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Benjamin Franklin

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This category is for questions about the multi-talented Benjamin Franklin, who managed to be a scientist, politician, and just about everything in-between.
Franklin was one of the people working on the Decleration of Indipendance.
I guess George washington since he was with him when napaleon and washington had war
He proved that lighting is made up of electricity.
No-one "invented" electricity. It is a natural force. Howevermany people discovered its nature and laws, and it was MichaelFaraday who realised the relationships between electricity andmagnetism, hence making possible the generation of electricity, andthe electric motor.
Benjamin Franklin received the Copley Medal, which is a scientificaward given by the Royal Society, London, for outstandingachievements in research in any branch of science.
According to my chemistry professor (who is notorious for knowing EVERYTHING), yes he did, and afterwards blackmailed her, winning the war for the US.
The record on this event is imperfect as the earliest record of it is from fifteen years later, but it appears to have happened on June 15, 1752. There is a link below.
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I believe Benjamin Franklin is one one of the faces on Mount Rushmore.
he helped by drawing up the declaration of independence and an ambassador to France to help the colonies achieve independence
Actually he had two wives but now his late wife is Abiah Folger Franklin
The "Franklin stove" (not "Benjamin Franklin stove") was named after its inventor, Benjamin Franklin, who would never have thought of putting a statue of himself on it. The Franklin stove is actually a metal fireplace liner that allowed a fire in the fireplace to heat a room more efficiently. It...
Benjamin Frankin had white hair, blue eyes, long white socks, he wore a droopy shirt with baggypants, and he wore specticals.
There are many sayings by him, or attributed to him. One is: A penny saved is a penny earned.
Franklin never lived on the frontier. However, that was the French stereotype of the American colonists in the 18th century when Franklin was in France to requisition French aide in the Revolution. In order to get what he wanted, he chose to play into that stereotype and, instead of dressing...
Just a _wild guess_ that it was Christ Church. I would love to know if anyone can refute this.
Keep in mind that Benjamin Franklin lived during the 18th century. Kids didn't get awards then like they do now. I do not believe he got any.
Ben Franklin did his kite experiment. .
His name was Hobens, but cannot find any info on him.
I think he might have liked her a little bit maybe....but I think he mostly likes Drew.
No, he died on April 17, 1790.
A better question in my opinion, is how can you fly a kite in the rain?
yes i think yes he was a hero because he saved us from the europeans
Answer . he lives with his fiance and his new child
He lived 84 years in America! DO THE MATH!
A brass key, brass being an easy to work with metal of the times, was often used in lock making and key making.
He was born in Boston and died in Philadelphia.
He didn't; he just advocated that people should get up earlier in the summer to make more use of the daylight hours. The idea of daylight saving time, ie changing the time shown on clocks, is generally credited to Englishman William Willett (1856-1915), although New Zealander George Hudson has also...
He basically invented electricity, and he invented the light bulb. If it weren't for him we would still be using candles.
Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. He wasborn to Josiah Franklin and his wife Abiah. His father was aprominent member of the Old South Church and between his two wiveshe had 17 children.
He promoted citizens' rights and ability to make their own choices.
Young Benjamin Franklin, born in Boston, Massachusetts, attended Boston Latin School for two years. His formal education ended at age 10 when his parents could no longer afford tuition money. However, Franklin's self-education continued throughout the rest of his life, primarily through reading and...
He was chosen because of his many accomplishments - he was one of the Founding Fathers and made major contributions to the development of the US as an independent democracy, as well as being a writer, publisher, diplomat, scientist, and even a composer.
No one individual discovered how to 'control electricity'. This was achieved over a great many years by numerous physicists and engineers.
he drowned
It was time for a definite statement of change and absolution. It declared the colonies to be free and independent states and thus officially began the Revolution and severed ties with Britain.
Benjamin Franklin was an inventor, scientists, philosopher, publisher, writer and statesman. Franklin did not fight in the war.
With his personal attitude and goals focused on prosperity and welfare for the citizens.
If it's a US coin dated 1933 it can't be a Franklin half dollar, the first year of issue was 1948. For that date it has to be a Walking Liberty half dollar from the San Francisco Mint it was the only mint to strike half dollars in 1933. Please take a good look at the coin and post a new question.
The Franklin stove was invented in 1741 by Benjamin Franklin. Itwas a metal-lined fireplace that intended to produce less smoke,but more heat.
yes he is married
It was written and published by Benjamin Franklin.
Although Benjamin Franklin conducted an extensive research onelectricity, he was not its inventor. Electricity can not beinvented since it is a natural product. What he did prove was thatlightning is a form of electricity.
It was invented by Benjamin Franklin. He created the first one and connected it to some bells in his home to show that it worked. He never patented it, though, so that various people could make rods and sell then inexpensively in hopes of saving people's lives.
Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 on Milk Street in Boston, Massachusetts. He died on April 17, 1790 at his home in Philadelphia. http://www.revolutionary-war-and-beyond.com/facts-about-benjamin-franklin.html
he found out that lighting is electricity by taking a kite and attaching in to a metal pole
The Declaration of Independence
"We must all hang together - or for certain we shall all hang separately."
he was most likely
He served as what was called then an "elder stateman" giving occasional wise advice. On the last day of the convention, his endorsement of what many considered to be a flawed Constituion may well have swung the balance in favor to pass it.
He was president of the united states.
None he was never the president of the USA
Benjamin Franklin was never president of the United States; but he was President of Pennsylvania, which is what the job used to be called-- today it would be called "Governor." He served from 1785-1788.
Because he was one of our most influential Founding Fathers, even though he never became the President of the United States. Many of America's most prominent political figures and even members of the clergy sought his advice. Mr. Franklin was the first U.S. ambassador to France, as well as being an...
Franklin attended school for two years. Everything else he learned,was as an apprentice or was self-taught.
At the beginning of the Revolutionary War the Colonists needed help in fighting off the Brittish forces, so they sent Benjamin Franklin to ask for military assistance
He was self taught. His father pulled him out do school at 7-8 years old.
some where in Maryland an his last namme is spelled wrong
In brief, Benjamen Franklin is known for discovering electricity, and helping craft the Declaration of Independence.
This is a statement not a question.
Answer . Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister, the first man to run a mile race in less than four minutes.
He determined that electricity was natural in nature.
Ben Franklin usally got in trouble everyday by his teacher.He never listened to his mom.He got bullied by his older brother.
Franklin half's are very common and most are valued only for the silver at about $5.00
Bored with meetings, inventor Benjamin Franklin doodles on paper to pass the time. While writing down numbers in a box, Ben wonders how the numbers add up in rows and columns...and the Magic Squares are born This engaging title shows how Benjamin Franklin, inventor, writer and scientist, created a...
The 312 was part of a series (310 series) of rifles produced between 1940-1969. The name Benjamin Franklin was a marketing gimmick it had nothing to do with Franklin.
He had helped in the Constitutional convention . His health was not good and had gout.
Benjamin Franklin was born in the 18th century. He was born January 17th, 1706 at Boston Massachusetts. He died April 17, 1790.
No. Franklin just proved that lightening was natural in nature with his kite experiment, but he did invent the lightening rod. Houses caught fire in the 1700's by lightening stikes, so he invented the lightening rod to be put on the roof of a house so it would get hit instead of the house. Edison...
The United States, though during the American Revolution he spent a lot of time in France.
The Benjamin 310 series (310, 312, 317) were made between 1940-1969. My best guess it was made sometime during the 1950's they did not start putting on serial numbers until around 1957 so that should help narrow it down
Benjamin Franklin had many occupations.. Just to name a few: He was a printer and writer as well as editor and bisiness owner when he ran his printing shop. He was also a Statesman and ambassador and founder in our government. And he was a scientist and inventor. His kite expiriment is very famous...
He was a tabacco farmer
Benjamin franklin deftly used common, everyday language and folk wisdom in Poor Richard's Almanack to draw a large readership for his serialized writings.
The lightning conductor attracted the lightning and led it safely down to the ground.