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This category is for questions about biodiversity, or species diversity, which is composed of genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity.
There are many good reasons as to why biodiversity should be preserved. One strong reason as to why I believe biodiversity should be protected has been the immense amount of beneficial substances and products that we can gain, and have gained, from the many species of organism found in nature. We...
Yes, we often use them for washing (dishes, ourselves, cars, etc...). In the environment, they are typically found in the ocean, where they filter the water. They are an animal, not a plant, that is an important part of their ecosystem. In fact, they are the simplest of all animals.
well, pollution is a main one... especially factories that lie on coastal areas... over fishing is another major reason also climate change causes the destruction of the coral and reef habitats which conatins all the nutrients marine life need
This question is unanswerable, because there are millions ofspecies on the earth, and still many we haven't yet discovered.Even still, your best bet is a few million.
Nature is a Possibilitist, exploring every niche, every possibility, both for animate and inanimate entities and particles. There is a concept taught in business colleges called "opportunity cost" -- you can try addressing your question from that angle. The simple answer is: the more...
Distinguish between hypotheses that explain biodiversity and these that explain the origin of life? .
how does biodiversity in an ecosystem increases the chances of survival for organisms
The source of carbon for the Calvin cycle is carbon dioxide .
Divisible pool is a term used to refer to federal taxes that aredivided. These taxes are divided between the federal government andindividual provinces.
Without wildlife corridors, biodiversity would increase greatly as these corridors provide shelter and a method of moving from one location to another, for small, often vulnerable animals. Therefore, if they were removed, only those animals which could survive in the open and escape predation easily...
There will become more competition between niches. Causing more extinctions of species. Also there would be a higher chance of related organisms to mate causing all sorts of mutations in the offspring.
Ernest Mayr is the modern author of what he called the biological species concept, but the idea has been in the literature for over two centuries. The earliest published author of whom I am aware is Johann F. Blumenbach, in 1775 in his On the natural varieties of mankind , although he cited "the...
because sea lions help in balancing the earth's biosphere.
There is little debate that the greatest threat to biodiversitytoday is continued habitat loss. Native species face a variety ofchallenges, from pollution, to feral and invasive species, but thebiggest threat is the loss of unique habitat that is absolutelyrequired to sustain a variety of species...
In the Calvin Cycle [CC], carbon dioxide combines with RuBP which creates PGA. From the light dependent reactions in photosynthesis which occurs in the thylakoid, ATP and NADPH are produced. Those two products combine with the PGA to from PGAL. one of the 6 molcules of PGAL combine with a phosphate...
There are negative and positive factors affecting biodiversity. Themajor negative factor is habitat loss and pollution. Some positivefactors include restoration and protection of unique habitats,reduced pollution levels by the development of advanced chemistrytechnologies and better waste disposal...
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Because what would we do without beauty. Life would be dual and bland without the beauty of the universe. I believe beauty inspires us, and without it who is to say that something as beautiful as art would exist. Without the beauty of the universe inspiration is lost. In a beautiful place amazing...
You can find biodiversity anywhere that there is a variation oflife, whether it be genetic, species, or ecosystem variation. Coralreefs are a great example of ecosystem biodiversity. Rainforestsare a great example of species biodiversity.
for Plato its both multicellular and unicellular organisms
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Eating, sleeping,drinking, you know what make YOU stay alive.....
- Orchids - Rice - Maize - Wheat - Sugar cane - Bamboo - The palm family - The banana family - The ginger family - The onion family
The uprooted plant dies because its root have been exposed and no longer able to absorb water and minerals to this plant to sustain life.
water, rocks, temperature, mathane, .
because the plants in aquatic ecosystems need sunlight!!
Bioadversity can be saved by the afforestion.
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Not littering; Reducing our Carbon footprint; Using the three R's; Reduce; Reuse; Recycle;stop cutting down trees.
Well it depends on what type of biodiversity, Aquatic, mamalian, Avarian, Vegatative.. I think, and i've visited here many times, that Colombia is one area of great Biodiversity, probably the greatest on the planet and surpassing Costa Rica by a landslide. The main reason for this being the wide...
Conservation Biology. Hope it helped!
A high biodiversity is when the ecosystem is very good at that spacific place.
NADPH adds electrons to the Calvin-Benson cycle.
Woody and Herbaceous Stems Plato users its D.
The Calvin cycle is in plants and it works in conjunction with the photosystems that obtain energy from the sun. This energy is used in the Calvin cycle for plants to( utilize carbon dioxide precursors in the atmosphere) to make sugars,starches, and such that the plant needs to live and grow.
Biodiversity is the sum of total of the genetically based variety of all organisms in the biosphere.
Plants feed herbivores, carnivores eat herbivores Carnivores tend to be predators
A man made ecosystem is an area that is created by humans with aspecific arrangement that allows for a cohesive interactivitybetween living and non-living organisms. Examples of a man madeecosystem are parks, campgrounds, zoos and aquariums.
- Climate change. - Pollution. - Deforestation. - Overpopulation.
The Calvin cycle is powered by ATP and NADPH. During photosynthesisthere are light reactions and this is when ATP and NADPH aremanufactured.
When the Savanna dries up in the winter most of the animals migrate to get food. But while they are there the majority of the animals there are, African Elephants, African Wild Dogs, Black Mamba (most deadly snake in the world), Caracal, Chacma Baboon, Mongoose, Emu, Zebra, Koala Bear, Lions,...
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Species make up populations and populations make up communities.
Human beings depend on biodiversity for their very survival. Plants create the quality of air we breathe in and animals help in maintaining the ecological balance.
If a cell were to increase in size, it would have a greater surface area and greater volume, but the ratio between the two decreases as the cell gets bigger. Ideally, a cell should have a larger surface area to volume ratio, because it takes less energy to maintain and transport things to and from...
The diversity & unity of life means that all living things came from similar organisms branching out & evolving differences over time
My library | Sign in. About this book Preview this book. Microbial Biotechnology . By Alexander N. Glazer, Hiroshi Nikaido. Page 1 . Knowledge in microbiology is growing exponentially through the determination of genomic sequences of hundreds of microorganisms and the invention of new...
Example: Squirrels in Britain The Red Squirrel ( Sciurus vulgaris ) is native to Britain but its population has declined due to competitive exclusion, disease and the disappearance of hazel coppices and mature conifer forests in lowland Britain. The Grey Squirrel ( Sciurus carolinensis ) was...
The study of biology includes two main branches 1) Botany - Study of Plants (Right from unicellular bacteria to higher plants) 2) Zoology - Study of Animals (Includes animals from multicellular sponges to highly evolved human beings)
2 ATP for every 1 NADPH is to be produced for calvin cycle reactions
If the temperature is higher or lower than what is normal for the ecosystem it can cause all kinds of problems because the organisms aren't suited for life in those ecosystems. For example in north-western North America there is a pine beetles infestation that is destroying the forests. The last few...
One is plants, I think one is protists, animals, and I think fungi.
The closer a biome is to the equator, the higher the biodiversitybecause the climate in such locations is very suitable for manydifferent species.
The greatest threat to biodiversity our human activities such as hunting, pollution, etc.
Biodiversity is animals that are all different shapes and sizes none are alike.
Half come from the father in the sperm, the other half from the mother in the ovum (or egg.)
we need to care for biodiversity because we live in it.
Legumes such as clover, lupins,peas or beans.
Biodiversity would collapse because coral is the main food source for countless numbers of marine life and if coral died, the marine life that thrives on coral would die as well. This would cause the fish and other sea animals that feed on the marine life that feeds on coral to die and the effect...
Yes. CO2 enters the cycle one molecule at a time. Rubisco binds it to ribulose bisphosphate (RuBP), which is a five-carbon compound. After several chemical changes, six three-carbon compounds (glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate, G3P) are formed. One of the six is put out as G3P to make glucose and other...
bacteriaphages have a small protein coat called a capsid that contains chromosomes
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Nitrate is the most common form of nitrogen useful to plants, butthey can also use ammonium nitrogen and organic nitrogen.
It is known as the odds and ends kingdom by some biologists becauseof the nature of the creatures classified within this kingdom.
Forests where a large number of flora and fauna species are found are termed as 'biodiversity hot spots '. The range of different life forms like bacteria, fungi, ferns, flowering plants, nematodes, insects, birds, reptiles and so on are present in forests. Certain areas in the western ghats of...
ATP is needed to break down the 6-carbon molecule created from fusing carbon dioxide and RuBP. This creates two 3GP molecules and reduces the ATP to ADP.
we shoould reduce deforistation, firstly. Because forests are the home of many unique species. If we destroy their home then they wouldn't be able to abapt the new environment. the sepcies which are at the risk of being extinct. we should provide them their sufficient needs to live. we should stop...
The current losses of biodiversity have both direct and indirect causes. The direct mechanisms include habitat loss and fragmentation, invasion by introduced species, the over-exploitation of living resources, pollution, global climate change, and industrial agriculture and forestry. But these are...
Here are some branches or areas of biological science: . AIDS . Algology . Amino acids . Animal behavior . Aquaculture . Aquatic organisms . Bacteriology . Bioengineering . Biological membranes . Biotechnology (agricultural, medical, environmental, marine & pharmaceutical) . Calcified tissue ....
The major cause of depletion of biodiversity in India is over population. This leads to more usage of resources.