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How many people in India follow Hinduism?

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Over 800 million Indians, about 80.5% of the total population are Hindu.
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How do people follow Hinduism?

  Answer   You have to find the true living master/teacher/guru. Under his/her guidance and support you achieve the Inner Peace/Contentment/Fulfillment/or whatever.

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How many people around the world follow Hinduism?

According to the CIA World Fact Book, 13.78% of the world's population are Hindus. (2009 est.) Number of followers may range anywhere between 860 millions to 1.4 billion. It

What rules do Hinduism people follow?

in the hindu religion, they believe that all animals are sacred, and so they must not eat or use anything that an animal has died for you to have. the cow is one off the most

How many people in India follow Islam?

The Muslim population in India is estimated to be 177 million,  which makes Islam the second most popular religion in the country.  India's total population is 1.237 billion

How does Hinduism affect the lives of the people in India?

Hinduism has affected life in India because the caste system has given each group a job to do. For example, the Kshatriyas are warriors. Therefor, their job is to fight the de