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Arabic Language and Culture

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Most of the Middle Eastern and North African countries are dominated by Arabic Language and Culture. The Arabic language has many Hebrew and Persian loan words, and its loan words in turn are found in Portuguese, Sicilian, and Spanish. Questions typically refer to Arabic culture and its geographic range, language, local dialects and their widespread use in business, classical and modern writings, everyday life, and religion.
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There are 26 nations where Arabic is the official language:   Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq,  Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman,  Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab  Emirates, Yemen, Palestine, and...
Sudan has been split most strongly in this regard, but Chad and  Mauritania have similar issues.
Arab traders first began to trade in south east Asia in 3000BC.
The Quarish began to ridicule and oppose him. They feared that Arabs would no longer come to mecca to worship at the Kaaba.
Most of the Arabs rejected the message of Islam in the first time of it, they were bigoted to the astray belief of their parents which is worshipping idols beside God (polytheism), some knew the truth of the message & were amazed by the Holy Quran but they rejected to believe due to their...
ترجمة من الجواب هن "كات كلوس": كل ولاية لديها قوانينها الخاصة  بموضوع الميراث. الجواب يعتمد على عوامل كثيرة مثل إذا كان الإبن  متزوجا إذا كان له الأطفال، إذا كان الأط...
no it's african.
أذا ممكن تقرأ الأنجليزية، تقرأ هذا: ف    How do you answer 'What are your strengths and weaknesses' in a job  interview?
قبل وصول نابليون إلى مصر، كان الأقباط في الحكومة المصرية كمحاسبين. عندما نابليون بدأ يحكم الدولة رغب في أن الأقباط يستمر في مناصبهم فهم ساعدوا إلى نابليون. ف X
Arab Muslims view individual rights and justice fairly in most  countries. Most Arabian or Muslim countries allow other religions  to come. In some Muslim or Arabian countries, you will face  persecution if you are not Muslim. They would either make you leave  or do something else.
  What does it mean from outside the     spinal column = outside an electrical wiring  
The biggest source for spreading Arabic in India were the Muslims who migrated from the Arab countries or Arab merchants who used to travel to India and who had established relationships with local Indians and there are many institutes in Pakistan nowadays which are propagating Arabic language as I...
yes of course ,but there are countries that have people that think that they're snob or special and try to over-speak English and Arabic.many foreign words are used in our daily lives such as "chocolate,television...ect " but pronounced differently. Like other countries they do speak other languages...
Answer 1curb means n.A concrete border or row of joined stones forming part of a gutter along the edge of a street.An enclosing framework, such as that around a skylight.A raised margin along an edge used to confine or strengthen.Something that checks or restrains: High interest rates put a curb on...
I think everyone likes to think they would. But it would be a big risk. I think it would be easy to find a reason not to do it. I would admire any who could.
  his real name is Abrahim Mustafa he went by Lil Rab before Arab
Italy as a united country has never controlled trade with Arabs.The city-state of Venice controlled the spice trade along with theArabs in 1500s and 1600s, but most other forms of trade in Italywere dispersed throughout different provinces at different timeperiods.
SAUDI Arabia is a country in the Middle East. Muslims (followers of Islamic faith) go to Saudi Arabia (at least once) in their lifetime to pray at the house of Muhammad.
semitic nations descended from a common father, Abraham
All Arabs had originally come from the Arabian Peninsula, particularly from " Yemen" which was called in the past "بلاد العرب السعيده"i.e. the Happy Arabian Homeland , as a clue for the great favours granted from Allah to that spot , which was famous for its fertile lands & its...
yes they seem like brothers
No, as banana trees are in need of more water daily, the chances ofgrowing banana in Arabia countries are very less and so, it willnot and never grow in Arabia countries.
أيا" كانThis is what is corresponding to "whatever" in Arabic, & it's written as "Ayyan kaan"but the two small short parallel lines must be written like this // but I couldn't write them better way.
They're not gods. They're prophets. In Islam theres no god execpt alah. They're barried in mecca , medina
تفضل ان ترى المقالة المرفقة
they're are also christians and Jews but a majority of us are Muslims Emir Most Arabic peoples are followers of the Muslim faith.
An Arab cloak is called an "Aba". It is a long, loose sleeveless outer garment of fine silk.Burnoose is a hooded cloak.The headscarf is known as a "hijab", while the cloak is known as an "abaya"
\n راس الخيمه اسم قديم - جلفر julfar old name of ras al khaima is - julfar محمحد رئيسالدين - تامبلنادو - الهند جوال...
Answer 1 actively fought against the Allied coalition and helped Iraq. Answer 2 I am not entirely sure what the question was, but Iraq's traditional allies, who were the USSR and other Arab States abandoned Iraq in 1991 because of its clearly belligerent action in invading Kuwait. Qatar,...
The main beliefs in Islam are: . Worshiping Allah (or God in English and same God in Christianity and Judaism) as the one and only one God with no partner, no son, no father, no companion, no associate, and no equivalence and the belief that prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is God prophet and...
No, they are from the middle east, and are considered Middle Eastern people. Calling them Arabic can be PC in some areas, but some would take offense to it.
I want you baby is ba-deh yek (yekeh for a girl) habibi (habibteh  for a girl) in Lebanese.
54 Floors including the various duplexes
only if they are trained to do so.The Arabian is not only the oldest breed it is one of the most versatile. I don't think there is much that this horse can't do. They are one of the most beautiful of breeds also.
Do you mean Caucasian? No. They are darker skinned than Caucasians almost bronze-brown.
Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud
There are two general categories of Arabs: Fellahin or Settled  Arabs and Bedouin or Nomadic/Desert Arabs. The Fellahin, which make  up the overwhelming majority of the Arab population (95%), all live  in towns or cities and "normal" houses or apartments. The Bedouins  historically lived in...
To say "God is the greatest" in Arabic, one would say الله أكبر (Allahu Akbar).
Signed the Alaska Pipeline Act (NOVA NET ANSWER)
Arabian. Before modern-day Saudi Arabia was founded, the area is called Al-Hijaz. When Abdullah ibn Saud conquered the area, he named it after himself.
Arab-Americans eat anything they fancy. The US has access to a  large variety of cuisines and Arab-Americans (depending on their  level of religiousity) can eat some or all of those cuisines.
Arjook (arjooki for a girl) Samihni(Samhini for a girl)
This means "Servant of the Most Kind/Merciful". In Arabic, "Abd" means servant of... The word that will always follow is one of the 99 names of Allah, in this case, Karim.For reference, it would actually be said, "Abdul Karim".
Javeria would never, ever avoid Waqas. She looks up to Waqas and trusts him more than anyone in the world, God bless him.
Israelis and Arabs are in conflict and have been for a while. Many people use the words Jews and Israelis interchangeably since Israel is 80% Jewish, but less than 50% of all Jews live in Israel and nearly 10% of the Israeli Army is non-Jewish. The Jews outside of Israel are not in conflict with...
== Answer ==   O people, recollect the title of Rasoolullaah (saws) - Rehmatul lil 'aalameen. He is the Rehmat (blessing) for the two universes. What does two universes mean? it is both the worlds - the world of life and death.   The shari'at of Allah is not meant for humans. It is for all the...
In order to become President, you must be a citizen of the United States. President Barack Obama was born in the United States, in Hawaii in 1961. Also, contrary to internet myths, he is not an Arab, nor does he have any Arabs in his family, and he did not visit any Arab countries till the 1980s....
Bahrain. There are approximately 987 people per square kilometer on this tiny island.   Egypt
(1) The deserts led to most Arabians being nomadic desert-dwellers  or Bedouin. The only pre-modern cities in the Arabian Peninsula are  either on the coastline or at oases for this reason.    (2) The prevalent dry hear in the Arabian Peninsula has lead to  loose-fitting clothing to keep the...
Again, a question that's got religion, region, and direction combined with something that belongs to the US Civil War (1861-1865).
Your first word is a religion, the second a region and direction, and the last sounds like something that belongs to the US Civil War. A question that doesn't compute.
The Arab culture (Islam) was at its height while Christian Europe was still in its Dark Age. Many of the things western culture takes for granted today were introduced to Britain by the returning Crusaders: the concepts of higher education (and advanced mathematics), hospitals, a judicial system,...
To help each other and to stand united against thieves and predators.
It is because Egyptians have been Arabized, meaning that they  follow the language and culture of the Arabs who invaded, that  Egyptians are ethnically Arab. They do not have genetic roots to  Arabia, if that is what the question is asking.    Arabs, Turks, Magyars (Hungarians), and numerous...
  Simply doing yard maintenance on someone else's property does not give them notice that your actions are "hostile" and therefore they have no reason to sue you and therefore the statute of limitations has never started for evicting you as a trespasser and therefore you have no claim to it....
you have to do it to your mom and after that you have to do it to your dad then after a long while you'll get special powers that will allow you to speak arabic
Most Arabs live in houses or apartments just like all other people.  Even the Bedouin, who used to live in tents in the wilderness, are  beginning to settle in makeshift dwellings made of wood, stone, and  tarp.
That depends on where the couple wants to get married.
they belong to one line of descent as they are all Arab'sthey all follow the same religion Islam speak the same language Arabicthey have similar customs and traditions such as hospitality generosity courage
No, he was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in England.
They are neither, in the strictest sense. Arabs did not leave the Arabian Peninsula until the 600s B.C.E. (and then not en masse until the Conquests of Omar in the 640s C.E.) and both Abraham and lot were born in Ur in Mesopotamia. Secondly Arabs trace their lineage back to Ishmael, Abraham's son...
They keep trying to get your attention by you and stare at you when you walk by
No they are written from left to right.
Oases are green areas fed by underground water. Arabs in deserts may sometimes go from oasis to oasis. The main use of oases were for Arabs in early times to help them survive the intense heat in the Arabian peninsula.
In year 610 AD by start of Quran God revelation to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel Gabriel (Jibril).
Without a doubt, NO. Anglo's are very beautiful that can't be denied. But this cross breed is better left to more expeirenced horsepersons. Both the Arabian and the Thoroughbred are considered a 'hot' breed. When you cross these two breeds the temperment would not be appropriate for a beginner. I...
it is located in Dubai
People in Egypt speak Arabic,so you're asking "what is the Arabic word for beautiful" it's JA--MEEL for a male and JA--MEE-LA/JA--MEE-LEH for a female.
The Marines recruit any able bodied, American citizen or legal resident who has no felony convictions and have graduated high school, and who can pass the entrance physical, the ASVAB, and successfully complete basic training. If that person is of Arabic descent, then yes. If they have language...
The Arab Language was a Semitic language that slowly developed among the Bedouin tribes in Arabia.
it depends which horse you pick if it is good around people if you can ride it what styles of riding