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Joan of Arc

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Saint Joan of Arc or The Maid of Orleans (1412 –1431) is regarded a Catholic saint and a national heroine of France. She led the French army to important victories during the Hundred Years’ War.
No, she was not. Some people may think this, but she said herself that rape was attempted, but the plan did not go through.
Joen of arc was known as a the Maid of Orleans     Jeanne d' Arc is famous for defeating the English for the throne of France. She captured the city of Orleans in nine days from the English army and finally for her death on fire, at Vieux-Marche in Rouen, sentenced by a religious court of the...
No, Joan had no training of any kind. She could not read nor write  and had no combat training or experience.
Joan was seventeen years old when she was given command of theFrench army.
She did not need one. Cars were not invented until hundreds of years after she died.
Joan had led the French to several military victories that had  seriously embarrassed and humiliated the British army and they  wanted her dead. As it would not have been proper to execute her  for military actions she took they concocted false charges of  heresy and witchcraft. An ethnic French...
Joan had no romantic adventures. She had no boy friends.
She believed she had been chosen to lead the army of France in battles with England. She carried a banner onto the battlefield, but no weapon. She didn't want to hurt anyone. The English soldiers were afraid of her because they felt she had supernatural power. She Born in 1412 and Died in 1431 wich...
    her weakness was her family
She died before she could. So, no she did not. She was examined and certified a virgin at the time of her trial. She was never married and had no children because she was only 19 when she was killed.
Mainly, the Battles of Rheims and lifting the siege of Orleans. Like many historical characters ( like George Washington"s stopovers) there is an undeniable mixture of possibly ficitonal sites that were not actual Battle sites but mere waymarkers- as in one poem- Tours, Arles, and Domremy reply- and...
Her name was Isabelle ( spellings were loose in the Dark Ages- as Jeanne is occasionally handled Jehanne- even on monuments, but her mother"s name was Isabelle D"arc.
She has the prudence and great faith in God.She also always need to be confessed after she committed sin.  
Joan led the French army when she was 17 years old until she was  captured at the age of 18.
Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Catherine of Alexandria and  Saint Margaret of Antioch.
No, there weren't other women knights. Women weren't allowed to fight during the Middle Ages. However, occasionally if things became particularly dire, women would join the fight at the last moment, or pretend to be men and sneak into the army. For instance, Jeanne Hachette (real name: Jeanne Laisn...
Her family was exceptionally poorShe was (obviously) female, and females couldn't serve in the military of France so she had to hide this fact when she enlisted.Joan of Arc was constantly being spoken too by a number of different Saints who's physical bodies had passed away. Ultimately she had to...
She did escape briefly from the tower in which she was being heldprisoner by jumping 70 feet into a dry moat. However, she wascaptured almost immediately. She did not escape being burned at thestake, however.
She would be 598 years old.
Joan of Arc's major contribution to the Hundred Years War was to lift the spirits of the nearly-defeated French troops and give them hope to continue. Joan of Arc led and inspired her troops to raise the siege of Orleans, which was the strategic key to all of Southern France. The English already...
she was a catholic
Joan of Arc was convicted of heresy by a biased jury and was burned at the stake in 1431. Later, in 1456 a second trail found her innocent, and she was cleared of all charges. Joan of Arc was then beatified in 1909 and later canonized in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV.
No, she was disguised for a short time as a paige so that she couldbe smuggled into see the Dauphin. She wore men's clothing in battlebecause to wear dresses was not practical especially when she hadto wear armour.
Joan of Arc was burned at the stake when she was 19.
Joan's father supplemented his farming work with a minor positionas a village official, collecting taxes and heading the localwatch.
No, she he came from a family of substantial means.
Joan of Arc was actually a young woman who dressed up as a man to lead the French army against the British in the Hundred Years' War. Eventually the French won because of great leadership by Joan of Arc. While fighting though, Joan of Arc died.
Joan never wavered in her testimony when on trial for heresy. Eventhough the court found her guilty in her first trial, 25 yearsafter her death an investigation found her innocent of all chargesand proclaimed her to have been a martyr. Martyrdom is generallyconsidered as a first=class ticket to...
Joan of Arc was the third of five children to the farmer Jacques  Darc and his wife Isabelle de Vouthon. She had three brothers and  one sister.
Jacques d' Arc was her father and Isabelle de Vouthon was hermother. Isabelle de Vouthon also known as Isabelle Renee was her mother and Jacques d'Arc was her father.
Yes, Joan was burned as a heretic on May 30, 1431, in Rouen, France
Joan of Arc was actually a French Commander.
No, Joan of Arc did not have a husband. Her father wanted her to marry, but she didn't.
Roman Catholic AnswerPersonally, I think the most important thing to learn from Joan of Arc is that no matter where you are in life, your age, your education, whatever, you be and do great things if you depend entirely upon God, putting all your trust in Him. Remember, the only important thing that...
She was condemned to being burned at the stake.
No. Joan of Arc said that God commanded her to free France.
She was sentenced to death as a heretic by the British supportingbishop, Pierre Cauchon, who ordered her to be burned at the stakeas a heretic.
Joan of Arc died on May 30, 1431 at the age of 19.
Joan of Arc lived in Domrémy (know today as Domrémy-la-Pucelle) asmall village located in Eastern France. During her childhood herparents owned and operated their own farm on 50 acres of land. Herfather also held a position as a village official, collecting taxesand heading the local town...
Not all of them, presumably, but she was leading the French in battle against the English (and winning), so most people probably disliked her very much.
She said that she heard voices from God and the saints. Many people were skeptical and thought that she was lying, or hearing the voice of the devil instead. She also won battles for the French during the Hundred Years War, so the English said that since God was on their side, she must have used...
she joined the army because she was very religious and said she saw st Micheal and st Catherine who told her that she should join the army dressed as a man
Joan of Arc did not wear a disguise. She wore means armor and  clothing because it was much easier to fight in them, but it was  never a secret that she was a woman.    She did briefly use a disguise when she was being taken to see the  Dauphin the first time. They dressed her as a paige,
No, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.
Joan began receiving visions in 1424 at the age of 12, and continued receiving visions until she died in 1431.
  Joan of Arc believed that God wanted her to save her country by driving the English out of France.
Joan had no schooling and could neither read nor write. Her parentsshowed her how to work.
We so know that Joan of Arc's year of birth was circa 1412 and for certain her death was on May 30, 1431. However, she wasn't really active with her visions and the war until 1428 or 1429 and her introduction to Charles VII. Her brief 19 years were very eventful and her legacy is still being felt...
Initially, Joan had been charged as both a witch and a heretic.They found nothing to confirm she was either. However, thepresiding bishop decided she had violated an obscure mandate in theOld Testament that forbid women from wearing men's clothing. SinceJoan had violated this she was tried as a...
Joan of Arc was born in 1412. In 1429 she was given the rank of captain, and led French troops against the English forces.
Saint Michael the Archangel spoke to Joan in a vision.
No, Joan of Arc had no education and could neither read nor write.
The court initially wanted to convict her of witchcraft, but upon  examination they found she was still a virgin, and people believed  that to be a witch one had to have had sex with the devil. So,  since Joan of Arc was still a virgin, the court couldn't try her  for witchcraft, and tried her...
Joan of Arc, La Pucelle d'Orléans, or the Maid of Orleans was a  real military commander during the 100 Years War.
Joan of Arc was 13 when she first started receiving visionsand  hearing voices, and she was 17 when she set out to try and lift the  siege of Orleans, and get the Dauphin crowned as king of France.
Joan was captured by the Burgundians in 1430, sold to the Britishand held as a prisoner for trial.
Usually when females were burned at the stake they were dressed ina shabby brown dress made of sack cloth - burlap.
She was accused of being both a heretic and a witch.
She is a national heroine in France, and is a very popular, much-loved figure.
Joan of Arc was an actual person, and most of the events surrounding her story did happen, so the story doesn't actually serve a purpose. It was a real woman existing during a real war. However, people could take different lessons from Joan of Arc. For instance: the strength of women, the strength...
Joan of Arc had tremendous courage, aided by the belief that she was doing the will of God. She was only 5 feet, two inches tall, but she was very strong and was an expert horseman. She was a great source of inspiration and leadership to the soldiers in the French army, whom she would often...
After her charred body was pulled from the ashes, it was burned two  additional times. They then tossed the remaining ashes rather  unceremoniously into the Seine river- so no relics survived.
Joan of Arc was important because her actions resulted in the crowing of Charles VII as King of France, as well as galvanizing the French people into renewed efforts to drive out the English. Joan of Arc is now recognized as a national heroine in France. She is an important religious figure, whose...
Joan of Arc is considered a virgin and martyr.
  Joan"s military career was confined to the latter phases of the Hundred Years war. Specifically she fought in the battles of Orleans and Rheims, with various rear guard operations more rallies than battles, the poem (The Good Joan) is fairly accurate at least geographically. somewhat oddly ,...
  Joan of Arc exhibited great courage in many ways. First, it took great courage to follow the call of God when she was a simple young girl. It definitely took great courage when she led men into battle as was exposed to all the hazards of medieval warfare. She even showed greater courage when...
All that Joan was able to accomplish at such a young age is unparalleled in history. Only 17 when she was put in command of the French army, she is the youngest person to ever command the armies of a nation. In only a couple of months she was able to completely reverse a war that had been going on...
Maid of OrleansJoan of arcthe savior
Joan of Arc did not go to school because in 15th Century Europe  Peasent Women did not go to school.
  What done she done in her past and all the history she made for the world !
Her enemy was the British occupying army and their allies such asthe Burgundians.
  Joan of Arc was given command of the French Army in the Spring of 1429 by the King of France Charles VII.
  Joan of Arc went to Orleans to relieve the city from the siege it was under from the English.
she held a cross as she was burned on the steak. she also prayed.
Joan was from the peasant class. They family was not destitute butwas far from wealthy.
Joan of Arc was a Peasant Girl in the 15th Century CE. She was  uneducated.
Joan of arc had inspired her country to take up arms against occupying English troops. Joan allows players to experience this epic period...
she was at first just a young french girl but she got a 'call from the virgin Mary' and went to the king of France and insisted she serve in his army. he let her and she led France into many victorious battles, but she was captured by the English and burned at the stake as a witch by England.
Joan of Arc was a human being. Homo sapiens.
Many Chateaus (Castles) had no connection with Joan of Arc. They  include but are not limited to:    Castle Bran  Versaille  Chambourd  Blarney Castle  The Hofburg  Edinburgh Castle  Atalaya Castle  Alhambra  
In God's name, the soldiers will fight and God will give the victory" "En nom De, les gens d'armes batailleront et Dieu donnera victoire" is the famous response Joan gave when she was asked why she needed soldiers if God wished to deliver France. After gaining approval from the Church theologians...
Joan of Arc was French and helped the French in the battle.
win the what?
Joan of Arc was tried and executed in the city of Rouen, which is in modern day northern France near the River Seine.
1456 here's some info on the event    Clarification:   Actually, the presiding bishop at the trial of Joan in 1431 quickly  threw out the allegations that Joan was a witch. She was examined  and found to be a virgin and the belief at the time was that a  woman could not become a witch...
Her former home is located in Domremy, France, and is an historicalsite.
Her best friend's name was Hauviette. I'm not sure if that's her best friend.
No she was not. Joan could neither read nor write.
Joan was born and lived her childhood years in the town of Domremy,France.
The country, citizens, monarchy and army of France benefited fromJoan of Arc's victories.
She claimed that God, St. Catherine, St. Margret, the Archangel Michael, along with many other saints and angels spoke to her in visions.
La Pucelle d'Orléans or The Maid of Orleans.
When Joan was a youngster she helped her parents on the family farmnear Domremy, France. At the age of 17 she became a member of theFrench army. She had no other occupation or career.
She was burned on a stake in a fire and was burned to death because they had captured her and put her in jail. :(
Joan and her family were named as nobility by Charles VII. It isbelieved that this is where the title d'Arc came from. After herdeath Joan was eventually named a saint by the Catholic Church.
Joan of Arc was born on January 6, 1412, at Greux-Domremy, Lorraine, France, and died by being burned alive on May 30, 1431, at Rouen, France.