Prime-Time Cartoons

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Prime Time Cartoons are animated T.V. series aimed at an older audiences. They contain some humor that might not be appropriate for young children.
No specific date has been given but in the episode Road to Rhode Island, Brian is shown having recently been born. Since the episode originally aired in May 2000 and the on-screen text says '7 Years Earlier', unofficially Brian was born in May 1993.
American dad season 2 episode 1 is not a question therefore it cannot be answered. Please rephrase your question so it can be answered properly.
Brian Griffin . Cleveland Brown . Glenn Quagmire . Joe Swanson
it depends on the system but u can try game headz
There isn't a definitive answer for this question but perhaps itwould be the show runner, Al Jean.
It is her own variant of the song that her crush Colin wrote for her,
its called tooth fairy tats. its in season 4
In the first scene in season 11, broadcast March 8, 2007, Randy Marsh is on the Wheel of Fortune and reaches the bonus round. Unfortunately, he has the wrong answer for "People who annoy you". He blurts out the "N word" instead of the correct answer, which was "Naggers". The rest of the episode...
Are you talking about a rap from 1990 where there were clips from the show interspersed with the song and the last line was "My hero is Bart Simpson"? If so, it was called "The Bart Simpson Rap". At least, that's what the local radio stations referred to it as.
yes it will everything comes out in Canada and gets shiped to u.s.a
The lyrics are posted in the link shown below
This is not a question, therefore cannot be answered. Care to reword it?
an ape? sorry, you didnt ask that well.... ;)
Dolph . Duffman . Doris [as in Lunchlady Doris] . Database . Declan Desmond . Dewey Largo . Drederick Tatum
The jingle from Old Spice television commercials.
The theme song from the movie Team American. Point of Interest:Matt and Trey wore evening gowns to the Oscars.
FOX, adult swim, TBS, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, local affiliates[check your local listings]
Incomplete list & in no particular order: . Wendell . Lewis . Mrs. Glick . Jasper . Marvin Monroe . Sanji . Manjula . Herman . Mr. Larson . Drederick Tatum . Rainer Wolfcastle . Lunchlady Doris
He is a cartoon. Cartoon's have no religion.
Homer's hair above his hair forms an 'M' and the ear shape slightly resembles a 'G'. MG for Matt Groening, the creator of the Simpsons.
The Simpson family themselves attend church sometimes, but none of them are outwardly religious on a regular basis. The flanders family (the Simpson's next-door-neighbors) however, are all very conservative christians. Television star Krusty the Clown is Jewish
I take it you've never EVER seen the show? Yes, of course he can.
Season Twelve Episode One | Sex, Pies & Idiot Scrapes
" Rusty Nails " : "Matt Groening, who grew up in Portland watching the shows, loosely based the Krusty the Clown character from The Simpsons on the real-life clown, though Groening says that Krusty's mean-spirited nature is nothing like Rusty Nails." ~ Wikipedia
No one can possibly know this answer.
Actually, Bart finds out later that it isn't really Michael Jackson. He was a white man, fat, and he was short.
Matt Groening. He is also the one who made The Simpsons.
well Kenny parents keep haivng kids named Kenny over and over and over again so keeny never really comes back its a new one every time
Matt didn't create The Simpsons Movie, in fact he has very littleto do with its creation.
The Professor sells Planet Express to Mom because they are loosing more money than they are making, but little does the Professor know that his sale makes Mom own just over 50% of the Earth making her supreme ruler. The crew then have to find a way to stop Mom from taking over the universe.
Pumbaa is played by Ernie Sabella.
Answer . the first 4 seasons will be re released on october 22nd along with the long awaited season 5
No . It was said by John Bender [Judd Nelson's character] in The Breakfast Club in 1985 years before it was heardin the second episode, 1990's Bart theGenius
I can't find one that does. Xena appears in an episode, but she's obviouslynot a Simpsons character.
It's entertaining.
The Jack Parr Show on tape and Ed Sullivan live.
The Simpsons Season 11 on DVD will most probably be released in August 08.. As you may have noticed Season 8 was released on August 06, Season 9 was December 06, Season 10 was August 07 but instead of releasing season 11 on December 07 they released the Simpsons Movie.
They are colorless, just white w/ a black pupil.
Smithy gets kidnapped episodes 359 which you can watch on youtube by typing in the bill smithy and louise larson.
I know Homer sued the Frying Dutchman because he paid for all you can eat and ate everything in the restaurant. The Owner sued him for it.
John Nerdelbaum Frink Jr.
Its not a episode, its a movie. Its called: SOUTH PARK, BIGGERLONGER AND UNCUT
Every time Kenny dies, his parents have another baby. This is Kenny being reborn over and over, because Kenny can't ever really die. This is explained in the episode Coon vs. Coon and Friends (episode 13, season 14). In the episode Cartman Joins NAMBLA (episode 5, season 4), Kenny's parents...
\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou could be losing compression from your cylinders or your timing chain could be slipping. My chain broke and that was the first thing to occur. No power when applying the gas.\n. \ncould be a fuel pump not producing enough pressure. has the pressure to run the car but not...
Techincally his job was never stated w/in the Family Guy world butpresumably he has the same occupation he had on The Brady Bunch,that being an architech
No it is Kenny that is poverty-stricken, which Cartman often makes fun of.
Armed Robbery of the Quik-E-Mart
Marge Simpsons favorite food is noodles and butter melted on top its free and dosent buffer
No, never. She voiced Luanne on King of the Hill
No. There were never plans for a Bravo movie.
No Homer is not rude he is simple minded
Just because you have placed a question mark at the end of thisgrouping of words does not make this an interrogative sentence.This is a statement, not a question.
Ned Flanders & Herman own their own stores. Apu runs his the Kwik-E-Mart but he does not own it.
There was a Jesus Vs Frosty in 1992, but if you look back at actual movies, their first movie was "Cannibal The Musical" release in 1994 PURE genius humor! Great music and brilliant dialogue!
(personal opinion) It's hilarious at first if you've been around long enough to get all the references (some are REALLY obscure; I once saw a reference to a children's show I used to watch in the 1970s that was only on in the New York City area), but then it starts getting old after a little while...
Yes, Mr. Saturday Knight
Timothy (Tim) Lovejoy.
He is supposed to be making sure that the Nuclear plant doesn'tmelt down, but over all he doesn't do much at all.
Rather broad person's funny is another person's mundane but there's the Disney inspired animated segment in Road to the Multiverse , there's the dead frog Peter got for Chris in Long John Peter , there's Paulie mooning the 'aliens' and being seen by Bonnie in There's Something...
one of them is heavy metal (takin' a ride) by don felder.
It's watched all over the world, and people learn a lot about American culture and media by watching it. They also hire Korean animators and Spanish Speaking voice-over actors.
A lot of times. Really a lot of times.
the simpsons first appeared as shorts on the Tracy ullmann show