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Clocks and Watches

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Whether a cuckoo clock on your wall, a grandfather clock in your living room or an alarm clock in your bedroom, clocks and watches are essential parts of our daily routines. Ask questions about them here.
The ''Sand Clock'' is really called an Hourglass, and the reason  for that is because it takes the sand and hour to reach the other  end of the glass. An hourglass is a curved shaped object that has  two ends. The hourglass Has sand inside it which Is placed at the  bottom of the hourglass, but...
i dont know thats what im looking up
no gmt is different standard time for universe and places we travel  have different domains then these
465 minutes is 7 hours 45 minutes so the time would show 9:45pm
In 1860 year, Napoleon's wife, Queen J. of about lute-fen a watch specially designed for the princess, is the earliest known record on the watch. At that time, in Feng-line world of men as identity, status symbols of the watch, watches, women were seen as accessories.
Depends on the moth you are asking of and whether or not it is in a  leap year...could vary from Thursday to Sunday.
yes i not only heard the Barong Tagalog watch but i personally own one. I know this was made during Jose Rizal's era. I might sell it if given an attractive offer. Just contact me 09107777999. I believe that the answer above is a hoax and that the response is positive since he wants to sell his...
It probably unscrews. Take it to a jeweler and purchase your battery from them. Most will install for no additional fee.
No, there are at least 14 different sizes in which pocket watch keys have been made. The size used with a particular pocket watch depended on the size of the watch as well as the proclivities of the particular watch manufacturer. Jewelers and watchmakers typically have "bench keys" in their shop...
An analog clock is correct twice a day (AM and PM display the same times).A military clock (0000 to 2400 hours) is only correct once.
That depends on several factors. 14k gold means that the gold content is .583% pure gold with other alloys added to make the metal harder, usually copper. However, only a portion of the weight of a pocket watch is the case. The movement, metal reinforcements, hands, crystal, winding stem, hinges,...
It may just be to old. You can still use it as decortion.
you need to check the fuse on the inside bottom left corner by your OBD II port if it isn't burnt then it could be a wiring problem. if you have had an aftermarket radio installed sometimes it isn't wired correctly for the clock to work. if you have done it yourself check the 12 volt constant and...
A fob.It's more commonly known as an Albert or Prince Albert chain
Different types of clock are invented by different people. A minute  hand, for example was invented by Josh Burgi in the year 1577. The  word clock comes from the French word â??clocheâ?? means bell.
i have a squirt soda clock if your looking to buy it send email to danfragroup@verizon.net att. clock i will send pictures
Seth Thomas made many varieties of Sonora chime clocks. Some had 4, 5 or 8 cupped bells and some had chime rods. Value depends upon configuration and condition. A range would be between $150.00 and $3000.00
if a potato clock would actually power a small led clock
Since there are two periods of time, a.m. and p.m. , 24 hours (the time in a day) needs to be split in two. 24 split in two is obviously 12.That is why there is twelve hours on a clock.
  == Answer ==     check all your fuses first this is usually the problem on these.
they have buts like the person who made them
  So you can read the time? (I don't know, that's a strange question)!
The person that invented the wall clock was Benjamin Banneker.
Rock. Stone. Metal. It's the DESIGN that makes them work!
  1.55 volt silver oxide watch battery
What can you tell me about a gents Rhodos 14kt yellow gold wrist  watch,21 jewel incabloc manual wind
Most clocks work fine in space. The mechanical manual-wind wristwatches worn by space-walking astronauts work just fine strapped to the outside of the wrist of the spacesuit, in the vacuum of space. The atomic clock in each GPS satellite works just fine. While we haven't bothered actually testing...
== Inventor of Watches ==   Many historians believe that the first watches were invented by Egyptians in 1500 BC. People of Egypt invented a mechanical way of calculating time by the flow of running water.     Italians monks were the first to invent accurate clocks. The year was 1524 AD....
There is a nut on the bottom of the pendulum to adjust the speed. Turning it clockwise speeds it up, counter clockwise slows it down
Whats 333 stamp mean on watches
Almost all have ! hour (one hour). Naturally in Canada we have an exception, Newfoundland, has 1/2 hour difference in its time zone. Why this is so, is another question for greater minds to ponder!
So you will know if it is morning (AM) or evening (PM).
This worked on a 1991 Plymouth Voyager SE with AM/FM stereo (no cassette or cd, etc.). 1. Turn the radio on, a station frequency should be displayed. 2. Press the SEL button once to display the time. If the time is already displayed, you can skip this step. 3. Press the SET button once, the...
how do you set the alarm on the timex T434s nature sounds triple  alarm clock radio
Press and hold the botton on the top left of the watch to enter time setting, then press the button on the bottom right to switch alarm (clock icon) or chime (bell icon) on or off.See related links for a user manual for the Coleman Model 40-725 watch.
Check the back for kinks
model 660-103 serial 424342 what is the value
it is a diogram that expsoes fools to radiation
I have a 2000 Ranger. I found in my Owners guide........... Find the "CLK" button, hold it down and press "seek" up or down to change the hour. Continue to hold the "CLK" button down and press the "tune" button up or down for the minutes. The radio must be turned off for this procedure.     ...
sometimes. but maybe?
Penny's stands behind it's sales, so return it to the store. Citizen also warranties it's products, so you can send it back to the company. If you have had the watch more than one year, it might be that the battery needs to be replaced. Any jeweler or Penny's can replace the battery for a nominal...
I believe in 1957, although it did say somewhere else that the digital watches were made first, but that was made in 1970's
(business) illegally turning back the mileage on a car's  odometer to make the car seem a better value.  +++   Also called just "clocking". Many modern cars use electronic  odometers which are probably proof against clocking - though as I  don't move in criminal circles, I might be wrong on...
The pocket watch is a portable watch that is not quite as miniaturized as a wrist watch, and which therefore was easier for the early watch makers to build; they did not have the many advantages of modern technology.
The needle of a clock is referred to as a hand.
Daylight Light Savings time. If you want to know when Daylight Savings Time is go on the website that talks about astronomy and they can predict it for you. You're welcome.
Employees generally themselves in. A manager may clock in an employee if the employee is working or on the job but for some reason unable to do so or forgets to do so. Time clocks benefit both the employee and the employer since it helps determine billing, wages, etc.
I just purchased one for $1200. It is in perfect condition with 9 chrome tubular bells, cable driven, triple chime, lunar dial with an Urgos German movement. It also has fancy cut beveled glass on the sides and front including the top glass in front of the dial. This clock was one of their high end...
 Malaysia is 7 hours ahead of Paris, France   
because Benjamin Banneker wanted people to tell time and know what time of day it was
At the age of 21, Banneker's life was changed when he saw a neighbor's pocket watch. (Some say the watch belonged to Josef Levi, a traveling salesman.) He borrowed the watch, took it apart to draw all its pieces, then reassembled it and returned it running to its owner. Banneker then carved large...
With the pocket watch that I bought at the AnimeNEXT 2011 con, you pull out the twisty thingy, and then you can twist it and move the hands. If that doesn't work, then yours is probably broken. Unless it's a different kind from mine.
If you have never manually wound a watch before, I would go into a jeweler's and ask if they would mind showing you how. It is very easy to over-wind a watch. I would also advise you to go to a jeweler's anyway, because my FMA pocket-watch, and my friends' pocket-watches from the same series, all...
It is always five o'clock somewhere. It is the minute that doesn't change. So if it is 3:47 where u are then it is 5:47 a.m. and 5:47 p.m. in a different time zone
I was told by Tiffany co. that their older watch records were destroyed in a fire. They cannot provide any information about the origin of older (turn of the century) watches.
  == Answer ==     This information can be found in your owner's manual.   == Answer ==     Turn ignition on and rotate the spindle under the clock- clockwise for minutes and anti-clockwise for hours. Hope this helps.
What is quarter after 9 o'clock
14 k solid gold elgin 1909 pocket watch worth and waht is the  benzel called
49 seconds will be 0.049 easy.If you need any help e-mail bee at florababy25@hotmail.comI answer all questions
Yes, many watches show the date. The best way to start looking for a watch that shows the date would be to start looking at a watch review website. You can begin to narrow your search from there.
I think, yes! I also want to buy a Festina's watch, and I heared just good things about their watches!
it 's a very nice watch much better mécanic than most of swiss made. Solid and waterproof. up to the state in between 60 and 250€
Set Alarm One (1) Hour: Press TIME button once to set Hour Alarm 1Hold alarm on/off button until Hour blinksUse up/down buttons for setting desired alarm hour Finished: walk away To return to MM/DD mode press Press Alarm on/off twice Press Time twiceMinutes: Press TIME button once, Hold...
it depends what year you read this but if this is 2010 it would be 28th of march.
The radiometric clock is set when the rock is formed. Because this  is when it sets, radiometric dating is used by geologist to find  out when the rock was formed.
No they did not. They had sun dials.
  there is 1 different clock
All over the world, except in a few countries.
Answer . \nRead your owner's manual. This information can be found there.
  The argument seems to fit the facts. The Illinois watch company had both a Springfield and a (Lincoln) line so this would have been good advertising. They used this prdctice on watch fobs where the timewas literally cast into type-8.l9 or 8.20. If one assumes the Play started at 8:00 PM, l9...
  Perhaps the Related Link will help.
albert instine
All Depends   On the size of potato   Voltage clock takes   And how many potatoes