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MP4 Players

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An MP4 player is a portable device that plays digital audio file and video in the MPEG-4 format. The device may also serve as a handheld electronic photo album for images in JPEG and GIF format.
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Apple inc. Apple man Apple
Jonathan Ive, at Apple. Good question :)
I work at a pawn shop and lately i sell em for $80 and there always on the downslide there always getting further and further out of date so if you can find one for $60 that's a great deal
it depends how many gigabites you want it can be $100 or $350
There are huge amount of Video Converter, Video Converter on the market. Before you choose one, you ought to consider the overall quality of the product and choose the best one for you. It can help you decide which Video Converter is the best to meet your needs. as follow: •Speed -...
By keeping minimum quantum of purchase at one time.
surprisingly, yes! but its kinda complicated. first, you get a mic off amazon, then you install whistle phone off the appstore, then dial a number and talk. you can also txt on ipod touch. just search textfree on appstore.
Flashing your device is a serious consideration to make. It is worth researching the topic for a number of days before making this decision. There are, as yet, no ways to flash an Archos 5 IMT with Android software, as the hardware was designed specifically for the software installed. My best...
You cant, so by an ipod by: Matthew Daniel Manfre
a video converter is a software or program that converts one video format to another.
I would have to say FullSongs.net. It allows you to rip a video's mp3.
try..but no assurance that you will make it
First go to your settings app, then click on the general tab, then scroll down to pass-code lock and type in whatever code you want and follow the directions from there.
It doesn't take any kilobytes to download a song on a iPod.
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That is debatable but for its price i would say it is a reasonable product others on-line have made it clear the v touch has many problems and you may want to consider other options
I have an iPod Nano (5th generation) and it can play without headphones, as long as you don't plug the headphones in after you charge it.
unused, about 259 NZ dollars or about 185 US, used i have no idea
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Apple inc. Created the ipad, not an individual.
-*u cant but u can email someone but yea ii have tried it.... .
no it only gets 1 game.
Zune.net, Fry's, Best Buy, Amazon.com I would suggest Amazon because they sell them for $170 (16gb)
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by converting it on mp4
No you should not spend a hundred dollars when i bet you could find something cheaper online
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I would take it into Best Buy or some other electronic department.
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yes, if the DVD Player supports to play mp4 file via usb. You canalso burn this video to DVD disc. 1. Download Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac . 2. Add this video to the app. 3. Choose DVD Menu. 4. Start burning the DVD.
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Have you tried the UK site of Samsung as they have a range of downloads including the manual for that particular machine
Reseting Ipod Nano . Yes you can. 1 toggle the hold switch on and then off. 2. Press and hold both the menu and center select button. You should then see the apple logo if you don't retry the above, then try hooking it to a power adapter and doing it again
it depends on what firmware you have and if it's a MC model, there are istructions here http://emmersonic.com/jailbreaking/
The TV format setting is so that it sends the correct picture information when connected to a TV. It may be connected to a 4:3 aspect ratio TV or a 16:9 aspect ratio TV. For example if it was sending a 16:9 picture to a 4:3 TV, some of the picture to the left ad right sides would be missing. If...
I think is FLV to Video Converter Pro 2. The best FLV to Mp4 Converter.
Just play the song and press down on the 'M' Button. Make sure the song is playing or you will be taken back to the menu. Only works if the little green light in the corner confirms that you have lyrics for the song you are playing.
Ears, Obviously!
type *#0206*8378# choose H/W test then audio settings then MP3 SPK Then RX VOL. and then you can incrase it :D
limewire. its pretty good but watch for viruses! i know of nothing better.
You can use Tipard ipod transfer pro. You can also use FonePaw iOSTransfer. The programs make it easy to transfer music/video/images from PCto iPod , and to backup files from iPod to computer .
if it's this - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/132937 - it should come with a plug charger which connects with a female usb to the male usb of the players data cable, they should also charge when connected to pc, but not sure as mine doesn't seem to
The Microsoft zune is a pretty cool mp3 player?
it is possible i am doing that from past 2 months
first you have to go to realplayer .com and get the realplayer thing then you go to youtube and on the top right hand corner of the video you will see the words''real player download'' and click on it then you wait until the downloading is finished and go to google and type in vido converters...
The rear facing camera on the iPod touch 4g is located on the left side. (Where the black Marking is on the 3G, 2G)
You can use it for a crystal radio
Cheap ones don't have extra features like the one you want. Do you know an Electronics Engineer / hobbyist who might do you a BIG favour and open your cheapie up and install a headphone jack Better to throw it away and buy one with the feature you want.
An MP4 player is a video player that can play an MP4 file. So, some DVD players could be considered MP4 players, if they can play that kind of file. MP4 players do not have to be Apple brands. iPod is an Apple brand. Not all iPods can play video. Some don`t even have a screen.
plug it in to the PC, Assuming you have a windows PC... go to my computer, right click the mp4 player and select format... Leave the settings as default, do not do quick format, and click ok. However, if your MP4 player does not show up as a Disk, you would have to do it though the player,...
unlimited calls can be made from skype.. provided other person is on skype..or can be made through VOIp software, which requires you to py first. or you can try calling service from messengers.
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It's pretty much the same as converting smaller files, but it will take significantly more time to accomplish the conversion. You can use a free converter from the Internet and process files according to the instructions.
there is no bluetooth in spice qt 50
when you buy it, it "should" come with a movie converter that you can use to convert your movies to the necessary format.
well i have one too and earlier i didnt know how to download music to it either ....... but then i had tried something .........you have to put in memory card to download music and if ur having any other trouble just go to windows media player and add ur music to the list one the side but u need to...
I dont think that you really can, and there is no warranty for damages you have made to an ematic device. My screen was recently cracked and I researched for a long time on how to fix it or if there was a warranty Contact ematic at customerservice@ematic.us or 1-888-968-1985 mon-fri 9-5 PST
The three wires that connect to the needle holder or cartridge are the left and right channels, and ground. Colors vary, but red is usually right side, white is left side, and black is common (ground). Some cartridges have additional grounds or a neutral. The needle picks up vibrations from the...
it can play window media video9 (.wmv) and mpeg-4(.mp4) but while conversion specify and ensure that the resolution is 320x240
Apple usually releases new iPods mid-September
It depends what generation it is. If its. 3rd generation or lower, there is a better processor. If its. 4th generation there is no diffrence
well every phone has a USB and that's probably your solution :D hope it helped ;)
Check the contacts of the batteries' poles and the batteries' compartment. Check the headphones. If the malfunction continues, buy a MP 4, Philips Gogear. Look for any rusting signs on the batteries' poles and the batteries' compartment. Replace the batteries.
your talking about an MP3 player right? to upgrade it any ipod or radio or ipad....i would go to the mac store they know plenty about Coby Mp601 even if it doesnt have to do with their product
If nothing else works use the rest button , doesnt erase your music but like a little restart. Restart button is on the back need like a pin or needle to so the restart!
copy the video then paste in mp3's video file
its not possible, samsung mada faka
Start the FM radio app, use your finger or stylus to tap the left or right arrows at the ends of the radio dial until you hear a station that is clear. Make sure that the volume is loud enough. The FM reception in this model is poor, so the station will have to be close or have a strong signal. I...
That is practically an essay question! But .. total.. I would say. Nothing has influenced entertainment and music more then technology in a broad scope and computers on a narrower one. Think of streaming video via netflix or amazon for example? Or how about the iTunes store which revolutionized...
The problem may be the compatibility issue. Check your mp4 if what kind of movie file it reads. For example your mp4 can play "AVI, mpeg-4" type of videos and you want to transfer it to your mobile phone, it will not play no matter how hard you try because most of the mobile phones(not all) only...
Yes, see the links below for sources.
I'm using Cisdem Video Converter for Mac to convert video files. Itis able to convert mpeg4 to mp4 and up to 200 formats.
nope. it only supports 3gp vids.
I knew a best way where you can play any video to almost any pocket player in mp4 format. At first download TOTAL VIDEO CONVERTER of any version. Then open it, then IMPORT MEDIA FILES , then you will see a dialog box which will ask in which format to convert. Select the POCKET PLAYER , and...
Fix it maybe bring it back to the store and get a new one if that one doesnt work then bring it to a shop and ask them to fix it or just get a new one maybe a i touch!