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A division of the US Department of Justice that serves as an internal intelligence agency and a criminal investigative body for Federal offenses.
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The FBI Police have 15 working dogs. Five work out of Washington, DC. The dogs are trained as explosives detecting canines. The FBI canine program uses only Labs.
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He was given credit for making the FBI a fully functioning crime fighting force
The FBI is looking for the man who robbed a New Jersey TD Bank branch on Thursday morning. The suspect is described as a black male in his late 20's to early 30's, 6'0" tall, medium build, wearing a maroon colored baseball cap with a black brim and a word across the front, a light colored shirt with...
That is a stupid question, they are two different things. that's like asking what is more sweeter apples or bananas . As depicted in movies (fiction) I would say the CIA is more "sophisticated".
The main difference is FBI agents have federal jurisdiction (within certain limits) but police generally have jurisdiction only within their home city or state. Federal agents normally investigate federal crimes such as bank robbery, but do not normally investigate local jurisdiction crimes.
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**The BSU also known as the Behavioral Science Unit is a special section of the FBI that among other things, helps local and state police solve crimes, give suggestions on how to interrigate suspects based on a profile. The BSU was virtually unknown until the book 'Silence of the Lambs' was...
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Department of justice
The FBI is an agency of the United States Department of Justice.
Born in America, NoAn American citizen, Yes.
The raid on David Koress The FBI had a hostage negotiator specially trained to try to end the stand-off peacefully. Day after day Agent McCrary (I think I got the right spelling) advised, negotiated and prayed for an end to the ordeal. There was conflicting opinions as to the best way around the...
The FBI and the DEA is similar because they are both government agencies.
Yes, it was confirmed by members of the x-files creative team.
Overview: That's a hard question to answer because we couldn't  simply compare the CIA with the FBI. The CIA works mainly as an  intelligence gathering force. On the other hand, the FBI is the  highest level of law enforcement for the United States. They work  on the high profile robberies,...
The organization that eventually became the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was originally formed to raid radical headquarters looking for evidence of a Communist conspiracy.
Federal Bureu of Investigation I'm not sure about the spelling of bureu but i know the rest is right.
They have bulletproof cars. They have mad hot stuff. I wanna be a FBI agent. They have things that you would think is impossible to make.
Yes, CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency and FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation .
TheFBI and the CIA just don't tend to communicate well with each other... I would say they do NOT.
Well yes, if you are well trusted and are on a mission where you need to be protected
You must be an FBI agent to get a badge.
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The http://www.answers.com/topic/federal-bureau-of-investigation field offices send names of candidates to the Bureau's Criminal Investigative Division (CID). Special Agents of the CID and the Office of Public Affairs then review the list and send their suggestion to the CID's Assistant Director and...
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The census is helpful in many ways. The data collected can help determine population trends, which is helpful to school districts when determining taxes and redistricting. If population has changed drastically in a given area, it can affect the amount of representatives a state is given. The census...
FBI Special Agents enter service usually at the GS-10 ($56,421) level, depending on experience, and rise a grade each year to GS-13 ($85,500) level, GS-13 tops out at $111,148. FBI Special Agents in training are provide with salaries consistentwith GS-10 employees, who earn $43,441 per year in...
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation
yes but they must have live in the u.s
Before applying to be an FBI agent, you research what qualifications are necessary and if you meet those requirements, you complete an application form at the local FBI office. If you are accepted as a candidate, then you are given a training program. If the "survey" that you are referring to is an...
The positives are that they can help people find out who killed someone. They can save the country with attacks. Some negatives are that sometimes they scare people. Sometimes they just break into peoples homes and do things that some people wouldn't think are right. They also blame people who...
Supervisory Special Agent
You'll have to allow your past and present life to be dissected, then pass intensive entry exams and undergo rigorous training and testing. Finally, if you manage to become an official FBI special agent, prepare to set aside your personal life at a moment's notice. Amazingly, most special agents...
Keep the United States safe from terror and domestic threats by seeking after the more vicious criminals
No, it wasn't created until after WWII. However, it did evolve from the Office of Strategic Services which was created for WWII and the dismantled after the war when the CIA was created.
FBI: In terms of decompositionF- FungiB- BacteriaI- Insects
no youcan not becase the cia works outside the us and the fbi always is in the us
Access their website, and apply online. Good luck!
J. Edgar Hoover was born in Washington, DC in 1895 and lived thereall his life. He graduated from Central High School (now calledCardozo Education Campus) in DC and attended George WashingtonUniversity Law School in DC. He graduated with a Bachelor of Lawsdegree in 1916.
field agents do. the rest commute to and from work, and sometimes go out for lunch
ASIO- Australian Security Intelligence Organisation.
As of June 30, 2008 there are 30,847 employees. Added a link.
The cops are restricted to working within the jurisdiction of any given state. when the criminal activity crosses state borders the FBI can work on it as they are a federal agency able to work any where in the united states without border restrictions. The difference between a cop and an FBI is...
it stands 4 Federal Bureau of Investigation, and i think they r an ivestigation team
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Generally speaking, No, they get into hot water if they do- like the Watergate. When the agency was formed the idea was to have it headquartered in Chicago, as that is in Central TIME ZONE. This may or may not be true. FBI has many Us Field offices- equivalent to precincts with regular police. an...
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Starting agents make about $43,000. This does not includebonuses/benefits, which together with the salary add up to between$61,000 and $69,000.
This would typically be spoken "twenty-three hundred Florida Avenue, Washington DC, (zip code) two-oh-seven-one-nine."
Within the U.S. government, the title of Special Agent is used to describe any federal criminal or noncriminal investigator or detective in the 1811, 1810, 1801, 2501, or similar job series as so titled according to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) handbook. Agents are typically educated at...
it stands for federal bureau of investigation
The Federal Bureau of Investigation originated from the special  agents. This was in 1908. It was created to enforce the federal  law.
FBI stands for Federal Bureau Investigation.
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U.S. CitizenMust be 23 years of age4 year degree from collageHave A valid Drivers Lisense
F.B.I agents are allowed to take breaks when they are sick or for females having a baby. You will be released for 6 weeks after the baby is born. You can also try asking for a break .
Well you've got to finish elementary, junior high, and high school first. That'll that seven more years. And then you need an Engineering degree. You've got to pick what sort you'd like to be and then go from there. That degree takes four years.It's hard to get into the FBI, you don't just waltz in...
Huntington Beach, California