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Urban Slang

An informal spoken language made up of current coinages, phrases or words that are used in place of standard terms for added emphasis, humor or other effects. Basically, the lingo used by peeps to talk about mad shiz and holla at their homies.
"Your poise" means "the poise belonging to you." Perhaps you actually heard someone say "YOU'RE POISED," which means that you are calm and in control of yourself
Tweeker is slang for a methamphetamine user. They are oftensleep-deprived and do lots of useless tasks such as takingelectronics items apart for no logical or useful reason.
In Costa Rica, the word polo is used to describe a person, object or situation that would be considered lame in terms of acceptable popular social standards. Other terms that are similar synonyms of polo but not quite the exact translation could be: uncool, lame, dorky, etc...
It just means, a little bit, or a little amount.
This slang has multiple meanings. Some people use it to describe drunkards, others use it for thieves and burglars, and I've heard it used to describe shady people.
    == Answer ==     American Quarter Horse Association         == Additional information ==       A quarter horse is a breed of horse known for its speed over short distances. The American Quarter Horse breed evolved during the early 1600s, as Arab, Turk,...
Gosh, I HOPE so. It was always a poor choice of words from people of questionable taste .
Urbaning is when someone looks up their name on Urban Dictionary to see what the definition is or to use it on Myspace or Facebook.
A stupid slap is when someone is slapped upside the head for doing or saying something stupid.
One word is "sick" as in "your ride is so sick!" (may have come  from slick, also meaning cool).
it means that someone is talkin to you and you dont listen thatwhat ignorant means .x.x . +++ . Its true meaning is genuinely not knowing something,especially if it ought be known in the context. "I tried to repairmy car but damaged it through ignorance". In slang itmeans to be rude: "She's so...
It means that the subject's ego has blinded them to themselves.
This means they either like you back and are embarrassed to let you  know or that possibly could mean that they don't like you back but  they don't want to make it obvious. Most likely they were looking  at you in the first place, they caught you looking at them and  looked away in embarrassment...
The Crips gang doesn't say the word ''because'', they say a shorter, slang version of it & say ''cuz'' or ''cuzz''.The reasons Crips use the word ''cuz'' or ''cuzz'' is because it's short for the word ''Cousins'', they're referring to each other as family.
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this means that you slap them around and have sex with them, even though your pimp will do this with many other girls. It means that they provide you with the means to satisfy your vices and ambitions.
Both you and your opponent, adversary, opposite etc. gain some advantages without any loss, in a win-win situation.
Dobrze is the Polish word for okay
the only reason why is because your young, if your older, then he won't
  Just a lazy way to say gangster [a gang member or personal style or attitude]
It is a term for a child molester. The origin is unclear, but there are two prevailing theories. One theory is that it likely came from abbreviations on court dockets. So a docket might have the offense listed as "ch. mo." If you try to pronounce that without expanding the words, it pronounces as ...
Answer \nYou are always loved by a special person so yes
The actual word is derived from the Russian word 'bolshe', which means more. Originally, the Bolsheviki (or Bolsheviks in English) were a radical faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP), a Marxist political party. The less radical faction of the RSDLP was called Mensheviki,...
\n \n\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \n. Women's Army Auxillery Corps (from WWII)\n.
it means i would f**k them...a.k.a. i would have sex with them
Please recompose your inquiry to include exactly what you desire to know about the coin.
It is a common date regardless of mintmark. It is worth about $2 or so in silver scrap. It is 90% silver.
In time management terms what is meant by this ain't no piano
Light Dependent Resistor. LDR also means long distance relationship.
In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a beautiful princess.  Apollo was enamoured with her and granted her the gift of prophecy.  Later, when she spurned him, he placed a curse on her so that no one would believe her predictions. People presented with her predictions regarded her as insane...
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hobknocker Its pretty clear look at #5 that is the real deffinition
What: Bubz is a word you use for someone you care about, usually said by a male to female.Who: Some girl on Youtube who has tutorials on make-up.
Gang member fighting or doing some illegal activity or just out being seen to intimidate people.   Formerly the term gangbang meant a gang rape, or a "train" of several men with one women which may or may not be consensual on the woman's part. Since at least the 1990's the term seems to have...
It means good morning
As all ubiquitous things come to be . By sheer repetition. People with limited vocabularies will always latch on to something new that they perceive to sound more intelligent , or sometimes just more mellifluous .
it Meas You Are Calling Them Stupid ! !
To disparage an activity or idea. Bring it to an abrupt halt.
That Your Cute . . Loke A Puppy Or It Could Meen That You can Be Pusshed Around
Origins of Smokestack Lightnin' Smokestacks were a common feature of factories in the age of steam. The coal ,furnace fired the boiler which produced the steam that ran throughout the factory, powering the equipment of production. The smokestacks were quite high, often the highest thing in the town...
They are saying that you are a leech. i.e you take from others without giving yourself
it means that ur a cow, in england, when you get called a cow it generally means that they dont like u and that your very gobby :D
Answer   ASB stands for Auckland Savings Bank. Here's a link to ASB's website https://www.asb.co.nz
Gay Fail Epic fail Epic Fasho Fershizle What up Yerp Snarf Meh Whatevz Lol Omg Douche-baggery Idc Idk Ftw Imao Balls
A generic term for a kind of wholesome girl whose name you do not know.
  simply means he/she is cheating on you...
It means that their calling you a lesbian.
To get beat up means if somone fights you and you lose the fight and you got injured.Well, you just got beat up.
It means that you think I'm going to
How's it going? Or someone may be talking about the sky.
People use slang so that other people won't know what they're talking about.
One of the primary reasons we use slang is to establish our identities as members of groups. When someone uses the same type of slang as us, we recognize them as a member of our ingroup, while those who do not understand the slang terms are members of the outgroup. Slang serves the same function as...
Dog, dawg, home-boy, homie.
either driving car with big alloy rims (usually 20" plus). The fact that they are 20 plus inches means like dubs is short for double. Also, there is a rim manufacturer named Dubs. Basically, it's anything to do with large chrome or spinner wheels.
  give it a black Mercedes with 22" Rims   give it a black Mercedes with 22" Rims
  The laser inside a CD/DVD disc drive with LightScribe technology focuses light energy onto a thin dye coating on the label side of the disc. Only LightScribe media has this special coating. The light from the laser causes a chemical change in the dye coating that shows up on the disc. With...
The urban slang term cheus can mean a buddy, a close friend and advisor.
Ace is a slang term for an expert, likewise dab hand, hot shot and killer.
Smashed a Homie: To have engaged in sexual activity with a friend of the person you are currently trying to hook up with.
  == Answer ==   i think i goes::   boys are cheats and liers, theyre such a big disgrace, they will tell you anything to get to second... baseball, baseball, they think theyre going to score, and if you let them go all the way then you are a... horticulturists study flowers, ...
CBA means Can't Be Arsed
"wrapped up in your work" means you are consumed with your work.
COUGAR: Cultured, Older Unattached Gal After Romance
When getting " respect " was all the rage , DISrespect became a major offense. By common usage , this degenerated to " dis " People with a poor self-image and unsure of how to feel self-respect, often demand it without earning it, to boost their own fragile egos.
Being called a dreamer isn't necessarily a bad thing, so don't worry! Usually, when someone calls you a dreamer, it implies that you have especially high goals set for yourself. It has a negative connotation of being somewhat unrealistic. For example, if a twelve-year-old tells his mother that he...
The slang for can is ''diddy''
means ur sucking their that in their pants
 == Answer ==   Hey Cari==This is probably the ABS working. Have someone who knows about abs drive it and get their openion. GoodluckJoe 
A ghetto hug is when a guy hugs you by picking you up by your buttocks.
It is a woman who dresses and acts like a slut.
it means to have a situation in which everyone wins.
This can be one of two things : A pimp who uses exhortation and persuasion to keep his women doing his bidding , or a preacher who is NOT truly called, but uses a gift of gab to fllece his flock , and instead of helping his congregation or the poor , is busy lining his own pockets.
means the wearer has a fondness for Punk, hardcore, metal, or one of the many variances of rock.
shawty  shawty  A shorty is used to designate your girlfriend, as generally speaking, your average girl is shorter than your average guy.
Sharp-eyed. For example, a lawyer is termed a legal eagle.
It means that the "salty" person is upset, sad or angry, thus left salty by their tears.
I do not know about tests as such for English language countries. In Norway however there is. At higher grades we get a certain amount of English idioms to explain. Some teachers make a lot of effort to teach us the spoken English rather that the sterile "Queens English". I suppose there is a...
The slang term gutch, also gooch, grundle, or taint, is part of the male perineum, the connective tissue and skin between the scrotum and the anus. The term usually applies specifically to the narrow anogenital separation.
usually their hair is over-processed, blonde on the top & black on the bottom. their hair is layered & is blonde/black, or blonde with pink or red.
I have heard TJ in its place before but i dont get it.
It means they're swearing at you which means they're actually calling you a bitch.
Means that you are getting into deeep trouble with that person
== Competition ==   It means you are competing with other people for her time and attention.   If you guys are very close and chat every day, then calls from other people, particularly boys or other girls with whom she is trying to cultivate relationships, may be more important to her.  ...
  == Answer ==   Not if you can afford to. However , I would not use the rent money to do so.
adrielle    Answer1. Daniel2. dan3. Danny4. Diana5. Diane6. di7. daisy8. dallas9. Danielle10. drake
the hobnocker is a fulish guy who doez somthing unlegal
In English the Irish people call them "runners" but in the Irish language i am not sure.
 == Answer ==   Probably you will need to remove the speedo cable and clean and lube it 
The acronym can mean:   Fast File System (programming)   Fee For Service (business, economics)   For Further Study   Ferrovie Federali Svizzere (Swiss federal railway system)    * In urban slang, it is a vulgar utterance of exasperation (for f's  sake!).
He meets her in a beach and they were wearing the same shades.
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