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Members of the largest famly of flowering plants, Orchdaceae, all orchids are monocots and have three petals. They are highly prized by horticulturists and florists for their unique coloration and diverse forms, and occur on all continents except Antarctica. With 330 genera and nearly 22,000 accepted species, questions and answers in this category are endless!
According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a reputable source, orchids of the genus Phalaenopsis are not toxic to dogs, cats or horses.See links for reference.
i take care orchids. green house is the best way to protect them .
  There is more than one dependent upon the orchid variety. There are like thousands of types of orchids.
Orchids can be watered once a week by placing a few ice cubs on the  soil. A properly cared for orchid from your local florist can  produce flowers for 3+ months.
orchid is a rich purple color
Yes sure. But it needs some rest. So trim off the dried stems, don not water it too much (about once a week a tablespoon) and do not move it around.     what do you mean by the dried stems?
Oops, my phalaenopsis orchid does not have a scent, after all. I was mistaken; the fragrance...is from the dozen red roses I got from my guy on my birthday.
  I found a forum thread that will be of use to you. It seems a lot of us have experienced the same problem, mine ended up dying so I'll leave you with the Related Link :)
The meaning of the flower orchid varies, but it generally symbolizes: love, beauty, and refinement.
de flask you do not buy as a privat person this is depend on where you life mostly illegal sir, you can buy seedlings at farms/florists etc.nearby, if you not work laboratory clean out of 20 small plants in a flask with luck you will get one gowin up, i hardly advice to leave that part to the...
No. or your bathroom must be very humid.
central and south america
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Ochids range from all different sizes and shapes, for example  Mystacidium caffrum is a small orchid that is native to  Southern Africa while Renanthera storiei is from the  philippines and can grow quiet tall to at least 5' and is believed  to be able to grow to 20'   Since orchids are the...
Not physically as they are dead and can not move, but yes at a funeral arrangement you can
Spain in 1515. They were a vanilla color.
Orchis in classical Greek means a testicle, and by extension, an orchid. In modern Greek, the word for orchid is orchidéa
Yes if they are from an asexual mother plant.
There are no known poisonous orchids, but there are so many thousands of varieties it becomes virtually impossible to test them all. one of the most popular flavorings however, vanilla, comes from the seed pod of an orchid. so its safe to assume that they are not poisonous, but you should still...
Yes, there is such thing but it is not natural. It is made using genes from fireflies which is transferred to the orchid tissue.
a tropical orchid
they help in pollinating it
I don't think you could caterogize this as a spice, but the orchid produces vanilla bean.
Orchids have thick tropical type leaves, very bright vivid colored blossoms of the rainbow. Blossoms sometimes look like interesting insects but don't scare you.orchids are freakinbg flowers get ova it loosa's
Yes It is, however there are many types as the orchid family is rather large
Nothing is really special about orchids. They are one of the most common plant species in the world.
I think it was shipped the entire wid world so jamcaica has been famous for the orchids
because of climate change and deforestation of forest and changing land use and human activities.
one word: maybe
The following houseplants will grow in waterArrowhead vine, Chinese evergreen pothos philodendrons, dracaenas, tree ivy, swedish ivy, dumb cane, English ivy, umbrella plant, wandering Jew
  a stamen and pistil fused together on the orchid.
Mr. William Cattley
Ecuador, with over 4500 species
3a) Salma is a four-year-old girl. You are taking care of her for one day. Plan a day's healthy menu to include three meals, two snacks and drinks for the day. Salma does not have any allergies.
The Cooktown Orchid grows best in tropical regions where annual rainfall is very high. This is why it is found only in north Queensland.
" Orchidea " is an Italian equivalent of "orchid" ( Orchidaceae family). The Italian word is a feminine noun. Its singular definite article is " la " ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is " una " ("a, one"). The pronunciation is "ohr-KEE-dyah."
Orchid fruit is the seed pod created by an orchid
  keep out of full sun, but in a warm zone, ideal spot is above a radiator in window in a shaded side of the house, away from draughts.
No, orchids are flowering plants that produce seeds (very small seeds) in seed pods.
Because, to reach the sunlight, orchids get a boost from the forest trees. Orchids will attach themselves and grow on the trunks of the trees. In this way, the orchids move up off the dark forest floor and closer to the sunny canopy
bis small testubes pirates cococockws
  wait for the stem to dry up and cut it close to the leaf
As far as I know COLOMBIA has it as a national symbol:)
In general orchids are niche habitat players, but with 25,000 species of orchids, there are species in about every habitat that plants grow. They are found on every continent except Antarctica.
what is the common name of orchid
I dont f ing know
this is a hard question to answer because there are orchids from all over the world (except the arctic regions). Around 20,000 different types exist, so depending on its natural flowering requirements, any given orchid can bloom at any given time!
Every orchid you know is edible!
Most orchids live on tree trunks, therefore, they probably live in the understory, or perhaps the canopy. ;)
  Yes, they do grow in the rain forest and tend to grow taller there than other orchids.
The history of mechanical harvesting itself dates back to Cyrus McCormick's marketing of the mechanical reaper in the early 1840s.
The leaves did not get enough sunlight or water.
That sentence does not make sense do you mean where are apple orchids or what are apple orchids?
the tree does not have benefit from the orchid
from a centimeter to over a meter long
it was because of habitat lose and human activities and natural disasters.
Tea   Used tea bags, which are high in nitrogen, are especially good for orchids. Compared to commercial fertilizers, tea bags contain organic matter that is nontoxic and does not smell bad. To use the tea bag, open it and empty the contents into the orchid pot. Apply tea once monthly in the...
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Orchids are commonly planted in a coarse airy mix which allows the roots to breathe. This usually composes of fir bark, coconut husks and tree fern. To retain moisture sphagnum moss is usually addes. Keep in mind though that more than 30, 000 different species of orchids exist and that the...
Because charcoal can allow air passing through compared to soil. The idea is to allow the the internal part of the root to dry and prevent them rot.
No. They eat bugs and other small critters.
  a animal eats orchids
Despite its perceived resemblance to the outer female reproductive organs, apparently noticed by very lonely gardeners, the orchid was actually named after male genitalia. The name orchid comes from the Greek orkhis, meaning "testicle." It was adopted because of the orchid's testicle shaped root. ...
Terrestrial orchids are orchids that live in the soil of the ground and not in trees
They have leaves and frequently grow on the bark of trees way up in the forest canopy where there is lots of sunshine. Others are adapted to grow in conditions of dappled shade.
Yes it is. It can grow by attaching itself to other plants like trees etc. The roots do not need to be in soil that is why most orchids are grown in a bark mulch in the pot.
The word orchid 'stems from' (!) the Lithuanian word meaning 'Stallion', due to the shape of its' root.
Fungi help orchids (and other plants) by providing water and nutrients. In orchids, specifically, the fungi associate with the seedlings. Fungal hyphae are much better than roots at discovering and absorbing nutrients and water in the soil (or whatever medium the plant is in). The water and...
ants and beetles eat orchid plants
No, if a plant is truly dead it cannot be resurected
it brings morale, energy and health up to 100%
You have to put it in almost less than an inch of water. Do not over water the plant. Give it a place where there is sun, but not to much sun.
The same way you care for any other phalaenopsis. Water from the bottom when it gets dry at least an inch from the to of the medium, fertilize lightly with an orchid fertilizer once or twice a month, don't let water get into the leaves at the top of the plant, and give it filtered light. but be...
fue elegida como la planta más bella de José Jerónimo Triana