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Heavy Metal Music

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Heavy metal is a hard-to-define genre with heavy, distorted guitars, prominent bass and a variety of common lyrical themes. This category is for questions about the genre and the bands that play it.
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Alot of people consider Tornadno of souls to be one of there chalanging solos (not my openion)
no they're looking for a new drummer
  You inject it. Cook the Heroin as per normal and then crumble the rock onto the teaspoon containing the H then draw in the solution and inject and possibly die
Michael Shawn "Clown" Crahan, Chris Fehn, Paul Gray, Craig Jones, Nathan J. Jordison, James Root, Corey Taylor, Mickael Thomson. Everybody in Slipknot wrote it except for Sid Wilson.
Ron McGoverney was metallica's first bassist but he only recorded the demo of kill em all before being replaced by cliff.
<big>there the best metal band in the world . Its funny how no one likes the "Black Album" but it sold the most out of all their albums. i like the black album . my fav album is :Master Of Puppets" but no they are not sell outs
It's about Brent Smiths addiction to cocaine and how his son gave him a second chance to start over when he was born. no it's not it is about when he left home 2 go after his music. if you only knew is about that.
No. In fact, they paved the way for a bunch of other pretty good glam bands (albeit a lot of terrible ones as well). They wrote some very good tracks (listen to Danger or Shout at the Devil).
There are 9 band members in slipknot and their names are : Sid Wilson, Joey Jordison, Paul Gray, Chris Fehn, Jim Root, Craig Jones, Shawn "Clown" Crahan, Mick Thomson, Corey Taylor And there are 4 other Former members as well named : Donnie Steele, dalton.m, Greg "Cuddles" Welts, Josh Brainard
I don't seem to understand what you mean but this is the members:0. Sid Wilson.1. Joey Jordison.2. Paul Gray.3. Chris Fehn.4. James Root.5. Craig Jones.6. Clown.7. Mick Thomson.8. Corey Taylor.
No, but he has a song called "Living Dead Girl."
 Exactly when the noh mask came into being is not entirely clear  however it is believed that masks, and their names still used  today, were developed from the mid to latter part of the Muromachi  period (1392-1573). Previous to that time, the mask conventions  were not entirely set and masks...
no pantera broke up early 2000s and now the lead guitarist is dead
You will only be able to purchase it as part of the box set. You can only buy the box sets on eBay (they are long out of print)
Yes the guitar hero guitars are completely compatible with rock band.
When Ozzy was a teenager, he fell in love with The Beatles. He was inspired to start his own band. Ozzy posted a sign at a local music shop, requesting that he needs a gig. He later met with Geezer Butler and joined a band called 'Music Machine'. After Music Machine split up, Ozzy served some jail...
The book Nikki wrote was about his life. It says things of when he was a drug addicted jerk, to his road to redemption.
Avenged Sevenfold does not have a permanent new drummer, but Mike Portnoy helped them finish their album Nightmare. ========================================================== The current drummer is Arin Ilejay, and personally, i saw him live with Avenged, and I think he is better than Portnoy was...
no.... but the lead singer,matt (m shadows) has many friends in the army
Yes, as of 2011 Synyster Gates is still alive.
All of Metallica's members contribute to composition equally, although lead singer James Hetfield is the band's main writer.
Iron Maiden Ozzy Osbourne Quiet Riot Saxon Judas Priest Motorhead Motley Crue Slayer Metallica Skid Row
I dont no but i love guns and roses they is ace :D
slipknot's latest album is called all hope is gone their next album is supposedly called death calls and coming out in end of 2010ish
I am about to tell you a secret. There is a website called  youtube-mp3.org, where you type in the address of a youtube clip,  hit convert video, and it will convert the clip into an mp3 file.  then you hit download. the only problem i have had is the volume is  a little bit lower, and the ads...
Probably not... how is music bad? The hard rock and metal music I listen to, like Guns N Roses, is not "bad!". A lot are relating to love and relationships, and the lyrics are fine.
lately they all have been collaborating with song but the main writer is James hetfield
  over 100 million world wide
no!!!!!!!!!, there a pretty good rock band.
Avenged Sevenfold has sold over one million albums for Waking the Fallen, as the album went gold.
Sounding The Seventh Trumpet - 2001To End the RaptureTurn the Other WayDarkness SurroundingThe Art of Subconscious IllusionWe Come Out at NightLips of DeceitWarmness on the SoulAn Epic of Time WastedBreaking Their HoldForgotten FacesThick and ThinStreetsShattered by Broken DreamsWaking the Fallen -...
The band hasn't confirmed any breakup yet, as far as they know they aren't breaking up.
no, Corey Taylor is very white...from des moins Iowa
No, they are not Gothic at all. The whole "Nu Metal'' scene is very popular among the pathetic Mall Goths (who don't know what real Gothic couture really is) just because it's dark people believe it's "Goth." Gothic Music is Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Virgin Prunes, and The Cure. Slipknot...
  There are three lead guitarist in the band Iron Maiden. Dave Murray is the first one. Adrian smith is the second one. And Janick Gers is the third one>
  No, they're from Texas!
not for a while but there almost done with the tour rite now
off the top of my head cowboys from hell, vulgar display of power, far beyond driven, reinventing the steel, the great southern trendkill, metal magic (80s), projects in the jungle (80s), 101 proof (live album), Rebel meets Rebel (phil anselmo was not the singer on this album).
Motley Crue, and he still is.
kill em allride the lightningmaster of puppets...and justice for allmetallicaloadreloadst. angerdeath magnetic
It's on their 1996 album, Load.
There are several, but they don't have specific names.
  I would't go as far as friends, but it has gotten better. Even though "Some Kind of Monster" apparently refueled the fire, it's been a while since anything has happened between them.
At least 80 million, estimates of up to 120 million have been given. Their highest chart position in the US was No. 4 in the Billboard 200 for 2010's The Final Frontier. In the UK, Iron Maiden have topped the album charts 4 times and the singles chart once.
The Spooky Kids were a band then Brian Warner took on the name Marilyn Manson as his stage name and changed it to just Marilyn Manson
Despite the fact that they share the same birthday, there is no definite answer since no one ever asked her.
aids. This is not true. Rev. Moore had a bout with colon cancer in the 90s and was treated but shortly afterward he became diabetic and that eventually led to kidney failure. He was on dialysis at the time of his death. I've known him since he was about 20 years old. Great singer and musician, I...
It was released on November 23, 1999.
1981 In Los Angeles.
many of general motors engines are interchangeable, if the transmission was not replaced, then its a matter of possibly relocating motor mounts, and if 3300 s the original motor you shouldn't run into any clearance problems
Slipknot is NuMetal/Heavy Metal band
Alissa White-Gluz is 31 years old (born July 31, 1985).
One of them; they were certainly very important. However, metal's roots go back even further, and bands like Black Sabbath cite influences such as the Beatles.
It's hard to say, it's like when Metallica lost Cliff, even if they do find someone with great skills, the band will never be the same again
No, they had a chicken that toured with them but somebody kicked the cage over and the chicken flew into the crowd. If it got killed it was the crowd's fault.
Don't know of any bands that ate them, but when Dead from Mayhem shot himself one of the other members made his skull into necklaces.
I dont know what you mean by "popular member" but id have to say either Corey Taylor or Joey Jordison
The answer is no. Lisa Marie is one of my besties on Myspace, we chat now and then and I know that Lisa Marie loves Nikki but I think their relationship these days is platonic. Then again, I could be a little off the mark. I think that the only 2 people who really know the answer is Lisa Marie and...
Avenged Sevenfold stated that they had entered the studio, along with Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy, to drum for the record, in place of the Rev. Quote from the A7X band members: "I want our fans to know that with Jimmy in our hearts, our journey to record has officially began. Jimmy helped...
No. Endgame came out in 2009 (and was extremely good) and the band's releasing another album called TH1RT3EN later this year. But actually, Megadeth wasn't functioning in the period 2002-2004 when the frontman Dave Mustaine suffered arm injury called Saturday Night Palsy. Contrary to his doctor who...
Most people that like secular rock music think that they are awesome. Most Christians think that they are satanic because of the Death Bat. People who like pop music don't like them because they are a rock band. Almost everyone thinks something different.
James Hetfield was born August 3, 1963. He will be 47 years old in 2010.
I am a world before I am a man I was a creature before I could stand I will remember before I forget BEFORE I FORGET THAT! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, OH!
There is no given date, although it has been implied that the hiatus will be at least three years.
A heartagram is a made-up symbol from the inverted pentagram and the heart. As such, it represents the mix of tenderness and cruelty found in HIM's music, the band that use it. So no, it's not devil worship.
There is definitely going to be a new album, but they are only going back to the studio after the sonisphere tour has finished, im geussing it will be mid 2012 to early 2013? Well,they said they'll be in studio,recording, MAY - this year.
It is the shape of a pentagram, so I would assume yes. That doesn't mean they are Satanic though, it's for stage appearance.
yes one of the bests
The band Rob Zombie didn't make any movie but there music vidios, however Rob Zombie himself made many full feature films. Zombieland (2009) was directed by Ruben Fleische.
The Bleeding, Meet the Monster, Can't Heal You, Undone, War is the Answer, Bad Company, Stranger than Fiction, Never Enough, Death before Dishonor, Way of the Fist, Bulletproof, Ashes, Walk Away, My Own Hell, No One Gets Left Behind, Dyign Breed, Hard to See, Salvation, White Knuckles...Those are...
No. If you listen to the lyrics, they rarely mention religion.
Yes. It's on their second album, 1970's Paranoid.
Metallica has sold 12 albums. In order they are,1. Kill Em All (Studio Album)2. Ride The Lightning (Studio)3. Master Of Puppets (Studio)4. Garage Days Revisited(Cover album)5. And Justice For All (Studio)6. Black Album/Metallica (Studio)7. Load (Studio)8. Reload (Studio)9. Garage Inc. (Cover)10. S...
Yes, he's still with KoRn
It is just a song, But if you think it has a secret meaning find it!
After the death of the Rev., they had a funeral for him. After that, they released their newest album Nightmare. Most of the songs on Nightmare were written in the Rev.'s honor.
TDWP drummer Daniel Williams (a founding member of the band) wasborn December 12, 1985. However, he left the band in 2016, a year after co-foundingguitarist Chris Rubey left.
Hit The Lights was the first track on the first studio album, Kill 'Em All, as well as the first they recorded.
Answer . Roger Clinton, x president Bill's stepbrother cut two albums in 1994. They were "Nothing God Comes Easy" and "Fantasy of Love" on a Rhino label. Napster has a download but noting one can buy.
Practice, then get the neccassary equipment, and learn the song and skills, then do it.
Ernie Ball Musicman is the brand, i think it's a Stingray not sure look up the website. http://www.ernieball.com/mmonline/specs/instruments_stingray.html there's also cheaper licensed models available from olp guitars if you're interested. http://www.olpguitars.com/ He also plays some schecter 8...
There is talk of it happening around now.
Till Lindemann, who is also the main lyricist, and a poet.
Some of the big names from the start of metal to the NWOBHM (many are still going); Black SabbathJudas PriestMotorheadBudgieIron MaidenSaxonDef Leppard