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Leather is any treated animal skin or rawhide. The tough, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing characteristics of leather have made it a staple in the production of shoes, clothes, furniture and many other goods.
it just like leather but silker and better looking 
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where can I get dyes dye cowhides with hair
Composite (plastic) cricket balls do not perform in the same way as leather balls. Within the game of cricket it is important for both swing bowling and spin bowling that the surface of the ball can wear down during play so that one side can be shined and the other side left rough. This would not be...
Keep in mind that monetary values in the 1830s were not the same as  they are today, a pair of men's shoes could range from as little as  75¢ to as much as $2.00, depending upon style and quality. Women's  shoes ranged from 37-½ ¢ to about $2.00 a pair. Thus a pair of  shoes cost at least one...
There is a liquid called episonal and it get the stuff right out  just go to a pharmacy near you
  == Answer ==   "British Tan" is both a leather dye and the color. As to its history and popularity, that remains to be found out.
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Full Grain leather is defined by Leather Industries of America (LIA) and the American leather manufacturing industry that it represents as:"The grain split of a hide from which nothing has been removed except the hair and associated epidermisTop Grain leather is the same as full grain leather.That...
With a damp sponge moisten the leather evenly (though for larger pieces do patches at a time so it doesn't dry while you're working) and leave it to soak for about half an hour, this should be adequate time (Do not submerge it) and I would advise dampening on the rough side, though I'm not...
Leatherface was never alive. He is a fictional character.
W-d 40 On A Rag, It Works On My Leather Jackets. Test In A Non-Visible Spot First In Case Of Color Change.     WD-40 Didn't Work For Me, Nor Did Leather Cleaner.       Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Is Sold At Grocery Stores. It Is A Amazing Product. : Magic Eraser Did Not Work Very...
At the Tree Of Life at carindale Brisbane
The expression is often "to gird one's loins". It has been around since the days of Greek warriors like the Spartans and Athenians. It refers to tying on the skirt of tough leather that was the first article of the battle garb that a warrior of that day wore. It provided freedom of movement of the...
Go to "how are leather jackets made?" on google then click on answers .com and it will show you your answer. thx bye i hope this helps
Most leather produced in the United States and around the world is chrome-tanned   Most leather these days is produced in China where even the Italian leather companies have their factories.
I work at Capezio and I can tell you we get our leather from various vendors in Asia and the US.
    Buy clean leather.
There are a lot of arts and crafts hobbies in Togo. A lot of people  do bead-work, sewing, and knitting. There are also people involved  with wood carving, and painting.
Cross grain leather is a cheaper leather. The grain runs  diagonally. It also has an irregular grain. This makes it hard to  work with.
Yes they can and they do.
  == sprinkle baking soda on them or try a water and baking soda solution ==    
Mitchell Gold is the company that manufactured this chair.
LePage Extereme and PL9000, both claim to be good for that purpose.
Fashion is not protected by copyright at this time, although there is much discussion about it. The three stripes favored by Adidas, however, may be protected as trademarks.
It means that the upper part of the boot is leather.
Yes. Leather can be made from cow hides or hides from another animal. It is not manufactured but the raw materials must be processed.
No I can't answer this...wish I could...we have destroyed two Danish stress free recliners...light leather! Yellow staining! So sad! Any suggestions? Jsnyder72@yahoo.com
the oils are in the leather; a cleaner will remove dirt particles  on the leather, but won't touch what is embedded in the leather.  Try advleather.blogspot.com
No, BUT -- leather can absorb moisture, and water is a good conductor.
All the procedures are at Vizzed Board, this is the link to register and joinhttp://vizzed.com/vizzedboard/register.php?ref=28041
They are by Valeni, Genie is the style, red smack metallic is the color. They are availalble at various on line sites.
There is no single word to describe such a person in english. They are called either a leather-worker or leather-craftsmanA tanner makes leather from untreated skins, he does not make things from leather.
Answer . If the lighter is damaged not through abuse, it can be sent back to Zippo to be repaired free of charge. You do have to pay shipping charges.. OR. it depends on how its broke. you can replace the flint which is sold in most wallmarts or gas stations or you can replace the wick which you...
There are many places where you can buy leather hobo messenger bags both online and instore. Leather tends to be expensive so also the option of buying PU leather bags if your on a tight budget.
  Also called kid leather, goat skin or hide and kid skin or hide.
Yes, I've had mine for 23 years now and it's in very good shape. Gone through a few Harleys, same jacket
== Answer ==   Blue marlin are fish and have scales that end in one or two sharp points.
  yes there will be kangroo leather but the plastic one looks better.
In a meuseum, the smithsonian mueseum to be exact. Here You can See Happy Days Fonzie Replica Jacket http://www.movieleatherjacket.com/products/Happy-Days-Fonzie-Jacket.html
One bar of soap a year ago, I left that sticker on because I couldn't be bothered to take it off any more, and HEY PRESTO! - the secret was revealed. Return the soap to the holder after use with the sticker facing down and it won't stick, it will dry off much better and it'll last much longer.
yes but it takes a minute to catch
I'd hate to take the skin of a live animal, personally. Actually, it is possible to make fake leather and vinyl, but the real thing is the best quality.edit- yes unless you would like to just rip off the skin of an animal.(I'm guessing though that that would still kill it.)
I removed insulation from the sleeves of my leather jacket, because they were too tight, but I left the insulation in the body of the jacket. I cut it out by turning the jacket inside out, and carefully snipped the stitching along one of the sleeve seams in each sleeve. I then cut away, as best I...
yes he was and is now in prison i no this because my uncle was in the same proisin as him but my uncles out now but he was their for six years if you would like to hear some story about him i would love to tell you because my uncle told me a few
Try Goo Gone first, it's quite benign and will often move glue and leave no marks on fabrics and leather. Goof Off is stronger and will remove more sticky glues, but may leave a mark. Test it first on a piece that's not normally visible.
Napoline leather is a very soft leather. Napoline leather has a  distinct pattern much like an elephant's skin, but it is very  pliable. Some napoline leather comes from blending dyed snake  skins.
Rubbing alcohol all over the stain
  I own a 93' Toyota Camry LXE (V6) with 163,000 mi. on it.   Bought for my daughter in College ( first car ) been driving it about 6 mo.   Seems to be running OK it depends on how it's has been maintained / Serviced this is key !   When I researched this I have heard of people having...
Leather with a characteristic drawn-grain pattern, produced originally by an astringent tannage, but nowadays by hand or machine boarding on vegetable or semi-chrome goat and sheepskin, or vegetable tanned seal skin. Note: When the pattern is produced by embossing, it is called "Levant grain".
Cow hide, the sun, and a cowboy.
  == Answer ==   Eucalyptus oil will remove sticky glue left behind from peel off items and should help remove your nail remover mark. Otherwise white vinegar and bic-carb soda mixed together to remove stains.
  The answer is about halfway down the page on the Related Link.
At tanneries. Although you can make leather at home, it is a complicated processif you mean the tanner there are 2 places i know of in f2p  1.in al kahird(desert place)2.crafting guild flour 2
  == Answer ==   you were clets in soccer because they help your feet stick into the groung so that you will not slip and many other reasons!!!
  The advantages of leather:   * Durable  * Natural Product  * Unique Features - Breathes  * Partly waterproof  * Resistant to Fungal Attack  * Resistant to Dry Abrasion  * Resistant to Fire  * Lint and Dust Free  * Resistant to Dust Mites   The advantages of leather:   *...
As a teacher I have gotten marker on just about anything it was possible to get marker on and never have been able to get marker out of leather. You could try a shoe maker to see if he has something to remove it or go the store where you bought the couch and see if there is something that will...
Leather is made from the skins of many different animals. The skin of any animal can be made into leather. The skin is treated and dried. It can be worn, put on couches, car seats and much more.
  Mourners do not wear leather shoes during the 7 days of mourning. They remove their shoes after the funeral and may put on cloth (or synthetic) house shoes.   They may wear leather clothes, e.g. jackets.   Mourners also do not sit on chairs, nor bathe for pleasure nor listen to music nor...
Aside from Saddle Soap: Apply a paste mixed from Baking Soda and Water then let stand for a few hours. Rinse off and let air dry. This will neutralize any sweat odors that existed and will temporarily leave a fresh scent. Repeat as needed.
It was founded by Bonnie Cashin. This is not true, it was founded in 1941 by 2 immegrants in New York, in a loft. Not in 1962 as the article that calims "bonnie cashin" was the founder refers too. It originally was a company of only 6 leatherworkers. One of the 2 founders was a survior of Dachau...
2006 by British artist Julian Opie. http://www.icaboston.org/exhibitions/permanent-collection/artists/opie/
Yeah just make sure you really clear coat it good
    Cork from Portugal, Rubber from Malaysia, Yarn from Australia, Leather from France, Stitched together in Costa Rica.
Before it degrades? For example how long would leather gloves last?As long as leather is kept clean and looked after correctly it will last a very long time. It is one of the strongest fibres there is. We have a piece of leather that came out of the bellows of an organ and is over 100 years old and...
Heat a pin with a lighter. Touch the hot pin to an inconspicuous spot. If the material melts it is vinyl is it scorches it is leather.
Leather has to allow the movement of moisture back and forth for it to be leather.  This movement otherwise known as transpiration allows the leather to remain soft and pliable and has always been termed as allowing the leather to 'breathe'. If leather is completely sealed and the moisture flow...
To get the full version of answer see www.prakashmba.blogspot.com  .................So I have to consider every aspect of the above factors in marketing the leather goods of Zideo International. The zideo should target the leather market and understand the leather goods consumers.  Understanding...
At first skins and hides removed from the carcass salted from the  flesh side to avoid putrefaction then at tannery treated with lime  to remove flesh and hair then treated with acid to remove excess  alkaline then treated with chromium sulphate or other metallic  compounds to make non...
at the store !!:) jkhttp://www.nectarclothing.com/knee-high-boots/
In stores try Macys, Nordstroms, or even places such as Target.  Online, try http://www.hue.com/Leggings.aspx
white vinger gets out any smoke smell..... I would use a little at a time on your leather couch..Use some water with it... We just got a leather sofa that had a funny smell on it and I am doing the same... But, I am trying to make sure it is going to be okay on leather sofa.. What I read it should...
I'm not sure about the Billy, but I'm wearing the Ricky Super T Deadwood currently, and it has yellow stitcing and an orange/bronze tan.
  You can put peanut butter on it and vegetable oil and it should come off!!!
epi leather... as in short for epithilials..... epithilials in DNA>..... no two are the same.... am i right??. correct me if im wrong. epi leather... as in short for epithilials..... epithilials in DNA>..... no two are the same.... am i right??. correct me if im wrong
Well, it isn't imaginary... Bonded leather is leather fibers from milled scraps. It is held together by a bonding agent (glue). It is made in a manufacturing process that is similar to paper making.In many cases (particuarly the UK) this cannot be sold as 'leather' but must be designated as 'bonded...
  Oils that are sitting on the surface can be removed with a detergent foam cleaner.   Once the oils have penetrated the leather you would need to use a professional degreaser to remove the oil.   The degreasing process extracts the oils into a very fine degreasing compound but there is a...
To get leather, you must hunt a boar, or fish a shark. To hunt a boar, corner it and you should see a brown cloud of dust. When you have stopped fighting the boar, if you won the fight, you will have some leather. To fish a shark, craft a bamboo fishing pole, go to your tools, and click USE IT. Go...
  I know that Pema Chodron refers to this in _Bodhisattva Mind_ (at least the CD version of it) I don't know if it was Shantiveda (the book is about his writings _The Way of the Bodhisattva_) who said it or if Chodron was sharing the story of what someone else said. But it is definitely in this...
Leather chaps can give you with a lot more safety from road rash than a pair of jeans can. Since leather chaps are wear over your pants, they make more sense then just wearing leather pants since leather pants can be hot and you can easily take the chaps off if you decide to stop for dinner while...