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The common daisy is a herbaceous plant of the genus Bellis perennis and is native to the Americas. Questions in this category are all about daisies, including propagation, planting, maintenance, trouble shooting, harvesting, and enjoyment, as well as their regions, growing conditions,light requirements, and more.
No it needs to have seed buds to be pollinated then can reproduce
A weed that often is called the Irish daisy is the dandelion.
Daisy flowers crave full sunlight and need an adequate amount tosurvive. When planting, pick the area conducive to thisrequirement. However, avoid an area that might get too hot duringsummer, as a high temperature will result in a wilting daisyflower. Should this be the case, offer your blooms a bit...
Daisy comes from the Old English dæġes ēaġe meaning"day's eye".
The uses of a daisy in a garden usually relates only to healingpurposes, such as if you have a cold, its leafs can help you feelbetter, or it can be used to treat bleeding. Now, there are someother uses for the daisy, as well, such as it can increase yourapatite. All you have to do is take an...
Daisies are very closely related to chamomiles and both of them areunder the sunflower category. It includes ox-eye daisies,dandelions, artichokes and many more. They look like it has only asingle flower head, but they're actually made out of multipleflowers that cluster around the centre. Their...
Kingdom Plantae - Plants. Subkingdom Tracheobionta - Vascular plants. Superdivision Spermatophyta - Seed plants. Division Magnoliophyta - Flowering plants. Class Magnoliopsida - Dicotyledons. Subclass Asteridae. Order Asterales. Family Asteraceae - Aster family. Genus Chrysanthemum L. - daisy ....
Daisies, like other flowers, can get water from the soil by sucking it through the stem and roots in the ground.
The meaning of pink daisies is said to be a sign that you willnever forget someone. This is a good farewell gift to a person withwhom you share precious memories.
Take a garden knife and cut your daisy clump into two or moresmaller clumps. Dig up the clumps with plenty of roots. Move thesmaller clump where you need it in your garden.
All of them grow in Ontario. The Trillium is native as are water and "ditch" lilies (orange tiger lillies) and several varieties of daisies.
a real daisy is not edible
It means you're dead and buried, hence "Pushing up Daisies." "Pushing up daisies" is a euphemism for being dead (and buried). It refers to the wild flowers that would sprout in the mound of dirt covering a fresh grave.
All producers can perform photosynthesis it is how they survive, so since a daisy is a producer, yes it can perform photosynthesis.
Yes; all plants perform photosynthesis.
The name of the daisy flower comes from the medieval English 'daies ie' , meaning day's eye. This is because of the similarity of the central portion of the flower to an eye, and the fact that the petals close the 'eye' at night, opening it only in the daylight.
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Barberton, south Africa.
Daisy doesn't neccesarily have a weight- she's a digitally graphed video game princess.
By cutting the main stem it redistributes some of the nutrients to the other parts of the plant causing healthier growth.
England,Germany,franch and Paris
No, they have roots and stems and vascular tissue
A daisy creates its own food. It absorbs water and sunlight to create sugars that feed it.
No they are not
The daisy is native to western, central and northern Europe, but widely naturalised in most temperate regions including the Americas and Oceania
First you will need paper towels or newspaper to soak up the moisture from the daises, copy paper, and two heavy books. 1) Put the 2 sheets of paper towels or newspaper on top of the copy paper. 2) Put the Daises on top 3) Put the towels or newspaper on top of the daises and then put the paper...
It usually takes about several weeks to notice a grown flower but, it takes about a week or so to notice a little sprout in the ground
It is grown as an annual in 99% of the United States. It is grown in Zones 10 and 11 (and might possibly be able to survive in Zone 9b). These zones are found in parts of southern Florida, southern Arizona, southern California and a few areas of southern Nevada.
Daisys can be various sizes :)
Grass is considered a vascular plant. The evolution of vascular tissue in plants allowed for greater plant complexity and size. Plants no longer had to rely on diffusion alone from their environments, they could tap into water resources far below ground and transport it across all tissues. This...
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Shasta daisies will rebloom several times a year if you deadhead (remove old flowers) correctly. I cut the stem above the node closest to the flower before the flower is spent and has a chance to seed; the node will produce new stems that will produce blooms. If you remove those flowers before they...
you have to be a member to get daisy's and apples there super seeds you buy them at the port **Correction** You pick them.
Daisies Have 63 Petals On Them, At Least Some Varieties Do!
Edible means able to eat therefore you cannot eat a daisy
'Margarida' is a Portuguese equivalent of 'daisy' [ Bellis perennis ]. The feminine noun 'margarida' means 'daisy'. Its singular definite article is 'a' ['the'], and its singular indefinite article 'uma' ['a, one']. It's pronounced 'mahr-guh-REE-duh'.
'Margherita' is an Italian equivalent of 'daisy' [ Bellis perennis ]. Other equivalents may be 'margheritina' and 'pratolina'. The feminine noun 'margherita' means 'daisy'. Its singular definite article is 'la' ['the'], and its singular indefinite article 'una' ['a, one']. It's...
daisies mean be my friend. :)
Yes daisies do start from seeds because it is part of its life cycle?
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they need a neutral type of soil
It is native to Europe and the temperate regions of Asia .
All flowers make seeds as part of their reproductionprocess.
how much sun do you think a well growing daisy needs.....
Various websites show the traditional meaning of daisies as signifying purity or innocence. Daisies are durable - survivor's. Trammel them one season and they come right back the next. They are 'adaptable' . According to a Native American friend, daisy is also slang for 'excellence'. A site giving...
Aphids are the biggest insect pest of daisies. Ladybugs and prayingmantis will take care of the aphids and leave your daisies alone. Powery mildew and grey mold are also problems for daisies. You needfungacide to kill them.
the adapations of a daisy are that they grow close to the ground so they are not that badely affected by mowin and their white petals help the to produce pollen so they can attract lots of insects. I hope this helps you if it doesnt then i am sorry, if you do have a better answer than I, then...
The common daisy's botanical name is Bellis perennis.
if they wont get planty of sunlight they wont bloom
well i may think that daisies are beutiful but someone else mightthink they are the ugliest flower ever. someone or something thatis beutiful is an opion.
osteospermum- especially neat because the flower pretty much always has a purple eye and the flowers will close up when its raining or a cloudy day or evening swanee river daisy brachycomb gerbera daisy purple and white cone flower there are just a few..
yes, it is part of the daisy family.
Yes, you can. Divide them when they are dormant or in early mid autumn. Replant about 1 foot apart.
Daises can be any color, but are usually white
I don't know for sure, but there was a song, written in 1912 or so,called Always Take a Girl named Daisy, with lyrics along the linesof: "Handsome, handsome, handsome Harry Thomas, He was sued, yes,sued for Breach of Promise He took Mary walking in the dell, andsaid, "Now you don't have to tell"...
Flies like flowers because the colour and pollen smell attracts it to fly to them.
in summer season
Yes, they thrive on it! You can cut them back quite hard, by at least half.
I think a daisy is a flower that attracts animals with its colour. Its pollen gives animals energy. I hope this helped!
You could. They taste kind of bitter though. It's the petals that are edible, and they go better with something else rather than alone.
cut the dead flower stem back as close to the plant as you can
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Do not give it any darkness it will get brown
About 3-5 feet.
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Its a flower like all of the many flowers our Father created. Daisy has no biblical meaning it simply provides a seed or nut which can be used for food. Christians are not supposed to bow themselves down to flowers, in worship. Therefore Daisy's have no spiritual meaning to Hebrews/Christians.
Daisies do have a slight odor, but it is not considered pleasant by most people.
They white flowers with yellow centers
symbolize: Innocence ; Loyal Love ; I'll Never Tell; Purity background: It is an astringent used as in a warm infusion as a wash for sores and swellings. The Ojibwa used it as a poultice for snake bites and to make an infusion for treating colds and worms in children. The plant is diuretic and...
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water, sunlight, and air.
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Daisies are vascular because of the xylem and phloem
the middle of a Daisy is called capitulum