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Music Awards and Events

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Music Awards and Events include the Grammys, the Country Music Awards, the Video Music Awards and other events where artists are awarded for excellence.
No, the award is fame which in return brings them more money.
avenged sevenfolds NIGHTMare OF COURSE no im just joking its our own orinion :)
The Grammy Awards is the largest awards show dedicated to popularity in the music industry. Awards go to performers, producers, writers, etc. in all different music genres. However, because of the endless list of categories and nominees, only the most popular categories, especially those in Pop,...
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8 ET on February 13th
Barack Obama won his Grammy Awards for two spoken word albums,named "The Audacity of Hope", and "The Dreams of My Father."
In the 2006 contest, which was hosted in Athens, Finland won with "Hard Rock Hallelujah" performed by "Lordi".
"Calcutta", Lawrence Welk
On Comcast it's channel 7.
No, the acting equivalent is the Oscars.
Chanel 10 if you have direct TV.
itv 2 wed at 9pm :) cant wait
A voting member base selects the winners.
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Grammy stands for... G- Gramophone R- Radio A- And M- Modern M- Music Y- ( i think they added the 'y' to make it sound like a word otherwise it would be the Gramm awards and that just sounds weird)
A Record-breaking 6 Grammy Awards Beyonce won a record-breaking 6 Grammy Awards at the 2010 Grammy Awards in the following categories: . Song of the Year . Best Female Pop Vocal Performance . Best Female R&B Vocal Performance . Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance . Best R&B Song . Best...
Taylor Swift won the Album of the Year Grammy in 2010 for"Fearless."
Pavarotti. or the man off the go compare advert.
here are the nominations for 'best rock song' is: . The Fixer Matt Cameron, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready & Eddie Vedder, songwriters (Pearl Jam) [Monkeywrench; Publishers: Innocent Bystander, Jumpin' Cat Music, Theory of Color, Write Treatage Music.] . I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy...
the band green day , the album was 21st century breakdown
Yes she has won 5
The fresh prince and dj jazzy Jeff.
At the Grammys, Beyonce was accompanied by her sister Solange's son (Beyonce's nephew).
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she set a record as the first woman to get six awards in one night
No, Justin Bieber has not won any Grammy Awards yet.
Jay-Z has won 15 Grammy Awards.
two. The first one is for her song poker face and won in best dance recording for her and the second one was her album the fame that won in best electronic/dance album.
She won the following Grammy awards in 2010: - Best Dance Recording, "Poker Face" - Best Electronic/Dance Album, "The Fame"
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The first Grammy's were held on May 4, 1959 in the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hotel.
no, unfortunatley because he is a new artst and it will take him some time atleast a year for him to make his own title.
Three. Best Rap Solo Performance: D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune), Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: Run This Town, with Rihanna and Kanye West, and Best Rap Song: Run This Town, with Rihanna and Kanye West.
Zero in Oscar but 1 in Razzie
yes, she won the grammy awards just like Michael and Janet Jackson.
Reese witherspoon won the ten state talent award in 1986. .
The annual Grammys presentation for excellence in the music industry will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 10, 2013. It will be televised live by CBS, beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time..
Song of the year-Single ladies (put a ring on it) Best female pop vocal performance-Halo Best female r&b vocal performance-Single ladies(put a ring on it) Best traditional r&b vocal performance-At last Best r&b song-Single Ladies Best contemporary rnb album- I am Sasha fierce
They won a Grammy this year (2010) for 'Best Rock Album'
Hillary Rodham Clinton won the 1997 Best Spoken Word or Non-Musical Album Grammy for I t Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us
Offically, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton & Barack Obama. Should have Ronald Reagan & John F. Kennedy
yes he does. single is out in a few days hes been hinting on twitter i saw him live a few weeks ago and he said its about to happen
their song "Decode" from the movie Twilight was nominated for " Best Song Written For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media ," but they lost to "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire.
1) Album of the Year (Fearless) 2) Best Female Country Vocal Performance (White Horse) 3) Best Country Song (White Song) 4) Best Country Album (Fearless)
One, he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award, and had a tribute to him which concluded with his children accepting the award on his behalf. He was not nominated for any Grammys though, he was not eligible.
No. Gildna Radner never won any Grammys. However, she did win two Emmys for her work in television: 1978 - Outstanding Continuing or Single Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Variety or Musical for Saturday Night Live 1988 - Outstanding Guest Performer in a Comedy Series for It's Garry...
No. I think he was nominated though.
No. She was nominated for 2 awards though. Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ("Sober") and Best Pop Vocal Album. ("Funhouse") She lost to Beyonce ("Halo") and the Black Eyed Peas. ("The E.N.D.)
no.. he did not win any other awards than nobel price
Beyonce won 5 Grammys in 2004 for her debut album 'Dangerously in Love'.
To join in a movie or win grand time contests or interact...
During the 2010 Grammy Awards she won 2 for Best Dance Recording for "Poker Face" and also best Electro/Dance Album for "The Fame."
Basia just won any music awards? YAWN!
Luciano Pavarotti (Bologna Orchestra) - O Sole Mio (FavoriteNeapolitan Songs) which was nominated and won.
"Independent Bitches" by Candi Redd remix featuring Rasheeda & Kandi
yes at the 2010 awards
No, they did not. They were only a nominee for the Grammy's, and unfortunately did not win.
ABBA won Eurovision on Saturday, April 6th 1974 with their hit "Waterloo".. They tried the year before with "Ring, Ring" but didn't get through the Swedish heats.