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How many days of rest do your abs need in between workouts?

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work on a different part of your body every day
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Do rest days help your overall workouts and fat burning?

Yes, they do.   Think of it this way: you do not grow muscle in the gym. What you do in the gym should stimulate muscle growth outside the gym, which means that recovery is

What are some good ab workouts?

If you are reading this, it may be because you want to lose weight, and get a flat stomach. So I will share some secrets about burning stomach fat, and some tips on properly l

How many crunches do you have to do a day to get abs?

Getting a visible, defined six pack is mostly a matter of reducing body fat, not developing the abdominal muscles. You can do all the intense abdominal work you want, but unti

How many days should you rest a group of muscles between workouts?

  Hi , you should probably spend 1-2 days of rest between your workouts. it also depends how hard you workout at your workout. if you do an easy workout then only rest one

You are 19 years old 170 pounds how many calories should you eat to get six pack abs if you workout 1.5 to 2 hours a day and play hockey for an hour a day?

You're young, so your metabolism shouldn't be an issue. You can be as thin as a rail and still not have a six-pack. What you need is an intense sit-up routine, along with with
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Where can I get easy ab workouts at home?

You can order videos online or you can watch you tube for the long list of ab workouts. You tube i think would be the easiest place because youre not paying for anything and y