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Indian Ocean

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The Indian Ocean is the third largest body of water in the world, covering approximately 20% of the Earth’s water surface. It has a total area of 73,556,000 square kilometers (28,350,000 square miles).
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Indian Ocean Theories The Indian Ocean is right under India, a sub-continent and this is how it got its name. this is cool I have found no official reason for that. It seems that it was named such because early oceanography consisted of the knowledge and skill necessary to navigators and sea...
Madagascar is a large one... there are many, many more....Madagascar is a country the person who answered this is wrong
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Africa if you don't believe me check a map.
Madagascar is located off the coast of Africa 
There are two main reasons. First, at the time, there was no  tsunami warning system for the Indian Ocean, only for the Pacific.  Second, most people, even most educated Western tourists, did not  know the warning signs of a tsunami.
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Indian Ocean with its branches- The Bay of Bengal in the east and The Arabian Sea on the west.
1. Madagascar (Malagachi), th world's fourth largest island2. Reunion island
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The Dead Sea is more salty than any of the Oceans.
The Japanese Authorities warned of a possible 3 meter tsunami that could hit Japan at 04:00 GMT (1:00 pm local time) on February 28th, 2010.
Yup. It's the most recently named one.
Nobody has actually touched the bottom of the Indian ocean, however many believe that temperatures can reach up to 2000 degrees centigrade, and at night drop below minus fifty degrees centigrade. Fish often die when trying to have sexual intercourse on the sea bed because it is so hot!
Yeah but im not sure about big ones but what i do know is that the smallest octopus lives in the Indian ocean weighing less than a gram and only 1 inch from the tip of 1 arm to the tip of another on the opposite side. that's a ll i really know so hope it helped idk.....
The Indian ocean is an ocean that does not touch North America. ThePacific ocean is on the west coast, the Atlantic ocean is on theEast coast, and the Arctic ocean touches the north part of theUnited States.
  Because it is in the tropics and has much direct sunlight.
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The Surface Area of the Arctic Ocean is 5,427,000 sq mi.
106,400,000 square km (41,100,000 sq miles.)
Thailand is bordered by the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand, which is a part of the South China Sea, which in turn is part of the Pacific Ocean.
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The Indian Ocean is named for India because the Indian subcontinent juts into the ocean. Previously, it was known as the Eastern Ocean.
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Archipelagos are found in oceans all over the world. One of themost famous is the Aleutian Islands off the coast of the Americanstate of Alaska.
The Persian Gulf and the Red Sea are bodies of water rhat are consideredpart of the Indian Ocean.
1) India lies midway western European states and eastern Asian countries, and 2) India has a very long coastline and has numerous ports of much distance due to which trade ships have to pass India. 1, The Trans Indian ocean routes which connect the countries of Europe in the West and the countries...
the Indian ocean earthquake of 2004 26th December measured 9.3 on the Richter scale. this earthquake was one of the most worst natural disasters in history. this was no ordinary tsunami but a mega-thrust tsunami.
No, no part of China touches/borders the Indian Ocean, most of it is the Pacific Ocean.
Yes, as of the year 2000, it is listed as one of the official oceans, so there are 5 oceans now.
  No. The West Coast of Namibia lies next to the Atlantic ocean.
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The Mediterranean Sea is the sea between Africa and Europe ;) -Laura-
The pacific oceanThe Pacific Ocean.pacificThe Pacific Ocean is the largest of the world's oceans. The area of  the Pacific Ocean is 155 million square kilometers or 60 million  square miles.
The Brahmaputra doesnt , itself, flow in to any ocean. Before it reaches the sea it merges with Ganges river which in turn empties into the Bay of Bengal, the world's largest bay , itself part of the Indian Ocean.
The Indian Ocean has the most amazing animals and is about 11,000 ft deep. It is also slightly deeper than the Atlantic Ocean. Also, it is the warmest of all the Oceans.
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No.. no it doesn't. The closest thing to an Ocean it touches is the Great Lakes.
The Pacific Ocean's separation from the Indian Ocean is not officially designated but the boundary is generally recognised as the oceans off Asia, the Malay Archipelago, and Australia.
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Lakes and seas do dry out - for example, the Aral Sea, once a major inland sea, has almost completely dried out due to the removal of its water for irrigation purposes. Obviously with larger oceans this is much less likely to happen - but smaller bodies of water can dissappear.
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There are different answers. 5 oceans in total but only the Pacific, atlantic, and Artic are the main ones.
Many types of animals live in Italy. On the island of Gigli in Tuscany there are wild goats called mufloni. This kind of goat is very endangered. There are also rare frogs called Discoglossus Sardo. Among the birds found on the island are the Pellegrino hawk, the Imperial crow, the Royal seagull,...
== Answer ==   The Atlanitic.   If Answers.com is going to come up on top of google seach, you have a responsibility to at least have a correct answer, or phrase a question correctly.   Before the Pacific was discovered by a Spanish Conquistodor, as far Spain and Euro[ was concerned, the...
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Agulhas current is the warm current in indian ocean and west australian current is a cool current in the indian ocean
Western Australia is on the shores of the Indian Ocean.