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Questions and answers related to the formation of regular and irregular plural nouns in the English language.
Im having the same problem, that means several things. Evap canister or hose cracked/ not connected. SO check your fuel lines going to and from Purge or vent solenoid defective Vacumn leak at engine. Let me know if you get any mroe info.
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take away IT'S Cigs --- U need 2 tell (US) WHAT COLOR the SMOKE is First ----------------- WHITE ? BLUE ? BLACK   If the engine is burning oil, the valve guides or piston rings are probably worn. The low cost solution is to use a thicker oil or oil additive like STP or one of the other brands…
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Remove fan blades...Remove alternatorRemove water pumpRemove the timing cover.Mark the location of the camshaft in relation to a spot on the engine block so you can line it up correctly.Unbolt the top gear from the camshaft (DO NOT SPIN THE CAM).remove the gear and the chain will come off with it.Pu…
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Answer The coil is bolted to the inner guard on the right side behind the battery. (looking from the front) As far as i know there is no 1985 Plymouth Laser... There is actually a 1985 Laser but was manufactured by Chrysler(at the time). The only thing is,that year was only produced in a 2.2L T…
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Hi the tacho runs off the alternator & when it stops working it is normally a sign of a fault with the alternator so firstly i would check that the alternator is working corectly
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it's the narrow one...the wider one is for a mag timing device...
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When the ball is advanced past the end zone line it is called a touchdown. It is worth 6 points. A touchdown can be scored on offense or defense by any player. A touchdown can also be scored if there is a fumble in the end zone, and the team that scored on that end zone recovers the fumble.
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You can always get ripped off anytime you trade. Also you will not receive nearly as much as the car is worth and will pay more in the long run. Sell your car to a private party at somewhere between wholesale and retail. Find the value at www.nada.com By eliminating the trade you are in a much bette…
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Yes. Ask the questions one at a time. See "Can you answer your own question?" for how to do this. Make sure they are questions that people would really ask. And please remain available for when other people have new questions. If your FAQ would require a new topic, i.e. it doesn't fit within an exi…
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ONLY if you are listed on the TITLE as co-owner can you take possession.
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The most common modern spelling is de Standún or just Standún.In addition to the above, *the names Staunton and Stanton in Ireland are of Anglo-Norman origin, having been brought to the country by settlers as early as the 13th century. County Mayo was the ancestral home to the sept "de Stonndún",…
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In general, fish are quite territorial, so it stands to reason that guppys are. I dont agree with the previous statement. I have had both marine and freshwater fish for over 25 years and not all of them are territorial at all. Guppys are not territorial at all. I actually have a lot of guppies a…
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%DETAILS% Answer There is a huge difference between having narcissistic traits, a narcissistic style - or even a narcissistic personality - and suffering from a Narcissistic Personality DISORDER. Healthy narcissism is a mature, balanced love of oneself coupled with a stable sense of self-w…
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5.6 feet
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Answer very behavior - including infantile behavior - is abusive if it bothers you, you asked the perpetrator to stop, and he won't. Childish behavior is usually an attempt to avoid responsibility, accountability, and, above all, intimacy. Answer "Abuse" is when the behavior is causing harm …
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If the partner you are with becomes easily "offended" by you trying to understand their actions...probably not a good sign.   We all have narcissistic defenses which prevent us from squarely confronting the full truth about ourselves and our actions.But if the denial is all-encompassing, pers…
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You need to make it clear to all family members that you do not like the behavior of your sister-in-law and that you will no longer tolerate it. What do you mean by "what if"? Disengage. Put a distance between you and her.   Abuse perpetuates abuse in others. You should not have anything t…
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I am really sorry to hear this and you are in one heck of a predicument. There are ways though. If your husband only has your son for a short period of time and then your son comes home to you, check him out for any bruises or welts on his body. If you find any, take pictures! Then I would suggest…
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Mice? Or Mouses? Really, the answer is either. Both forms are used among professionals and the general public, and both forms are listed in the Oxford English Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, so use whichever one you prefer.
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TRAVELLER'S GRAVE"Traveller" was Lee's renowned horse, purchased by Lee in 1862 and became his faithful companion throughout the Civil War. Traveller became a well-known figure on the campus of Washington College where Lee served as President until his death. Traveller lived in the stables next to t…
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Haptic technology refers to technology which interfaces the user via the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations and/or motions to the user. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haptic_device
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You don't hire a lawyer and then tell him/her what to do. You hire a layer to tell you the law and the best way to deal with a legal problem. If you are advised wrongly, you have redress via the law society (in the UK), other countries have similar bodies. The best way is to write a letter to the …
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England (Lost Hong Kong and other colonies)HollandFranceChinaU.S. (Lost the Fillipine Islands in 1942) If you take "affected" to mean "suffered the greatest damage", then, that would be the Chinese, by quite a large margin. From a Chinese perspective, WW2 was merely the latter part of the Second Sin…
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Answer Turns the Tranction Control System on or off.
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The United States. France. England. Soviet Union. AND the European countries who did not like Germany invading their lands Answer britain. ussr. usa.
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Answer With the fear of terrorism in the U.S. and even Canada it's best to get Visas. Also the birth certificates of your children and yourselves. You may have a high chance they will never ask, but if they do you'd best have those papers ready. Security is tight right now and it's a whole differ…
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In the English language, plural words DO NOT always end with an "s" or "es" suffix, since foreign words are often borrowed permanently in English . Alumni, alumnae, dice [di is an alternate plural], curricula, deer, cattle, fish, geese, stadia, teeth, feet, these, those, them, you and we are examp…
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You will need to be emancipated to move out at 17. Petitioning the court to move in with other close relatives could give you a leg up in getting emancipated, but that would only be one small factor.
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The Cheyenne is a base model compaered to the Silverado. Excluding power windows, power locks, tilt wheel, and interior carpet. my 91 1500 Cheyenne has tilt & cruise from the factory.
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A faculty is a division within a university or college comprising one subject area, or a number of related subject areas. In American usage, such divisions are generally referred to as colleges.
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Answer 2000 is the last year they did the inline 6 engine. The 2001 is the 3 and 3 format engine. The 2000 is 6 cylinder all in a row.
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The plural form is PCs (pronounced p-see-z).
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Answer It is an intentional and unnessecary foul, commited usually when a player is frustrated by the score of the game.
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MACEDONIAA region of SE Europe occupying the central part of what is now known as the Balkan Peninsula. It extended from the Adriatic Sea on the W to the Aegean Sea on the E, and lay N of Achaia. Although having numerous fertile plains, this is chiefly a mountainous area. Anciently, Macedonia served…
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Ullman Mfg. Company FAQ Based on an internet search, I am concluding that the Ullman Mfg. Company published (and probably printed) postcards, lithographs, greeting cards and other printed materials such as puzzles. The company was located in New York City and operated around the early 1900's. You ma…
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Get Anti-Virus software i would suggest contacting AOL and letting them know first and send them a bug report then go out and by Norton Internet Security! that should get rid of the virus for more information please call Norton!
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from inside the trunk. remove the black plastic "thumb screws" holding on the trunk carpet over the taillight housing. (counter clockwise) the bulb sockets will be exposed. turn them counter clockwise to remove. they are very very tight. re-install after replacing the bulb by turning clockwise. NO…
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One of the main challenges in designing a database is to design-out duplication of data. You can paraphrase this approach as "one piece of information, once only". This is important because it makes it easier to ensure the data remains consistent across multiple tables. This design approach is kno…
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Frequently asked question and answers - saves from having to repeat over and over, when a question is asked repeatedly Answer there isn't much organization and theres no search engine for a question which would be nice. Anyone can give a response to a question asked so you can get very inte…
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Answer Well,many places are hesitant to hire fifteen year olds for several reasons. Firstly, it is more complicated to hire fifteen year olds due to child labor law restrictions and requirements. Secondly, fifteen year olds are generally not eligible for a driver's liscense that permits them to d…
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This is a real problem with little ones, but I wouldn't get too upset because things usually work out. The more of a fuss and the more threats you enlighten her with the more upset she will get. It's not about stubborness at all, but for some reason it's as if seeing their urine or poop splash into …
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I am a Bangladeshi and love your play. When you thinking to show in 3rd country ?
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Answer NASA uses the term spacecraft to mean devices, either manned or unmanned, which are designed for spaceflight. That is, for flight in the vacuum of space. NASA literature is replete with phrases like ". . the Pioneer spacecraft returned the first detailed information on the planets Venus, …
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Answer http://www.aicpa.org/index.htm this link should help point you in the right direction.
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As cosigner on the loan you are equally responsible for for payment on the loan. If the lender has hired a repo company to take back the ATV for non payment, then the repo company is going to do everything possible to get it. That includes the frequent visits to your home in an effort to locate the …
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You can use "dd" with OS X or Linux or use Toast Titanium or something. They're only data disks and AFAIK they're not encrypted.
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The same way you use it if he is circumcised. Only in America and the Middle East are the majority of men circumcised, the rest of the world is left as nature intended. I'm from the UK I'm circumcised and from what i been told for men that are uncircumcised they should make sure they pull the for…
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Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. The plain answer is that you can't! There is no 110 Volt application I can think of that would have a heavy enough [large gauge] wire at the point you want to convert it that would service a 220 Volt oven. Ask a license…
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After forty seven years in repairing autos the bottom line to the question is if the vehicle has been serviced as stated in the owners manual there is no reason to see over 200,000 miles with out a major failure. I am still driving a 1987 Plymouth voyager with an honest 455,000 miles on it, yes I ov…
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Wearing Stirrups to School I'm 48, and I've been wearing stirrup pants since the 80s, and there's nothing wrong with them. I get compliments all the time from both men and women, and I have women ask me where I buy them... on the Internet, of course. They are not considered slutty or out-of-date; th…
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THEAnswer 12 gauge shotgun This is only the model number . They also made a 410 gauge . This shotgun was also made in 20 ga for certain (I have one) and probably 16 ga.
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A good CV will never be generalized like an all-purpose application. Rather, it would be very target specific, written specially with that organization in mind, matching your best talents and qualification with the particular job's requirement. In other words, the CV should make it obvious to the pr…
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1 the transmission is old and needs replaced2 the user is pushing it too hard
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The word neighbors i believe refers to same descendants. So the Commandment thy shall not covet thy neighbor's house, wives, stuff ..... etc, refers to the their particular tribe.  Christians should tell their neighbors about Christ! It is the great commission to do so. But I think today all p…
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It may sound silly, but the best option is the dealership. I've seen many manuals for BMW but the manuals at the dealership are the best. Sometimes they are cool and they will let you borrow them, photo copy or let you get just the info you need to write it down. Others will tell you that you just …
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Although prix fixe, commonly pronounced 'prefix', menus are common in Europe, they're still somewhat of a novelty to most Americans. A prix fixe menu is simply a collection of predetermined items presented as a multi-course meal at a set price. For instance, one evening, a restaurant may offer a pri…
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You don't. That's the problem. Maybe they loved you based on what they THOUGHT was love or the closest thing they could feel to being love. Narcissists typically don't actually feel emotions like love or guilt. Its possible the whole relationship was a lie and they were only out for their own purp…
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A supermarket is the same as a grocery store. It is a big shop with a range of food, clothes, DVDs, technical items, homeware, bakeries, sometimes opticians, fresh meat and fish, toys, furniture, mobiles... People mainly shop at supermarkets for a particular item such as e.g. a certain size kitchen …
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The cylinder #s look like this if u stand in front of the hood1 3 5(Firewall side/Rear coils)2 4 6(Close to the radiator- front coils)
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"Auto" is obviously short for "automobile". The term came from the Greek prefix "auto" meaning "self" and the Latin-derived "mobile" for movement. An "automobile" was therefore a "self-moving" device because it didn't need a horse or other external means of propulsion.
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It depends on what State you live in.Go onto: www. google.comThen type in: Legal age for marriage in the State of ________.Marcy   no
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NSC-68 or National Security Council Report 68 was a 58 page classified report issued in the United States on April 14, 1950 during the presidency of Harry S. Truman. It pledged the US not only to contain communism, but to take a further step to drive back Communist influence wherever it appeared a…
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popularity is when you are liked by many people and you are not mean to them. popularity is'nt when you are cool for your money and clothes. popularity is who you are and how you use it. Popularity* is a measurement of how "popular" someone is, how many friends they have, their reputation be it goo…
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Answer If no executor was named in the will, then a person may petition the court to be appointed as such. Contact the clerk of the probate court in the city or county where the deceased lived and/or owned property. Answer 2: If no executor was named in the will, then the will is technically no…
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Yes, Just call your insurance company and ask them for a new copy of your policy. They send you one every year at renewal time but if you've lost it just call and ask for another copy.  Answer Not a clear question. Contact your agent and ask him for a binder. You will need the bank "verbage"…
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tilt your head and put your lips to his then let ab it of your tongue on top of his then move you tongue ab it like your wiping his tough with yours and an over this go with the flow and do what u thinks right and follow him xx good look ** x 2 stars and a wish lik each other lips then go mad imul…
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It is the 'name' of the football .... the Wilson 1000.
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A terminal in the Airport sense is a place where aircraft park while passengers get on and off.
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a chicken or a ball thats hit on the outside of the chock line
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Monologue In literary terms, a monologue is a long speech spoken by a character in the presence of others, as opposed to a soliloquy, which is a long speech delivered when the speaker is alone. In acting terms, a monologue is any speech an actor uses as an audition piece to audition for a play. …
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Try a drop of paint stripper, but be careful and don't get any on YOU. Let it soak in for about 30 minutes, then scrub it off using a nylon brush. Wear gloves and make sure you have a window open nearby. While that stuff works well with lacquer based paints, it can be a hazard. Answer BTW, make sure…
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Answer Yes, it is safe to drill through the fire wall. Just make sure that you pick a spot that you won't drill through anything else. Also, use a rubber grommet to prevent the sharp edge from cutting through the insulation and install a fuse in the engine compartment (available at your local ste…
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A swallow: - is a bird. Swallows are colorful, acrobatic flyers that catch insects on the wing. There are many species, among them the barn and tree swallows. The purple martin is the largest swallow. They belong to the family Hirundinidae. - is a bodily action. A swallow is a complicated maneuve…
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Of course you can. You just have to give it your all and don't let anyone doubt you. Consider taking acting classes first, then get an agent, then audition.Effort and persistence are important, but luck is also important if your goal is to be not just an actor, but a well know actor, or star.yes any…
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It is a lewd nickname which stemmed from the days when policemen were given free donuts by coffee shops to be present there. There was sometimes trouble in coffee shops, so it was good to have them around.
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240sx.org Zilvia.net Ka-t.org Club240.com Nissanforums.com northwestnissans.com nicoclub.com
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Answer A snowflake is formed when moisture clings to a particle in the air and the air is cold enough to freeze the water into ice. Because ice is crystaline in structure, it forms in beautiful geometric patterns until it becomes heavy enough to fall from the sky.
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Answer The location of the 395th Infantry Regiment was as follows: Activated at Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi, Nov. 15, 1942 Transferred to Camp Maxey, Texas, Nov. 17, 1943 Richard V. Horrell WW 2 Connections.com For greater details, see the article on the 395th Inf. Div. in Wikipedia, as well…
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A team is two or more people communicating and working together towards a common goal. A sports team will work towards winning a game. A sales team will work together to gain clients.
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My boy is 4 and still begs for milk. I break it up by offering him water in between the milk. Also distract him with healthy snacks and other activities.ANOTHER ANSWERFOR EVERY cup of milk you give him, give him a cup of water. Also try naturalfruit juices that aren't full of added sugar. If he/her …
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Answer. All you have to do is start the engine and let it run for about a minute or two and then take it out. Torch???? If the oxygen sensor won't break loose, try putting heat on the headpipe where the sensor screws in. If you have access to a acetylene torch, heat the pipe until it starts glowi…
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Answer it happened to me and it was my transmission.i had to get a new one if the first gear and the reverse are the only gears that work, its the governor gear.I just have the saome problem a month ago, so i changed the governor gear and the car is runniing good now.
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Answer Code P0420 is a code for Catalyst efficiency. The computer is seeing the post Catalytic converter o2 sensor having too much activity. The Cat. should be cleaning the exaust of Hc, co, and Nox. The post cat o2 will read the o2 content in the exhaust and if it moves up and down too much or t…
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Answer: You want to see a picture of my petcock? I will show you mine if you show me yours. But my petcock is still a bit wild and not fully trained......... A petcock is a drain valve at the bottom of a radiator.
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Help her out If your daughter still lives with you, gently ease a little help when not asked and help when she needs it. Try thinking how you felt when she was born and if your mother or father helped you with her. If she doesn't live woth you, call and ask occasionally if she needs help...don't …
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Seasonal affected disorder
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Provide the names of parents of children you regularly babysit as a referance for a teachers aide position at a day care center .
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Freedom is an ambiguous term which means very different things to various people in various times and places. Personally, I believe freedom has two main components: The freedom from the exercise of arbitrary power against you. That is, people cannot simply do what they want against you with your per…
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The lockup should be farily smooth, if you hear a grinding noise, you have somethng wrong with the torque convertor or transmisssion. If the car has a lot 150k or so it's time to see a good transmission shop.
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Jim Montgomery was a former sunderland footballer who won the F.A cup woth sunderland in 1973. he is als remembered for performing what is thought to be the best double save in history. look him up on youtube to see the save.
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Advantages depend on what you watch. If you watch the news, its an advantage because you know whats going on in the world. Some comedy is good because it can put you in a better mood. Disadvantages are that it can become addicting and you may become a couch potato, and some shows are just unnecessar…
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Ok, heres how it is: guys act like girls are just meat that they can fight over- but this is just an act between their friends. they just do this to act manly around each other. they REALLY DO care about us but they hate to admit it because then, well, they would lose their manly-ness. i know, confu…
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Elements of Drama The essential elements of drama are: CharacterPlotThemeDialogueConventionGenreAudienceStagecraftDesignConversionsMusicVisual elementTragedySpectacleDramatic Structure ContrastSymbol  According to Greek theatre The Greek theatre "plays / dramas / presentations of stories told …
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Sir, From the Indian Criminal Justice System Point of view, Reports of the officers envisaged under section 293(4) are admissible without cross examination along with any forensic or ballistic report by any government lab, as per judgement by the Hon'ble SC in H.P v. Mastram (2004) SCC, i dont rem…
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FAQs FAQs are a set of Frequently Asked Questions and answers on a given topic. Sometimes people will refer to an individual question as a FAQ, but more precisely it means a collection of questions and answers, not just one. A game FAQ is often a sort of walkthrough for the game, usually based on…
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Germs "Germ" is an informal term for a pathogen, which is a formal term for something that makes you sick. A germ is a microscopic organism that can carry disease. Other words used for germs are microorganisms, microbes, and in slang, "bugs". The term generally refers to bacteria, or viruses. I…
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