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Pacific Ocean

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The Pacific Ocean is the largest in the world and is bounded by Asia and Australia on the west and North and South America on the east.
The water is a better ground than land, so it finds the water near the islands
Vasco de Balboa's point of departure was 1485
Marianas Trench is being subducted under the plate on which Guam sits (You can see it on a google map:))
Argentina has a coast line along the pacific ocean. at its northern end there is a section of Uruguay that is between it and the pacific ocean.
Amelia Earhart was a women's right activist. She spoke at universities and encouraged women to do what they want. Earhart was a flapper-girl, doing brave things for women in a time when most were stay at home wives. Earhart was kind of an unofficial activist, she inspired women to do what they want...
The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the Earth's Oceans ; see related link below .
The West Coast of Australia faces the Pacific Ocean. No, it's the East Coast. Look at a map. The West Coast faces the Indian Ocean.
Not yet . But just a few earthquakes away!
great white shark,seal,and sawfish
The Pacific Ocean has a coastline of 135,663 km..
pacific, atlantic, indian, southern, arctic
No Ocean touched Illinois. The northeastern portion touches LakeMichigan.
Alaska Hawaii Oregon Washington California
Its depths are to deep for humans to bare and is really cold at night
Alaska borders Canada. Its southern most point is 54-40 south. That is north of the 49th parallel, the northern border of the contiguous part of the United States. Hawaii is surrounded by water.
No, it is not because New York state is next to the Atlantic Ocean,so it is Eastern Time.
First of all, whoever asked this question spelled "Witch" wrong, it's supposed to be spelled "Which." Second of all, whoever asked this is stupid because everyone knows that only planet Earth has water and oceans and seas.
Nicaragua. The rest (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama) count soccer as their favorite sport.
i think its because its super hot over there
Three Tenths or 30% of the Earth is covered by the Pacific Ocean.
No, Guam is in the Pacific Ocean. Its part of the Mariana Island Group, which is considered the barrier between the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Philippine Sea to the west.
other than lewis and clark which two officers led the 1803expedition to the pacific ocean, the wintered at fort Mandan incentral North Dakota
That point is about 1,030 miles north-northeast of Papeete, Tahiti. The nearest land appears to be Caroline Island, about 560 miles to the southwest.
Fiji is the cross road of the Pacific. It is the main habour for both ships and planes coming from the west to the east of the Pacific.
On the ventral side of the body or the "belly" of the jellyfish.
California, Oregon, and Washington
Neither of the Gerogias is on the Pacific coast.
Yes indeed they do!! Many, many species. A favorite in my area is the Giant Pacific Octopus.
I checked and it is the North Pacific ;) Wink;) JK I checked a globe dont worry!!
Yes. George Vancouver entered Burrard Inlet on June 13th, 1792. Vancouver's downtown is currently located on the south shore of Burrard Inlet. Vancouver Island, Mount Vancouver (Alaska), and Vancouver Washington, are also named after George Vancouver.
The oceans are about 3.5% salt (by weight). Salinity is generally reported in terms of parts per thousand (abbreviated o/oo), the number of pounds of salt per 1,000 pounds of water; the average ocean salinity is 35 o/oo.
The "ring of fire" comprises the seaboard costs of the countriessurrounding the Pacific Ocean. The zone is where oceanic crust isbeing subducted under continental crust and the location of manyvolcanoes and continual earthquake activity. It is impossible to give you a count of the number of...
about 7 miles deep . 10,911 metres (35,800 ft), 35800 ft=6.78030 mi
The waves of the pacific oceans (all of them) crash upon the shores of the continents it touches; among other little things...like weather.
Four states border the Pacific Ocean. California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean. So that could count also.
in between japan and California
the line where shore and water meet.
This is known as the ring of fire. -not been funny but i already put that so why you change it!? I answered it first and you got cheek to go play with my nice art work of 2010. The SLB 20 10
because it has the maximum amount of salt.
The Mariana tench is the deepest
the weather is rather warm at most times but it does get chilly at night
British Columbia's west province border meets with the North Pacific Ocean.
Canada, United States, Mexico, Panama and Samoa.
In the tropical Pacific, it increases by a couple degrees.
That would be the Pacific Ocean.
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they took the Missouri River, struggled across the Continental Divide at Lemhi Pass, and headed west along the Salmon
Blue whale is one herbivore
He did. But he probably took a canoe.
Samoa and Tonga are two examples.
the NORTH PACIFIC TRADE is the southern portion of the north pacific anticyclone.It moves in the north pacific ocean.This air mass is generally prominent over the entire Philippines in April and early may and over the central Philippines and southern Philippines in October.
Not true. Tsunamis can occur in any large body of water if there is an earthquake underwater.
The Pacific Ocean.
of course the distance varies extremely because land masses do not have perfectly square perimeters, giving a certain naivity to this question. Just do a pacific ocean search to get a concept of the shape and bordering land masses of the pacific. Widest point which I assume is from the panama canal...
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Monmouth and Essex counties are of eastern NJ and only border theAtlantic Ocean. The Delaware River borders western NJ separating NJfrom Pennsylvania.
Because of sea-floor spreading caused by the mid-ridge
the first person i don't know but Amelia Earhart was the first woman to visit the whole nation in 80 days or under any more questions just let me know.
El Nino (or more correctly, El Nino Southern Oscillation) cannot be stopped, reversed, prevented, mitigated, etc.. It is a natural climatological phenomenon with both an atmospheric and oceanic component which extends across the entire Tropical Pacific Ocean - there is nothing humans can do to...