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How do you get rid of chlorine when you put too much in your swimming pool?

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Just wait it out, the Ch level will come down. When you add Ch (Shock) you are spiking the Ch level and normal conditions use Ch and lower the concentration. Unless you put so much in that it is having detrimental effects, you shouldn't worry. Be sure the Ph is in balance. If the Ph or Alkalinity is out of tolerence, you may have long term problems, like corrosion of tubing in the heater.
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There should not be a major problem unless the chlor level is above 10.0 ppm.
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What if there is too much chlorine in public pool?

It makes the water a litle less comfortable to swim in. That's the definition of a public pool. It needs too much chlorine to burn off all the urine, spit, sweat, and other b

Is too much chlorine in a pool dangerous?

Dangerous, It would take a larger amount of chlorine in a pool for it to be considered "dangerous" at least to people and animals. It would cause a person dry skin with extend

What do you do if you add too much chlorine to your pool?

    Answer #1     Wait.     The sun and time will reduce the residual chlorine. Or . . .     Drain some water from the pool and add fresh. I d

What do you do if your swimming pool has too much chlorine?

Lowering Chlorine LevelsThere is a product called "After Shock-Chlorine Reducer" by Jack's Magic. This will quickly lower the chlorine level in your pool. Please refer to manu

Can you swim safely in a pool with too much chlorine?

  Answer   That depends on the levels, however with high levels of chlorine when the sun is shining, it can burn the skin. There would have to be extreme elevated l

How soon can you swim after putting chlorine in a swimming pool?

  Answer   After you "shock" a pool with chlorine (a large amount to potentially kill anything that has been growing in there - bacteria from human waste, algae...),

Too much chlorine in pool is it safe to swim?

The NSPF states that between 1-3 ppm of chlorine is safe to swim in. Through my own strudies, I actually reccomend 4ppm as a standard. Especially in public pools or soft-sided

What do you do if there is too much chlorine in your pool?

  Just wait it out the chlorine will dissipate after a couple of days. if you have a salt water pool turn the chlorine generator down or run the filter less often if possi

I put too much algeside in the pool how do I get rid of the foaming?

  You can use a foam disperser for temporary relief, but the only long term solution is to allow the level to normally drop, replace water, or try to use large quantities

How do you get rid of too much chlorine in your pool?

Answer . \nevaporation and/or dilution\n. \nevaporation: chlorine will evaporate from a pool fastest on a hot, sunny day. leave the cover off for a bit.\n. \ndilution: a