The Togolese Republic is a West African country bordered by Burkina Faso to the north, Benin to the east and Ghana to the west. Togo covers 21,925 sq mi and has an estimated population of 6,619,000 as of 2009.

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Is pearce peters a real lawyer or a crook in Lome Togo?

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searching the telephonic of Lome he does not exist
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Bia togo bank is a real one?

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Yes, BIA Togo is a real bank. I am from Togo and know the bank. It is the former BIAO
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What is the capital of Togo?

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Lomé, is the capital of Togo, with estimated population of 737,751, is the capital and largest city. Located on the Gulf of Guinea, Lomé is the country's administrative and industrial center and its chief port.
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Is there a bank called Principal Society-Economic Financial Banque Lome-Togo?

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I searched a lot online but didn't find any bank with this name.
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Who is Togbe Tsali who helped the Ewe from Togo to escape to Ghana from King Agorkoli?

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he was the ewe's key person and brought the idea of pouring water on the mud wall
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What languages are spoken in Togo?

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According to the CIA World Factbook, the official language of Togo is French. However, the African languages of Ewe, Mina, Kabye and Dagomba are also commonly spoken. They speak Tongan in Tonga. Though the large majority (especially the younger generations) are fluent in English as they're taught English at school Tongan and English.
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C.C.S BANK is there such a bank in lome republic of togo?

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No, there is no such bank. The name of this imaginary bank used for scam. Fake bank-site: created 10 of march 2011 (10/03/2011) and have no any content.
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Is dr Alan bowman director of fucec private bank lome togo?

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Yes i confirmed that Dr Alan Bowman is a Director in the bank.Precisely Director of Private banking
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What are the people of Togo called?

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I had the same question. They're called Togolese.
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Is there Ocean Link Bank in Lome Togo?

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is there a ocean link bank lome togo is there a secretary called mrs rose desmond rufus beku
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Is there a bank called International Bank of Africa in Lome Central West Africa or Lome Togo?

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Perhaps, but note: No. The website is fake, set up by 419 scammers. I'm trying to get it shut down right now.
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What do people in Togo eat?

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The west African country of Togo has a very delightful cuisine thanks to it's abundant agriculture and French influence. Foods are prepared using just the right amounts of spices and varied cooking methods. French influence can be seen in the sauces that are prepared for many of the dishes. Fufu, which is similar to couscous, is a staple. It is made of root vegetables cooked, then pulverized to just the right consistency. The many vegetables they are able to grow include yams, cassava, corn, beans, millet, and okra. Meat is an important food to the Togo diet and include smoked fish, cured and smoked hams, and also "bush meat". One of the favorite bush animals is the bush rat that they call agouti. The food is prepared giving great attention to color and the right combination of sauces.
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How do people make money in togo?

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It can't be easy in a country where a third of the citizens live below the poverty line and more than half of the population survive on subsistence agriculture. This is a country that imports such basics as electricity, petrol and food. Exports are things like phosphate, coffee, cocoa and cotton, all items that the population can do without. This is a country the size of West Virginia that can not exist without external financial assistance. It may be a country destined to fail.
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Is Togo about the size of what US state?

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West Virginia 24,229.76 sq mi Togo 21,925 sq mi
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How many famous people come from Togo?

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Emanuel Adebayor (soccer player)
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What are some countries by population?

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RankCountry / TerritoryPopulationDate of estimate % of World populationSource-World6,925,500,000June 18, 2011100%US Census Bureau's World Population Clock1 People's Republic of China1,339,724,852November 1, 201019.34%2010 China Census2 India1,210,193,422March 1, 201117.47%Provisional 2011 Indian Census result3 United States311,576,000June 18, 20114.5%Official United States Population Clock4 Indonesia237,556,363May 20103.43%2010 Indonesian Census5 Brazil190,732,694August 1, 20102.75%2010 Official Brazilian Census results6 Pakistan176,371,000June 18, 20112.55%Official Pakistani Population clock7 Nigeria158,423,00020102.29%UN estimate for 20108 Bangladesh150,753,000June 18, 20112.18%Official Bangladeshi Population Clock9 Russia142,905,200January 1, 20112.06%2010 Russian Census10 Japan127,930,000May 1, 20111.85%Official Japan Statistics Bureau11 Mexico112,336,538April 15, 20111.62%2010 final census result12 Philippines94,013,200Mid-20101.36%National Statistics Office medium projection13 Vietnam87,375,00020111.26%Official estimate14 Germany81,802,000December 31, 20091.18%Official estimate15 Egypt80,399,000June 18, 20111.16%Official Egyptian Population clock16 Ethiopia79,455,634July 20101.15%Official estimate17 Iran75,393,000June 18, 20111.09%Official Iranian Population clock18 Turkey73,722,988December 31, 20101.06%Turkish Statistical Institute19 Thailand67,041,000July 1, 20100.97%Key Statistics of Thailand, 2009, Table 1.4 (Population projections), National Statistics Office of Thailand20 Dem. Rep. of Congo65,966,00020100.95%UN estimate for 201021 France65,821,885January 1, 20110.95%Official INSEE estimate The population figure for metropolitan France alone (without its overseas departments and oveseas collectivities) is 63,182,000.[4]22 United Kingdom62,008,048January 1, 20100.9%Eurostat estimate23 Italy60,626,442December 31, 20100.88%Official ISTAT estimate24 South Africa49,991,300July 1, 20100.72%Statistics South Africa25 South Korea48,988,83320110.71%Statistics Korea26 Myanmar47,963,00020100.73%UN estimate for 201027 Spain46,148,605April 1, 20110.67%Official INE estimate28 Colombia46,028,000June 18, 20110.66%Official Colombian Population clock29 Ukraine45,724,242April 1, 20110.66%Official UKRSTAT estimate30 Sudan43,552,00020100.62%UN estimate for 201031 Tanzania43,187,82320100.62%Official estimate32 Argentina40,091,359October 27, 20100.58%Provisional census results33 Kenya38,610,097August 24-25, 20090.56%Official census results34 Poland38,186,86020100.55%Official estimate35 Algeria36,300,000January 1, 20110.52%Official estimate36 Canada34,488,000June 18, 20110.5%Official Canadian Population clock37 Morocco32,177,000June 18, 20110.46%Official Moroccan Population clock38 Uganda31,800,00020100.46%Official estimate39 Iraq31,672,00020100.45%UN estimate for 201040 Afghanistan31,412,00020100.42%UN estimate for 201041 Peru29,461,933June 30, 20100.43%Official INEI estimate (in Spanish)42 Venezuela29,258,000June 18, 20110.42%Official Venezuelan Population clock43 Nepal28,584,97520110.41%Official estimate44 Malaysia27,565,82120100.4%The 2010 Population and Housing Census (Census 2010)45 Uzbekistan27,445,00020100.4%UN estimate for 201046 Saudi Arabia27,136,97720100.39%Official Saudi estimate47 North Korea24,346,00020100.35%UN estimate for 201048 Ghana24,233,431September 26, 20100.35%Provisional 2010 census results49 Republic of China (Taiwan)23,170,321April 30, 20110.33%Official National Statistics Taiwan estimate50 Australia22,639,338June 18, 20110.33%Australian Official Population Clock51 Yemen22,492,03520090.32%Official estimate52 Mozambique22,416,88120100.32%Official estimate53 Romania21,466,174January 1, 20100.31%Eurostat estimate54 Syria21,099,000June 18, 20110.3%Syrian Official Population Clock55 Madagascar20,714,00020100.29%UN estimate for 201056 Sri Lanka20,669,00020100.29%UN estimate for 201057 Côte d'Ivoire19,738,00020100.31%UN estimate for 201058 Cameroon19,406,100January 1, 20100.28%Official estimate59 Angola19,082,00020100.27%UN estimate for 201060 Chile17,243,200June 18, 20110.25%Official INE projection (page 36)61 Netherlands16,676,200June 18, 20110.241%Official Netherlands population clock62 Kazakhstan16,473,000April 1, 20110.24%National Statistics Agency estimate63 Burkina Faso15,730,977July 1, 20100.23%Official estimate64 Niger15,203,82220100.22%Official estimate65 Malawi14,901,00020100.23%UN estimate for 201066 Mali14,517,176April 1, 20090.21%Preliminary 2009 census result67 Guatemala14,361,66620100.21%Official estimate68 Ecuador14,306,876November 28, 20100.21%Preliminary 2010 Ecuadorian census result69 Cambodia13,395,682March 3, 20080.19%Cambodian 2008 Census70 Zambia13,046,508October 16, 20100.19%2010 Zambia Census result71 Zimbabwe12,571,00020100.18%UN estimate for 201072 Senegal12,434,00020100.19%UN estimate for 201073 Greece11,306,183January 1, 20100.16%Eurostat estimate74 Cuba11,241,161December 31, 20100.16%Official estimate75 Chad11,227,00020100.17%UN estimate for 201076 Belgium10,839,905January 1, 20100.16%Eurostat estimate77 Portugal10,636,888January 1, 20100.15%Eurostat estimate78 Tunisia10,549,100July 1, 20100.15%National Statistics Institute of Tunisia79 Czech Republic10,515,818June 30, 20100.15%Official estimate80 Bolivia10,426,15420100.15%Official estimate81 Rwanda10,412,82020100.15%Official estimate82 Haiti10,085,21420100.15%Official estimate83 Hungary10,014,324January 1, 20100.14%Official estimate84 Guinea9,982,00020100.15%UN estimate for 201085 Belarus9,481,100January 1, 20110.14%National Statistical Committee86 Sweden9,433,875April 30, 20110.14%Statistics Sweden87 Dominican Republic9,378,818December 1, 20100.14%Preliminary census result88 Somalia9,331,00020100.14%UN estimate for 201089 Azerbaijan8,997,400April, 20110.13%State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan90 Benin8,778,64620100.13%Official estimate91 Austria8,404,252January 1, 20110.12%[3]92 Burundi8,383,00020100.12%UN estimate for 201093 United Arab Emirates8,264,070Mid-20100.119%Official estimate94 Honduras8,215,31320110.12%Official estimate95 Switzerland7,866,500December 31, 20100.11%Official Switzerland Statistics estimate96 Israel7,746,400May 8, 20110.11%Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics97 Bulgaria7,351,234February, 20110.11%Census figures98 Serbia7,306,677January 1, 20100.11%Official estimate99 Hong Kong7,061,200July 31, 20100.102%Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department100 Tajikistan6,879,00020100.102%UN estimate for 2010101 Papua New Guinea6,703,00020100.099%UN estimate for 2010102 Libya6,355,00020100.095%UN estimate for 2010103 Laos6,230,20020100.09%Official estimate104 Paraguay6,230,00020100.093%UN estimate for 2010105 El Salvador6,193,00020100.089%UN estimate for 2010106 Jordan6,187,00020100.093%UN estimate for 2010107 Togo6,028,00020100.098%UN estimate for 2010108 Sierra Leone5,868,00020100.084%UN estimate for 2010109 Nicaragua5,788,00020100.084%UN estimate for 2010110 Denmark5,560,628January 1, 20110.08%Statistics Denmark111 Slovakia5,435,273December 31, 20100.078%Statistics Slovakia112 Kyrgyzstan5,418,30020100.078%Official estimate113 Finland5,385,370June 18, 20110.078%Official Finnish Population clock114 Eritrea5,254,00020100.075%UN estimate for 2010115 Singapore5,076,700June 30, 20100.073%Statistics Singapore116 Turkmenistan5,042,00020100.075%UN estimate for 2010117 Norway4,951,900June 18, 20110.072%Official Norwegian Population clock118 Costa Rica4,563,53820100.066%Official estimate119 Central African Republic4,401,00020100.065%UN estimate for 2010120 Ireland4,470,700April 20100.065%Irish Central Statistics Office estimate 2010121 Georgia4,436,400January 1, 20100.064%National Statistics Office of Georgia122 Croatia4,425,747January 1, 20100.064%Eurostat estimate123 New Zealand4,408,500June 18, 20110.064%Official New Zealand Population clock124 Lebanon4,228,00020100.061%UN estimate for 2010125 Republic of the Congo4,043,00020100.054%2008 UN estimate for year 2010126 Liberia3,994,00020100.059%UN estimate for 2010127 Palestinian territories3,935,24920090.057%Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics128 Bosnia and Herzegovina3,843,126June 30, 20100.055%Official estimate129 Puerto Rico3,725,789April 1, 20100.054%2010 census130 Moldova3,563,800January 1, 20100.051%National Bureau of Statistics of Moldova131 Mauritania3,460,00020100.049%UN estimate for 2010132 Panama3,405,813May 16, 20100.049%Final 2010 census results133 Uruguay3,356,584June 30, 20100.048%Official estimate134 Armenia3,263,600March 20110.047%Monthly official estimate135 Lithuania3,225,300May 20110.047%Monthly official estimate136 Albania3,195,000January 1, 20100.046%Institute of Statistics INSTAT Albania137 Mongolia2,808,300June 18, 20110.04%Official Mongolian population clock138 Jamaica2,741,00020100.039%UN estimate for 2010138 Kuwait2,737,00020100.044%UN estimate for 2010140 Oman2,694,094December 12, 20100.039%Preliminary census results141 Namibia2,283,00020100.032%UN estimate for 2010142 Latvia2,221,100May 1, 20110.032%Official Statistics of Latvia143 Lesotho2,171,00020100.03%UN estimate for 2010144 Republic of Macedonia2,052,722January 1, 20100.03%Eurostat estimate145 Slovenia2,052,070June 18, 20110.03%Official Slovenian population clock146 Botswana1,800,09820100.026%Official estimate147 Gambia1,728,00020100.025%UN estimate for 2010148 Qatar1,696,563April 20, 20100.024%Preliminary 2010 Census Results149 Guinea-Bissau1,515,00020100.024%UN estimate for 2010150 Gabon1,505,00020100.022%UN estimate for 2010151 Estonia1,340,122January 1, 20110.019%Official estimate152 Trinidad and Tobago1,317,714July 1, 20100.019%Official estimate153 Mauritius1,280,925July 1, 20100.018%Official estimate154 Bahrain1,262,00020100.012%UN estimate for 2010155 Swaziland1,186,00020100.017%UN estimate for 2010156 East Timor1,124,00020100.017%UN estimate for 2010157 Djibouti889,00020100.013%UN estimate for 2010158 Fiji861,00020100.012%UN estimate for 2010159 Cyprus803,147January 1, 20100.012%Eurostat Statistics160 Guyana784,89420100.011%Official estimate161 Comoros735,00020100.01%UN estimate for 2010162 Equatorial Guinea [5]700,00020100.01%UN estimate for 2010163 Bhutan695,82220100.01%Official estimate164 Montenegro625,26620110.009%2011 Preliminary Census Data165 Macau556,800March 31, 20110.008%Macau Statistics and Census Service166 Western Sahara531,00020100.008%UN estimate for 2010167 Solomon Islands530,66920100.008%Official estimate168 Suriname525,00020100.008%UN estimate for 2010169 Luxembourg502,10020100.007%Official estimate170 Cape Verde491,575June 16, 20100.007%Official estimate171 Malta416,333January 1, 20100.006%Eurostat estimate172 Brunei399,00020100.006%UN estimate for 2010173 Bahamas353,658May 3, 20100.005%Official estimate174 Belize333,200Mid-20090.005%Statistical Institute of Belize175 Iceland318,452January 1, 20110.005%Statistics Iceland176 Maldives317,28020100.005%Official estimate177 Barbados273,00020100.004%UN estimate for 2010178 Vanuatu240,00020100.004%UN estimate for 2010179 Samoa187,03220100.003%Official estimate180 Guam180,00020100.003%UN estimate for 2010181 Saint Lucia166,526May 10, 20100.002%Preliminary census result182 São Tomé and Príncipe165,00020100.002%UN estimate for 2010183 Curaçao142,180January 1, 20100.002%Official estimate184 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines109,00020100.002%UN estimate for 2010185 U.S. Virgin Islands109,00020100.002%UN estimate for 2010186 Aruba107,00020100.002%UN estimate for 2010187 Grenada104,00020100.002%UN estimate for 2010188 Tonga104,00020100.002%UN estimate for 2010189 Federated States of Micronesia102,624April 4, 20100.001%Preliminary census results190 Kiribati100,00020100.001%UN estimate for 2010191 Jersey92,500December 31, 20090.001%Official estimate192 Antigua and Barbuda89,00020100.001%UN estimate for 2010193 Seychelles86,525July 1, 20100.001%Official estimate194 Andorra84,082December 31, 20090.001%Official estimate195 Isle of Man83,00020100.001%UN estimate for 2010196 American Samoa68,00020100.001%UN estimate for 2010197 Dominica68,00020100.001%UN estimate for 2010198 Bermuda64,566July 1, 20100.001%Official estimate199 Guernsey62,431March 31, 20100.001%Official estimate200 Northern Mariana Islands61,00020100.001%UN estimate for 2010201 Greenland56,45220100.001%Official estimate202 Cayman Islands54,878October 10, 20100.001%Preliminary census result203 Marshall Islands54,30520100.001%Official estimate204 Saint Kitts and Nevis52,00020100.001%UN estimate for 2010205 Faroe Islands48,596April 1, 20110.001%Official statistics of the Faroe Islands206 Turks and Caicos Islands40,35720100.0006%Official estimate207 Sint Maarten37,429January 1, 20100.0005%Official estimate208 Liechtenstein36,157December 31, 20100.0005%Official estimate209 Monaco35,00020100.0005%UN estimate for 2010210 San Marino31,887December 31, 20100.0005%Monthly official estimate211 Gibraltar29,00020100.0004%UN estimate for 2010212 British Virgin Islands28,21320080.0004%Official estimate213 Cook Islands23,400September 20100.0003%Official monthly estimate214 Palau20,000 0.0003%UN estimate for 2010215 Anguilla15,23620110.0002%Official estimate216 Nauru10,000 0.0001%UN estimate for 2010217 Tuvalu10,000 0.0001%UN estimate for 2010218 Montserrat6,000 0.0001%UN estimate for 2010219 Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha4,000 0.0001%2008 UN estimate for year 2010220 Falkland Islands3,000 0.00005%UN estimate for 2010221 Niue1,500 0.00003%UN estimate for 2010222 Tokelau1,100 0.00003%UN estimate for 2010223 Vatican City500 0.00001%UN estimate for 2010224 Pitcairn Islands50 0.000001%UN estimate
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What starts with a y that is important to togo?

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A Yak Better answer Yams are the largest food crop grown for domestic consumption in Togo. If there are any yaks in Togo, they're in a zoo.
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Is there a bank banque atlantique in lome togo?

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Are you a victim of cone men ? Tell your story about this bank you asking because there's A lot of scams using this particular bank name.
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Who is the current president of Bhutan?

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there is no president . there is king as the head of the country.
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What problems are there with togo?

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Togo has an economic problem, I think.well togo is a lead dog but he did not get any credit for he was the one who took the medison to nome. balto took all the credit for poor togo was the one who took in the medison
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How many and in what events are people from Togo West Africa participating?

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I have no idea but i know there are about 6 million people living in Togo if that helps at all. (2010)

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