 1945 she has 1 child . she has published over 70 books . She had written her first novel by the age of nine
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She became a Dame in 2008
Well i think she does as she is 14 years old and 15 in July and yes i know she looks really young and is rather small but that is her age and i think she does have a boyfriend
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Mike Milligan - Conor Byrne Gina Conway - Kay Purcell Cam Lawson - Lisa Coleman Tracy Beaker- Dani Harmer Mandy "Elektra" Perkins - Jessica Revell Liam O'Donovan - Richard Wisker Tee Taylor - Mia McKenna-Bruce Johnny Taylor - Joe Maw Toby Coleman - John Bell Lily Kettle - Jessie...
Of course she can! She has plenty of interviews because she is really popular!
Flip Wilson had four biological children, David, Kevin, Tamara, andStacy. and a step-daughter, Michelle Trice. David, once a golf-prohad a motorcycle accident in 1993 that left him a quadriplegic.Kevin is a golf-caddy. Tamara is an actress, and Stacy is a nurse.Michelle is a jewelry designer.
In 2002, Jacqueline Wilson was recognized with the OBE (Order of the British Empire) for her valuable services to Britain through her children's books. In May 2005, Jacqueline Wilson was named the British Children's Laureate.
everyday life, things that maybe happened to her in the past, etc
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she's British White, it's just that she has a tan from products she uses and some of it's from the cameras and things x Hope this helppss yaa x
She has quite allot of different hobbies. She says " I like reading, going to art galleries and films. I also like swimming as I do 50 lengths before breakfast every morning." If you want to find more about Jacqueline Wilson then please leave more questions or you can also buy her book. Her book is...
Richard Wisker is from Essex, not sure where Liam O'Donovan is from on Tracy Beaker Returns.
Yes they brought her endless notebooks or reading books. Though before they knew she was good at writing they wanted her to be a scientist or a vet.
She appears Caucasian but may be of mixed race. .
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Yes. It's called Spirit Raising and is about Victoria Stathbridge travelling through time to the 1990s.
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Carmen is 13 to 14 years old. If you mean the actress that plays Carmen, Amy-Leigh Hickman was born June 30, 1997, and was 12 to 14 years old during the show's production (2010-2012).
MAYBE because the book was so good they wanted to make a tv show of it:/
The Tracy Beaker books went on to become a television series forfive years.
As of September 2011, Ms. Guest has authored 16 novels: Lightning Rider Wild Ride At Risk Racing Fear Dream Racer War Games Secret Signs Belle Of Batoche Rookie Season Rink Rivals Soccer Star Free Throw Hat Trick Triple Threat A Goal In Sight Ghost Messages
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Yes, her real mum is called Carly Beaker, and is an actress, but not in Hollywood as Tracy likes to think. Camilla Lawson (Cam) fosters Tracy, and she is still living with Cam at the moment in Tracy Beaker Returns. .
One thing Jacqueline Wilson doesn't like -- Games/Physical Education (P.E.).
in Tracy beaker 13 but real life 15 or 16
she has one daughter called Emma and no sons
She didnt want to do anything else. She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a writer.
Her Dad was called Harry.
Because her characters are so realistic and they connect to you like your really there. They hook you in and tell stories about real life issues.
Jacqueline is famous because she rights books E.G staring Tracybeaker one of her most loved and cherish and most common book inthe UK she also writing jacky day dream/the were puppy onholiday/the suitcase kid and many more helerious books.she in now adays has her own t.v star [Dani harmer] how plays...
No. She wrote the book The Story of Tracy Beaker before it was broadcasted on TV. Dani Harmer was only an actor.
it is like a low long scribble along the page. i got her to sign one of my books
Her nickname was Biddy, but her real name was Margaret.
Margaret Aitkin. Her nickname was Biddy.
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Her dad's name is Harry
Dame Jacqueline Wilson is a children's author.
omg how dont yu know. She is a write/ author of childrens books, mainly based on Tracey Beaker, which is a well known tv program... ur welcome ;0 :-@"
Yes no yes no yes no i don't know why are you asking me?
Since she was 9, so she has been writing for 56 yrs.
she was born in 1975 december 17th
some is set at the harlequin in watford, England and some in close by citiy parks
She has one daughter called Emma.
no this was a rumor. You can see from her book Jacky Daydream that she did not LIKE her father but he did his best and she loves him all the more for it.
It is the one where Tracy strops in because her old foster parents dumpee her and sees that her former bff louise has sided with Justine Too-smelly-for-words Littlewood. It can be seen on You Tube and sometimes on Cbbc channel.
Jacqueline says she always wanted to write about a care home as a young girl she once knew was taken into care. The name Beaker came from when Jacky was having a bath, looking round for names of her character when she saw the beaker and she knew it was perfect. All true.
she likes the Cathy cassidy collection and admits she is also into bizzare, supernatural horrors such as R.L. Stine's collection and The Twilight Saga.
No, this book has not been written yet by Jacqueline Wilson but some say it may be written some time in the near future.
Yes! she has a daughter named Emma