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Marilyn Monroe

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This category is for the legendary Marilyn Monroe, an American actress, model, singer, comedian and film producer that lived from 1926 to 1962. Her career, private life, and tragic death are discussed here.
no i think that she is not a alcoholic because she dont look like one and i reacon she only had a drink on special acansions
i dont know but look i wanna know when her mom died but they just keep puting other stuuf
Marilyn Monroe died of an overdose. Anything else is speculation.  It was ruled suicide. Some believe she was murdered. Again,  speculation.
Yes she did do one, by request from the Army!
No, she died in her bed.
Nothing really known! There are rumors but not really any facts! She defiantly just wanted to live life! She had a Mexican boyfriend in her last days and was planning to go to Mexico to see him!
"Marilyn is a kind of ultimate. She is uniquely feminine. Everything she does is different, strange, and exciting, from the way she talks to the way she uses that magnificent" comic timing.Nobody discovered her, she earned her own way to stardom. "No one on this earth will Never replace her. Her...
Her real name was Nancy Cusumano, and she had a daughter Nancy, out of wedlock before she was famous hence Norma, her daughter was raised by her sister Jennie, Jean, and her mother's brother's were bakers by trade.....norma jean baker. then they used that and glamorized it to Marilyn Monroe, having...
she loved children and she wanted to have some one day
She was born at 9:30 AM in the morning.
Her father is unknown and her mother was Gladys Pearl Monroe.
She attended classes in literature and art at UCLA in 1951
She and Joe eloped January 14, 1954. At the time she was probably about 27 years of age.
no she wanted to but he was devoted to his wife
1926-1962 80's at least do the math!
No. There is no evidence that Marilyn Monroe ever had a child.
Nancy Maniscalco Miracle does give interviews. The most recent was in On the Avenue magazine www.otamagazine.com feb issue. sights and sounds section.
She did write poems! But never showed people in fear of critics! You could probably google some!
She was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson, but was later baptised as Norma Jeane Baker.
They never dated! Elvis was involved always with his ex wife that he had Lisa Marie Presly with! Don't recall her name! Priscilla Wagner
Marilyn's father wanted nothing to do with her, when she called for him when she wasn't famous AND when she called for him when she was famous! He didn't want anything to do with her either way!
  The official cause of Monroe's death was classified, by Dr. Thomas Noguchi of the Los Angeles County Coroners office, as "acute barbiturate poisoning", which he recorded as a "probable suicide". Eight milligram percent of chloral hydrate and 4.5 milligram percent of Nembutal were found in her...
Ms. Monroe (Mortenson), was born in 1926, and is, therefore, 84 years old.
Yes research and court records have proved that Marilyn Monroe was indeed an Italian American.
In Pa. as some executive at Nestle's?
The book was written by Eric Summers, a member of 150 Squadron RAF during World War II, and documents the history of the squadron up to and including 1942-1943 when it was stationed in Blida, North Africa. The book was published on a very limited run and a copy was given to each squadron member....
She married 3 times, her 1st was a arranged marriage to James Dougherty , her 2nd was to baseball player Joe DeMaggio and her 3rd was to famous writer Arthur Miller. All of them ended in a divorce.
  If she is, they're certainly not her own eggs - shes's, like, 61 years old!   She had a hysterectomy earlier this year. She announced it on CityLine, so she can no longer have children. She turned 49 in 2007.   == Answer ==   Apparently on Chum FM, she announced herself she is...
Probably not, there arent any records of them meeting.
Cornflower blue. Watch one of her movies. The didn't have theability to change someone's eye color in the 1950s.
She was working at her job one day and a photographer was taking pictures of other women for Yank magazine and he saw her and signed her to a modeling label.
she was a very famous actress and singer, she also worked for Hugh Hefner, which is the founder of playboy. not only did she work for him but also was his first model for playboy. Marilyn was also a beautiful model that guys would kill for. another reason was that she was found dead laying on a...
Norma Jeane, later known as Marliyn Monroe did NOT have 6 toes on one foot. It was a trick on what the phographer did with light and sand. Check other pictures to see whether she did. Many baby picktures she is helth and she couldn't of grown one. Also as Marilyn, she did NOT have it removed. She...
6/1/26 - Born LA California 9/13/35 - Entered orphanage6/26/37 - Left orphanage6/19/42 - Married James E. Dougherty8/2/45 - Filled out an application for the Blue Book ModelingAgency (as Norma Jeane Dougherty)7/17/46 - First interview at Fox with Ben Lyon7/19/46 - First screen test, for Fox7/29/46 ...
  Marilyn Monroe had 3 husbands   Marilyn Monroe had 3 husbands
Yes, but they only met a couple of times.
Marilyn Monroe's mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, worked as a film cutter and also a film editor, before suffering a nervous breakdown and being admitted to a psychiatric ward. She would later be released, but experience further psychotic episodes throughout her life, which affected Monroe deeply.
She was in WW2 working in a factory when she got her first modeling job. A man was doing a photo shoot on women helping out in the workforce for Yank magazine.
Because James joined the Marines and left home so he and Norma grew apart and this fueled her ambition as a model. She finally put her career before her marriage when she demanded that James sign the divorce papers because she was told as a married woman she didn't have much of a chance landing a...
Marilyn Monroe was known the world as a sex model and actress.
Her mother Gladys was mentally unstable and financially unable to care for the young Norma Jeane (Marilyn's birth name), so she placed her with foster parents Albert and Ida Bolender of Hawthorne, California, where she lived until she was seven. (Wikipedia). For the source and more detailed...
The public thinks 12 abortions and 2 miscarriages. But you'd have to ask her for the correct number. But she's dead, so you can't do that.
Yes she was a famous in the late 50s.
Yes.    The final years of Monroe's life were marked by illness,  personal problems, & a reputation for unreliability & being  difficult to work with.  Monroe had three marriages, all of which ended in divorce.  
Since society has lost it's mind and thinks that light posts on the street are overweight, I think she'd unjustly be called fat and refused hire. Though she was usually quite slim, she did climb to about 140 pounds in Some Like It Hot- so if that were today, she'd be considered a Kirstie Alley.
Not at all likely as she was a orphan.
It is said that she had a affair with her.
Andy Warhol created the pictures of Marilyn Monroe in 1962, soon after she commited suicide.He also painted Mao, Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor and other famous people.
Where did Marilyn monroe work
I would have thought so! I stumbled upon this question wondering the same thing. I think she was really lonely... I don't think she had many girl friends, she probably got lots of envy from females.
three times: - James Dougherty - Joe Dimaggio - Arther Miller
No. Marilyn Monroe's cause of death was a drug overdose.
Marilyn Halvorson is a published author of children's books andyoung adult books. Some of the published credits of MarilynHalvorson include Blood Brothers, Bull Rider (Orca Soundings(Turtleback)), Blue Moon (Orca Soundings (Turtleback)), and Let ItGo.
shes beautifull with a innocent and child like face blue coloured eyes a large beautifull red pout and a stately figure
she didn't shes 75 in 2012 and not getting any younger
Well, it's a name, so I guess it's just Marilyn? ^^
Nancy Miracle is one. She read the part of her mother in her play Here I am Mother, the real story of Marilyn Monroe at the Fredrick Loewe room at the Dramatists Guildof America on Broadway. And Ward Morehouse the third wrote it up in his BroadwayAfter Dark column calling it a "powerful new play".
Unlikely. Elvis may have been in the US Army at the time! Elvis was much younger than Monroe.
she was an actress and model
Toronto's Loretto College School.
08/05/62 though it's only rumoured that she committed suicide
Marilyn Monroe's first film appearance was as a telephone operator - for which she was uncredited - in the film The Shocking Miss Pilgrim in 1947. Her first speaking part was as a waitress in Dangerous Years, which was also released in 1947. Her breakthough role came in 1950, when she was cast as...
She was one of the biggest actresses of her time. She was married to one of the biggest playwrights of the time Arthur Miller, who wrote The Crucible. She had also married Joe Dimaggio who was one of the biggest baseball players at the time. History is a broad category that can include a lot of...
No. Gladys died in 1984.
They didn't marry in Las Vegas. DiMaggio and Marilyn were married in San Francisco at, I believe, St. Peter & St. Paul Catholic Church.
I would say she's famous for a few reasons.   First of all, Marilyn was one of the most popular actresses of her time. She starred in many classic movies like "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" and "Some Like It Hot." She was a great comedic actress and these films remain relevant and display her talent....
Her friends have said that she told them as many as 12, though  none would be documented because the practice was illegal at that  time. Some debate this rumor as false. However, what is medically  known about Marilyn is that she suffered from endometriosis.  Endometriosis was what caused her to...
Se never finished high school but as educated y lots o books an as surrounded b very intelligent people
they got divorced because he didn't want other men touching her and looking at her sooo he was kinda jealous
She had 1 half brother
Marilyn's father was Charles Stanley Gifford.   He was very pleased what Marylin monroe did but unhappy   by taking pills he was very sad he thought it was to young   to do it .
Diamonds are a girls best friend I think.
Absolutely not, Andy and Marilyn never even met! And besides, Andy was gay, and afraid of sexual/intimate relationships with women.
Marilyn Monroe never had children.
Marilyn Monroe was outside the Waldorf Astoria on Lexington Avenue when the famous dress blowing up scene was filmed and I saw on the Ibiza Times who's who in the Ibiza International family website that her daughter Nancy was there too in the background.
Marilyn Monroe HAD NO CHILDREN. She COULD NOT bear children because she suffered from atopic pregnancies, where the eggs would get stuck in the fallopian tubes. She tried desperately to have children, but was never successful; she miscarried each time. Those who say otherwise are just trying to...
Marilyn Monroe won three Golden Globe Awards:Best Motion Picture Actress in Comedy or Musical for Some Like It Hot (1960)World Film Favorite Female (1953)World Film Favorite Female (1962)She was also nominated for another Golden Globe for:Best Motion Picture Actress in Comedy or Musical for Bus Stop...