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Beds are where most people spend a third of their lives sleeping. Ask questions about these essential pieces of furniture here.


The company is headquartered in Iowa and seems to be active in theeastern US and in New England.
yes it's very good mattress ,it's more firm than soft I used it before it's sale at furniture pluss in Fort mcmurray
You may find that Serta markets mattresses under several different  names and that, between stores, it is going to be extremely hard to  compare apples to oranges. I have had the best experience with the  medium firmness Posturpedic. Avoid pillowtop since the life of the  mattress will be...
William Lawrence Murphy
It will largely depend on the materials used to assemble or make  the frame. Like any other bed, Divan beds have wood frames made up  of lightweight or heavy lumbers and topped with a mattress also in  varied thickness depending on your preferences. The thickness of  the mattress will also...
If you buy a regular, spring, mattress be sure that you can flip  and rotate it or it will not last. Also buy from a place that has a  30 day return policy in writing.
If you do not mind the headboard being larger than the bed, just  push up a regular twin bedframe up against it.
Queen sized mattress are 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a  full sized mattress.
I would search Pintrest, Houzz, and google, bing, or yahoo  Astrology motiffs for bedrooms.
It can be both ways. I prefer under so you don't get a Minor burn
  it was about 50 dollars
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I had 3 people in my queen size bed last night. it was tight, but comfortable. I think if we'd tried 4, someone would have fallen out.
I don't think that double bed is equal to afull-size bed because in most cases the minimum size of a doublebed is 135 x 190cm and for a full-size bed, it's 150 x 200cm whichis larger than the size of a double bed.
The density of water at 4 °C is 1 gram per milliliter (1 g/mL). There are 236.588 mL in one cup. So 1 cup of pure water weighs about 236.588 g (about 8.3454 ounces, avoirdupois) This is true at 4°C (39.2 °F) where water is the densest (1000 kg/m3, and is pretty close at most other...
Sounds like you are sending him the signal that you want to do something with him in the bed. He's your brother. If nothing has happened, nothing is going to happen. So what if something does happen as long as you both want it ?
== Answer ==   Where you crying really hard? It could be tiny broken blood vessels. I have had that happen before.   THERE THE EVIL PURPLE DOTS OF DEATH!!!
"A small double bed (sometimes called a ""Full"" bed) has standard dimensions of 75 inches in length and 54 inches in width. These beds are generally viewed as being large enough to accommodate two smallish adults or one larger adult (and two children would have plenty of space). Two large adults...
The mattress would have a total area of roughly 1.04 cubic yards.  However, a cubic yard is one yard long by one yard wide by one yard  deep. The mattress is only 8 inches deep, not enough to equal a  yard, so it really does not have any one area that is a cubic yard  in size.
A bed frame with wood slats or a metal frame with metal cross arms.
No, because your body needs the sunlight to stay alive. Also, you need to walk and do some exercice to keep healthy and, unless you have a very huge bed room, it is impossible.
  == Answer ==   It depends on the manufacturer. Most futons I have seen are steel, and can be cut with a torch, brazed, and welded.
you are in the same position we are in, we just turned ours over and put the foam topper on it.............we will see!
I had a futon bed frame (one that does not fold up). The futon mattress wore out and I wanted something better for my back. I bought a queen size mattress (no box spring) and have been using it like that for two years. It works great and no one knows the difference.
To create a king-sized bed, you simply need to push two twin  mattresses together and cover with one single, kind-sized fitted  sheet. This works best when the twin mattresses can sit flush  against one another; ideally, this happens on the floor, or within  one king-sized mattress frame. The...
new mattress or get rid of cat
Use a giant pencil, hockey sticks, lots of tape, and power tools.
Yes they are because the Aguste to your azalea position that your back needs
I'm pretty sure china
They are different brand names of the same material (polystyrene).-jess
Try Goodwill. I think they have a truck outside of Lowe's on  Charlotte by Westmeade Elem. and another at Hillsboro High by the  baseball field.    It's possible that Goodwill will not accept used mattresses and it  might be better to take it to the dump or place a free ad on  Craigslist....
We have placed our electric blanket underneath our memory foam topper, and it works perfectly well and doesn't seem to have harmed the topper. Hope this helps! :-)
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If it was of quality it should not have gone flat. Once it has  reached that stage, you probably will not be able to get it back to  its original state.
The age for a loft bed is 12-16 years of age!!
According to me the minimum size of a  king-sized blanket is 108" x 90" cm, but it may vary by  manufacturers because king-sized beds also have varieties like  California or Western King, Dual or  Eastern King, Waterbed King. So the size of the blanket may also  vary due to these varieties. 
The more you rotate it the better off you will be. Most manufacturers suggest every 3- 6 months. If you sleep in a larger size alone more often is better. The purpose of rotating is to even out wear. If you weigh 100 lbs and your sleep partner weighs 200lbs the heavier person is going to have...
Yes it does the co co beans help you go to bed
Here are some reviews of Wenatex beds:  productreview.com.au/p/wenatex.html    One user said: I bought mine 4 years ago. I had a lot of trouble  sleeping - never could get 8 hours solid - always tossing and  turning and waking through the night. I received an invitation to  attend a Wenatex...
If the photograph is 4" wide and the mural is 80" wide then the scale is 4:80 which simplifies to 1:20. That is, 1" on the photograph is represented by 20" on the mural.If the photograph is 5" long, then the equivalent length of the mural is 5 x 20 =100"
I think buying on Amazon or eBay are very similar, as they both offer buyer protection in different ways. Amazon has an A-Z Guarantee and eBay has a resolution centre with the PayPal dispute process to back it up. If you buy anything online you should use a credit card rather than a debit card as...
  You need the rails to convert the crib/toddler bed into a FULL size bed. If you only want to turn the crib into the toddler bed you have to remove the front piece and put up the small wooden guard rail that came with the crib. The directions for the changes should have come with your crib. If...
A full size bed measures 54 inches by 75 inches. It is also known  as a standard to double bed and can accommodate two adults.
Are you talking about a gurney?
Depends.  They vary in weight.
We purchased our second queen sized "bob-o-pedic" mattress in Sept. 2008 and we couldn't be happier!! We lost our first one in a house fire (also in Sept. 2008) and there was no question about buying another.Fantastic product. No complaints. It's not sagging, or failing in any way. Both of our...
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That's the standard double bed width in the UK. Anything bigger has a fancy name and you would do well to measure the dimensions.
King size mattresses can be cut in half, but it depends on what the  mattress is made of how difficult it would be to do, how much of a  mess it would make, and how well it would work if you want to use  it.
For me, I have a Craftmatic adjustable bed with a pillow top. It  has been a Godsend! I can raise my head and feet to meet my pain  needs. I would love to get an adjustable sleep number though. I  think that would be awesome!
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== ==   Yes. Flat to flat is the correct measurement to take to determine which size of driver (Allen wrench, hex key, etc.) you have.
Full mattresses are the size between a twin and a queen size  mattress. A full mattress measures 54 by 75 inches.
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A full sized mattress is 54" x 75". If you want an edge around the mattress (for example, if you are making a platform style bed) then figure out the edge you want and calculate accordingly. I always use a piece cut exactly to the mattress measurements, and that works fine for me.
A queen mattress has measurements of 60 inches by 80 inches. A king  size mattress is 76 inches by 80 inches.
A "hospital bed" is not a description of size, but generically used to mean one that is adjustable in position.
First, push shift, Ctrl, and C at the same time. Then a bar should come up. type in, bullProp testingcheatsenabled true and push enter. Then, hover your mouse over your sims bed and click shift and click at the same time. Then their should be a button that says, Error or something like that. Then...
    a mattress with a few inches of padding on top of the support, springs or foam. They give a little and are softer if you life that you should lay on one to see.
There is no penalty for removing the tags AFTER you have purchased the mattress. This tag contains important "sensitive" data for retailers. I can only assume you will have to deal with a very irate manager as you are 100% likely being monitored AND recorded on closed circuit television via security...
Since there is no gravity to hold astronauts in their beds they have to sleep in zipped up sleeping bags that are strapped to the inside of the space station, space shuttle or whatever they are in.
do bobs insurance cover therapeutic mattresses
I work at the company who owns the licensing rights for Max &  Ruby and to my knowledge, no one actually makes bedding at this  time. I'm sorry! The only thing I know of is a customizable  pillowcase:
Instructions for Bergamo Americana Lifetime Convertible Crib
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It depends on the bed, but most beds have springs under its mattresses.
A LOMME bed (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) is 42,000 euros. In US Currency, that would about $58,972.20
Colgate Mattress moved from the Bronx many years ago to Georgia.
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Yes, of course it can. A queen is only slightly bigger than a full so you will have lots of blanket. If you are sleeping with a partner, you'll never have to fight over who has more blanket again! Some people actually prefer to buy queen comforters for full mattresses and king comforters for queen...
1kg equal to i litre
  Not well. Cal kings are about 3" longer and narrower than a king.
Generally, the frame would be the separate underneath support structure for the boxspring and mattress, made of metal, wood or plastic and may have casters, to easily move the entire bed.
No. California king mattresses need sheets designated "California King" size.
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A queen size mattress is always 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. This is pretty standard. I suppose there will be some exceptions but you can pretty much count on those dimensions. . In the parlance of mattress salesmen (I used to be one), a queen is a "5/0". Meaning, 5 ft and zero inches in width...
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    I don't think you can. I'm in the same dilemma. They make 'foldable' full box/frames in one.     You have to put them together, but they take the place of the box spring and the frame - since they are one unit.     I think I might get one.     There is also a...
Bike shops and hardware stores sell rubber and vinyl repair kits that should work.
the key to tanning is to avoid over-exposure. It is easy to avoid over exposure when tanning indoors because you know the prescise uva and uvb and time exposed.     UVB is responsible for natural Vitamin D production in the body, and much much more intense than UVA. So limit your time.
A full size bed is 54 by 74 inches. Full size beds are slowly being  phased out in the United States.
a king mattress is 76"x80" a California mattress is 72"x84" Making the Cal-king 4 inches longer, but 4 inches thinner.
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