How do you use the spare tire mount in a silverado?

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Get your jack handle out from under your back seat ( that's where mine is ) and there is a hole in the rear bumper probably on the right side by the licence plate. Put it in that hole and you will find a place for the end of the jack handle. It is @ a slight angle. Turn the jack handle counter clockwise to lower your spare tire to the ground and clockwise to raise it back in place. Jef
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How do you remove spare tire on 2003 Chevy silverado?

I have a 2005 Silverado that I'm installing a hitch on. I tried lowering the tire using the crank provided, and it only dropped a few inches. After a few tries, and a few choi

Can you use a spare a different size tire for a spare?

Yes and no. If it isn't too much different then you can use it short term on a non-drive axle. In other words, put it on the front if your car is a rear wheel drive or put it

How do I replace the spare tire mount of a Toyota Highlander 2005 back in its place?

If you are referring to how to wind the cable back up into the spare tire well, there are clear instructions on how to do this located in both the owners manual AND on a deca