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NBA All-Star Weekend

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Held in mid-February, the NBA All-Stars weekend features a game between the Western division all-stars and the Eastern division all-stars. Other exciting events include the slam dunk contest, skills challenge, and 3-point shooting contest.
you accelerate to the hoop and when your at mid-range you hold your  shooting button
He only has 1 son, Damien Wilkens, who currently plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder
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Kobe Bryant
Yes, he participated in a slam dunk contest in 1997 as a rookie. He even won the contest with a couple of impressive dunks. (f.e. between the leg)This was the last slam dunk contest before the lockout in 1998/1999
Wilt Chamberlain was in the all-star team 13 times.
2010 NBA Western Conference All Stars (Starters) G -- Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Laker) G -- Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns) C -- Amar 'e Stoudemire (Phoenix Suns) F -- Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets) F -- Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs) 2010 NBA Eastern Conference All Stars (Starters) G -- Dwyane Wade ...
when 4 of the best dunkers get to show off   there best dunks to impress the judges and   get a chance to win a trophy
  == Answer ==   Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Stan Musial hold the record for All-Star game appearences with 24.
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Unlike in the MLB, where the winner of the All-Star game determines which team will have home-field advantage in the World Series, there is no prize for winning the All-Star game in terms of basketball. It is merely an entertaining event.
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It is at Houston, Texas The Roster will probably be:West Starters:G-Chris PaulG-Kobe BryantF-Kevin DurantF-Blake GriffinC-DeAndre JordanWest Backups:G-Russell West BrookG-Stephen CurryG-Deron Williams (He'll probably play for Dallas)F-Kevin LoveF-LaMarcus AldridgeF-Dirk NowitzkiC-Andrew BynumEast...
shannon brown, Gerald Wallace, nate Robinson, demar derozen or Eric gordan
DeJuan Blair,Omri Casspi,Stephen Curry,Tyreke Evans,Jonny Flynn,Taj Gibson,James Harden,Brandon Jennings,Jonas Jerebko
DeJuan Blair,Omri Casspi,Stephen Curry,Tyreke Evans,Jonny Flynn,Taj Gibson,James Harden,Brandon Jennings,Jonas Jerebko
Derric Rose and Michael Jordan
Nate Robinson, Shannon Brown, DeMar DeRozan, and Gerald Wallace.
Mate, Machaque (España) Clavada (America Latina)
PG: Allen IversonSG: Dywane WadeC: Dwight HowardSF: LeBron JamesPF: Kevin Garnett
Desmond Mason, Steve Francis, Gerald Wallace and Jason Richardson (winner )
to show good nba players and to make more money for the league
For home court advantage for the NBA finals on the same year.
Dywane Wade of the Miami Heats.
It was George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers, in 1961, 100% positive. That's who the NBA gives official credit to. The referees tried to call a foul on him for the shot. Upon reviewing the rules, the bucket counted. It became termed a 'dunk shot' until 1972, when Chuck Hern called it a 'slam dunk'.
It depends mostly on how high you can jump. Most people who dunk  are about 6'4" but I know people who are 5'6" and can dunk. They  used the workouts in a YouTube video to tone their thigh muscles  and they can dunk. 
The game is being played in Houston, TX at the Toyota Center.
it was Lebron James he won 12 states Kobe won 1 state.
nobody knows for sure yet, but rumors say either Boston, Miami, Orlando, or Brooklyn
Dwanye Wade, but it should have been Lebron.
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no, only dunk contest
Yes, But people usually don't vote for the rookies
The NBA All Star game was played in Orlando in 1992
The date of the NBA All-Star Game varies each year, but it is usually a Sunday in mid February, with various NBA related events on the Friday and Saturday before. The 2010 game in Dallas was played on Feb, 14, 2010. The next game is in Los Angeles on February 20, 2011
Mixing the hobby of making collages and the sport of basketball is a very unique question. I would assume a basketball player at a liberal arts school would take the cake though.
Well, nobody really made a great and exciting dunk but who did the best and took home the trophy was Nate Robinson. He was last years winner too
  Feb 13-15The 2012 NBA All-Star game is in Orlando, Florida.
Matt m has the most dunks on nba2k10
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It will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
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Vince Carter at SG, Allen Iverson PG, Tracy McGrady at SF,
the first black person who played basketball
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Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat.
108,713. That's the new Guinness Book of World Records.
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I don't know if he was there, but he did not perform at the game.
There is no minimum height you need to be to slam dunk although, obviously, the taller one is the easier it is to do it. The smallest person I have seen slam dunk is former NBA player Spud Webb who won the NBA slam dunk competition at the 1986 All Star Game. Webb was 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters)...
a amazing dunk with power vertical leap that makes the crowd cheer
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The 2008 NBA All-Star Game was played at New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Yes. Any active player can make the all star team.
Anybody in the NBA
If he's black he made slam dunks. no racism intended
24 all together 12 each team