How did photography impact the civil war?

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It had far reaching consequences. Pictures of the aftermath of battles could be sent all over the world. Pictures of loved ones could be carried into battle, or sent back to the family. It was the first war that was recorded visually.
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How did photography influence the Civil War?

Answer . It is generally accepted that the US Civil War was the first major war covered by photographers. For the first time, people had photographic images of the deat

What was the impact of the Spanish Civil War?

The biggest impact really came from Germany. Hitler used Spain as a testing ground for his newly built military , particularly his aircraft. The infamous German Condor Legion

What was the process of photography during the civil war?

The wet plate (or colldion) process was in use at the time. Thisinvolved coating a glass plate with a solution that when slightlygelled, was immersed in silver nitrate. While

Was The Civil War was the first war to be documented through photography?

The American Civil war was the first war to be extensively documented with photography, but the first war photographs were earlier. There were photographs taken during the Cri

What impact did women have on the civil war?

Proved they had the stomach for a long fight - including the Southern ladies who were supposed to be only good for flouncing and fluttering. Also there were some notable wome

What was an impact of the Civil War?

Depends which Civil War you are referring to. There have been hundreds.. English Civil War . War of the Roses . American Civil War . Crimean Civil War . Etc . Re-ask wi

What impact did the emancipation have on the civil war?

It fulfilled its most urgent aim - to keep the British and French from granting recognition to the Confederates, as this would have made them look pro-slavery. Its official a

Why was photography important during the civil war?

The War Between the States was the first war in which photography was widely used by Matthew Brady,Alexander Gardner and others to capture the terrible reality of warfare. The

What were the affects of the civil war photography?

Photography studios and galleries such as Matthew Brady's brought photos direct from the battlefield. Brady's photographic exhibit "The Dead of Antietam" shocked many with the

What impact did the Constitution have on the Civil War?

The Supreme Court had declared slavery to be legal in every state of the Union, based on their interpretation of the Constitution - that the Founding Fathers would have includ