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How many states were in the Union in 1862?

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There were 34 states in the Union when Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860. And twenty-three when the US Civil War started,
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How many states are there in the Union?

50 States makes up the union. They are as follows:   1 Delaware Friday, December 7, 1787 2 Pennsylvania Wednesday,  December 12, 1787 3 New Jersey Tuesday, December 18, 1

Who were the Union generals in 1862?

There were over 600 generals in the Union Army in 1862. Thisincluded the soon to be retired General in Chief Winfield Scott.Later the two leading Union generals at the beginni

What was seen by many historians as the problems the strategy of the Union plans on the Fall of 1862 posed?

Because the Union's strategy and operational planning revolved andfocused on geographical objectives, meeting their objectives wouldnot deliver a decisive result to end the wa