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The Solar System

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Ever wondered if there is life on Mars? Or if Jupiter has five moons? Look no further; here is the category concerning all questions about our solar system and the known planets!
It spins to the right of the sun. Another viewpoint: The plane of the Sun's equator is tilted by just a few degrees to the plane of the Earth's orbit. So, the Earth revolves around the Sun roughly in the plane containing the Sun's equator. The Earth certainly does not orbit over the Poles of the...
There is no atmosphere in mercury
There is no such thing as up and down in space, so it just revolves  around the sun.
it means there is nice wether oh its way
A volcanic crater is a generally circular shaped depression.
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On the 1st, 29th and 30th of November 1860.
I'm pretty sure there are more than just 2000 moons!!!! Our  universe is HUGE and continues to expand everyday, so there must be  like MILLIONS OF MOONS! I can't exactly give you a number of how  many moons exist in the universe, because that would take more than  5 billion years.  ...
Gravitation follows an inverse square law, so a gravitational fieldwhile eventually small enough to be negligible will never benon-existent.
This effect is caused by the atmosphere of the earth. The reason  for the orange colour is due to the scattering of light by the  atmosphere. When the moon is near the horizon, the moonlight must  pass through much more atmosphere than when the moon is directly  overhead. By the time the...
About 470 million km or 292 million miles
Jupiter has rings, but they are not as visible as those of Saturn.
The moon always appears larger at full moon because it is closer to  Earth.
There is no starting point. We don't know where Pluto started  orbiting so we cannot determine the answer to this question.  However, we do know that it takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the sun.
If the planet was exactly in between Mars and Jupiter, it would  take 3645.029 days. 
2000 miles ... then you will run into a black hole which will then take you to a portal that takes you back to your house....shortly after you will die from a hernia
Jupiter actually has no land. It is gas. This makes it sort of hard  for someone to reach Jupiter to study it. If someone where to  travel to Jupiter, they wouldn't land.
The moon can rise between 6pm and 9pm.
Yes, otherwise we wouldn't be able to see them.
The Earth's rotation is, in fact, slowing. But not at a rate that  anyone would notice-unless one happens to be around in 150 million  years. Using eclipse data from as far back as 2000 BC, scientists  estimate that the period of Earth's rotation is growing by  approximately 1.7 milliseconds per...
Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. There were six.
The Earth belongs to the terrestrial planets(Mercury, Venus, Earth,  and Mars).
Solar eclipses happen somewhere around the world every 18 months orso. This means that over the course of a six year period you wouldhave the following distribution. Year 1 First Quarter, Year 2 ThirdQuarter, Year Four Second Quarter Year Six Fourth Quarter.Therefore solar eclipses can happen in any...
Jupiter is made up of 90% hydrogen. The remaining 10% is almost  completely made up of helium, although there are small traces of  other gases inside.
Almost all planets in the Solar system orbit the sun  anti-clockwise when viewed from the northern side, with the  exception of Venus, which orbits anti-clockwise. This is due to the  initial conditions of the gas cloud that was collapsing into the  planets while our Star system was just forming...
About 71% of Earth is cover in water.
Whenever it is at its perigee, i.e. its closest distance to Earth.  This happens every 27,55 days, a time interval known as an  Anomalistic Month. The moon perigee can vary between 356000km and  370000km, so the moon's apparent size varies accordingly. However,  you'd not be able to tell the...
One AU is 148,597,871 km, so 0.7 AU is 104,718,510 km. The velocity  of light and other electromagnetic radiations in free space is  299,792.458 km/second, so the time for the round trip is (2 *  104,718,510 / 299,792.458) seconds - or 698.6 seconds (11 minutes,  38.6 seconds.)
The moon's average distance to Earth is about 384400km. Its closest  approach to earth brings it to 356000km. So it never really is  50000km "closer to the Earth than usual" as long as you are  referring to its average distance by that.
About 1,350,000 miles per hour or 2,175,000 kilometers per hour
it wont it just depends on what the horizon is made of
The Astronaut Class of 1978, otherwise known as the "Thirty-Five  New Guys," was NASA's first new group of astronauts since 1969.  This class was notable for many reasons, including having the first  African-American and first Asian-American astronauts. During  Women's History Month in March,...
It shines becuase it reflects off the sun. But during the day it is  blocked by the suns light
Earths atmosphere consists of 78.09% Nitrogen, 28.95% Oxygen and 1%  trace elements, mainly Argon. The martian atmosphere consists of  96% Carbon Dioxide, 1.9% Nitrogen, 1.9% Argon, with oxygen present  only as a trace element. Where you to inhale the martian atmosphere  you would suffocate. The...
A black dwarf would be the same size as a white dwarf: between  7,000 and 17,000 miles across.
To revolve around the sun, it takes 88 days. To rotate on its own  axis, it takes 58.6 days. One rotation takes 175.97 Earth  days
because the earth is spinning and as it spins the sun appears to  move.
Yes, "Whenever the sun is shining in your town" is a fragment. It  does not complete the thought.    Some examples of a complete sentence would be:    Whenever the sun is shining in your town, the children come out  to play.  Whenever the sun is shining in your town, the road is too hot...
it may cause an earth quake
A penumbral lunar eclipse takes place when the Moon moves through  the faint, outer part of the Earth's shadow.
Jupiter is Gaseous Planet so no Lander/Rover can land on Jupiter.Voyager is basically a Spacecraft and spacecraft is used as flybyaround a planet or object. It had a flyby of Jupiter in1979. It is now outside the heliopause - the "bubble" of plasmacoming from the sun otherwise known as solar wind....
Neptune's and Earth's orbits place them at different distances at different times. The approximate minimum distance between the two is about 4.3 billion kilometers, and the approximate maximum distance between the two is about 4.7 billion kilometers.
Triton, proteus, Nereid, Larissa, and Galatea, according to  diameter
If you've ever heard of the expression "once in a blue moon", you would probably refer to it as being "rare" or "unusual", so if you were born on a blue moon (which I have just found out I was) it means you're pretty unique!
If by "causes" you mean what caused Earth to form - Earth was  formed from the left over stuff that formed Sun. A nebula of dust  and rocks was pulled together by its own gravity and formed the  sun, but not all of it was pulled to the center of the mass and the  residual stuff began to orbit...
Anything which is part of the normal landscape or sky (trees,  hills, birds,clouds, planes) usually looks smaller when they're  near the horizon. The reason for this is simple: stuff near the  horizon is generally more distant. Just take trees in the  landscape, or a road disappearing in the...
  The sun has a  magnetic field that gets twisted around inside the sun as it spins.  There are places on the sun where this magnetic field rises up from  below the sun's surface and pokes through, creating  sunspots.Sunspots are magnetic and often have  a north and south pole like a magnet...
Mankind has not yet gone to Neptune nor a satellite. There are only  satellites around the Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars, We have sent an  unmanned probe to Neptune (Voyager 2), but it did not go into  orbit. It just flew by and took some pictures.It would have taken  far too much energy to slow the...
This tells you that, because Mercury is very cratered, it must have  no protection against the asteroids coming in. So, it is basically  telling you that Mercury has a very thin atmosphere
The next total solar eclipse will be on March 20, 2015 but only  those who live in Europe, North Africa, and North Asia will be able  to see it.
no its a dwarf planet
Weight is a measurement of how hard gravity is pulling on a set  amount of mass. The stronger the gravity on a heavenly body  (planet, moon, star, asteroid, etc) the stronger the pull on mass.  A block of lead that weighs 100 pounds here on Earth would weigh 16  pound on the moon (since the...
the planet that is being commited is the 10th Planet "Vulcan"
Planet Mercury is about 36 million miles from the sun.
Venus orbits the sun every 224.7 Earth days.
Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto
during the 17th century, Galileo galilei , using a telescope , made several important observations that clearly supported the sun center of the solar system....
It orbits the Sun all the time! You probably meant : "What time does Neptune take to complete one orbit around the Sun?"The answer to that is: about 165 Earth years.
No, they don't. The earth makes one full rotation around it's axis  once every 24 hours, whereas the moon makes one rotation around  it's axis once every 27.3 days. Interestingly, the moon also makes  one full rotation around the earth in this same time period, so the  same side of the moon is...
Well ill try to answer the best i can because im not really sure  what you are asking.   Mayans believed that the gods were angry any time a lunar eclipse  would happen because usually it gives off a red tint to it and the  Mayans believed that the gods were displeased during this time and ...
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Aztecs believed that if a pregnant woman saw an eclipse, her baby would be born with a cleft pallet.
In 2017, a solar eclipse will occur in USA not Pakistan.
The next eclipse is a total eclipse of the sun on March 8-9, 2016,  caused by a supermoon at the new phase.  The path of totality for that eclipse will pass mainly over the  waters of the Pacific Ocean. Only those along that long, narrow  path can see the total solar eclipse. The path of...
it would take about six to seven months
  == Answer ==   No, but it is possible to hear their effects. 
Apollo 11 was the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon.
If you just went to the planet and came back without venturing down  below you would need funds for the ship itself, food, water,  oxygen, fuel, and also keep in mind they'll be gone for over 2  years.
We don't really know how much water there is in the solar system. Europa, one of Jupiter's 63 moons, might have a tremendous amount of water. Scientists continue to find water; even on our own moon.
I found it odd how his accomplishments are known, but not his name. Usually, its the other way around. The man who did both of those things is named Jules Verne.
When the Solar System formed, not everything was used to make planets and moons, leftovers became asteroids and comets. They are perhaps the oldest remnants of the early Solar System and what we learn from them tells us about our own early history. Most of the asteroids lie between the orbits of...
Launch dates:Mars 2(Prop-M) - 19th of May 1971 Mars 3(Prop-M) - 28th of May 1971 Sojourner - 4th of December 1996 PLUTO - 2nd of june 2003 Spirit - 10th of june 2003 Opportunity - 7th of July 2003 Curiosity - 26th of November 2011
Living on the Moon would be expensive. But if you were doing it  anyway, there are many effects. The Moon's gravity is low. Your  bones would lose calcium. It is not possible to enjoy direct  sunlight, which is necessary for the body to create vitamin D, so  you would have other health problems....