How did the Big Bang theory originate?

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Georges Lemaître, a physicist and Belgian Catholic priest, set down one of the first modern propositions of the Big Bang theory for the origin of the universe. It was in 1927 that he published his "hypothesis of the primeval atom", which was based on Einstein's work.
Edwin Hubble came along in 1929 with the physical observations that the universe is expanding. This confirmed Lemaître's ideas. It turns out that far away objects are moving away from us quickly. And the farther away they are, the faster they're moving away. Other astronomers looked to see if they could see it in the so-called redshift (Doppler shift) in the retreating galaxies and other bright, distant objects. They could. Since the universe was expanding (and it was and still is according to all observations), the next logical step is to "rewind" the show all the way back to where the universe started expanding. Presto! Big Bang!
How did the Big Bang theory originate? That's it in a nutshell. Links are provided to the relevant Wikipedia articles on the Big Bang cosmological model.
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When did the Big Bang theory originate?

Big Bang is a cosmological model of the initial conditions and subsequent development of the universe. It is supported by the most comprehensive and accurate explanations from

How does the big bang theory explain the origin of the universe?

I guess really, it doesn't! The big bang theory in itself is filled with flaws and obscene estimations. I really can't think of any scientific explanations out at the moment

What does the big bang theory say about the origins of the world?

Something about a false vacuum allowing energy to be transferred in as long as it is returned. Its really confusing to non-astrophysicists, but I'll try to explain it. So sinc

What evidence supports the big bang theory of the origin of the universe?

Mainly Red-shift and CMBR (Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation). Red-shift supports the BBT alot because galaxies are move away from us at a single point. The further it mo

According to the big bang theory what did the universe originate as?

The Big Bang Theory can so far only describe what our Universe was like after it began to expand -- it can NOT (so far) tell us what happened right at the start of that expans

What origin is the big bang theory?

Model of the origin of the universe, which holds that it emerged from a state of extremely high temperature and density in an explosive expansion 10 billion-15 billion years a

Where did the big bang theory originate?

In 1925, Alexander Friedmann took the mathematics of general relativity, and showed that our Universe could either be expanding or contracting. In 1927, Jesuit priest Georges

Is the big bang theory a theory?

Yes, that's why it's called a theory. It's important to realize, however, that science uses the term "theory" in a different way than the general public. The popular meanin
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How did the big bang theory origin of the universe begin?

The theory began by (a) calculations, according to which a static Universe could not be stable in the long term, and (b) observations, that most galaxies are moving away from
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How does big bang theory originate earth?

One of the most persistently asked questions has been: How was the universe created? Many once believed that the universe had no beginning or end and was truly infinite. Throu
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Why is the origin of the universe also known as the big bang theory?

There is no 'why' for "Why is the origin of the universe is also known as the big bang theory." The Big Bang is just one of many theories and beliefs that our universe had a b
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How does the steady theory of the origin of the universe differ from the big bang and oscillating theories?

None of these three hypotheses deal with the ORIGIN of ourUniverse, simply with its nature. The Steady State Model says that our Universe has always been inexistence, and tha
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Did the big bang theory figure out the origin of the universe?

Please note this succint quote from Alan Guth: "The Big Bang theory says nothing about what banged, why it banged, or what happened before it banged." So, although Big Bang C