How much water evaporates from a pool?

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Water Evaporation from a Pool

The evaporation rate depends on the surface area of the pool, the temperature, and the relative humidity and the wind. I'm sure an "equation" containing the variables is known. Perhaps a civil or mechanical engineer would have a specific equation. I did find what seems to be a credible source that provides a reasonable answer. Here is the link: Marin municipal water district. They have a chart that lists 200-300 gallons per week for a medium-sized pool -- about 2%-5% of typical pool volumes. "Splash-out" water is probably a much more significant source of water loss.

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  • In my 14 years of experience, I found that there are a lot of circumstances involved in how much water is lost during evaporation. The best way to find out how much water your pool is losing is the following:

    Take a 5-gallon bucket and make a mark with a permanent marker at about the halfway point. Fill the bucket with water up to that point, and set the bucket right beside your swimming pool. Simultaneously, use a pencil to mark the water level on your pool tile. In that way, your can determine how much water has evaporated from the bucket and from the pool.
  • The evaporation rate of water from a swimming pool is fairly easy to calculate; given you have access to a psychometric chart or a water vapor tables. W=(A (69.4+30.8 (V)) / Y )(Pw-Pa) W = lb / hr of evaporation. A = surface area of the swimming pool. V = mean wind velocity (mph). Y= Latent heat (approx. 1000). Pw - Sat. Press at Room Air temp (in Hg). Pa - Sat. Vapor press at water temp (in Hg)
  • Wow! Who has enough time on their hands to run complicated math formulas. A simple rule of thumb in the pool industry is that 1/2" to 1" per day is normal evaporation. Evaporation more than 1" per day would indicate a considerable amount of splash-out or a water leak.
  • The above answer is completely incorrect!! I have worked in the pool industry for over 30 years, and I am currently a leak detection professional who teaches my craft at the swimming pool convention. I am also a founder of an international alliance of swimming pool leak specialists. 1/2" to 1" per day is not a general rule of thumb in the pool industry and is excessive! Use a bucket of water set next to your pool to determine how much water evaporates in your area. Even two pools at neighboring properties can have different evaporation rates due to differing environments.
  • In different areas the rate of loss varies, but in Houston, Texas, we figure on evaporation of 1" to 1.5" per week during the summer.
  • Some people don't realize that water evaporation is much greater in the fall than in the summer -- when water temperatures are high and air temperatures are cold (especially at night). This will just suck the water right out of the pool.

    I am sure there are a lot of variables regarding geographic location and humidity levels. In the Mid-Atlantic, I would consider anything over 1/2" per day the mark to start looking for problems (unless you have a heated spa or waterfall, etc.).
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How much water evaporation is normal for an inground pool in Northern NJ?

Simple evaporation test: Mark your water level of your pool, (make sure that the auto feed valve is off). Place a bucket with water next to the pool and mark the level. (keep the dog away as this will affect the outcome. Periodically monitor your levels. The pool and the bucket should have the same (MORE)

Will a darker pool liner cause more water evaporation?

Answer . A dark pool liner might cause a very small increase in water evaporation, but nothing significant. \n. \nThe dark pool liner will raise the water temp a bit which, in turn, may increase the evaporation rate. But, the evaporation rate is much more dependent upon the air temperature and h (MORE)

How fast does swimming pool water evaporate?

\n. \n Swimming pool water \n. \nIt depends on whether the pool is considered "enclosed" inside a pool house or not. The assumption in such case is that the pool house prevents "outside" air circulation which enables the humidity inside that "house" to be maintained at a high level which mini (MORE)

How much water is in an above ground pool?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nGood Question? Well there are many different sizes of pools. You can find the volume of one by Multiplying the Length X Width X Depth . \n. \nSay a pool that is 10ft x 20ft x 8ft = 1600ft3\n. \nThere is 7.4805 Gallons per cubit foot. Therefore this pool would be (MORE)

How fast will the water evaporate in an above ground pool?

Answer . \nThat is hard to say, in the north east for the most part we have to add water, if we get into a drought or its hot for days on end, maybe once a month, I think loss of water because of splashing would be greater than evaporation.

Does water in a swimming pool evaporate more in the fall or colder temperatures or is there a leak somewhere?

The rate at which your pool evaporates depends on a combination of the temperature the wind and relative humidity Tis can be between 12 to 25 mm per day. If you feel that you may have a leak some where The thing to do is put water in a water bucket then Mark the water level on it. put a discreet mar (MORE)

How do you determine how much water is in your pool?

Answer . If you mean you want to know the volume of water in your pool, you would multiply the length times the width times the depth (in feet). The answer will be in cubic feet, but if you want the answer in gallons, multiply the number of cubic feet by 7.481. If the depth varies (eg., 3 feet (MORE)

How much water evaporates from the ocean?

80 percent evaporates from the ocean. Incorrect !!! All water in the water cycle of Earth evaporates from oceans and works its way back to the ocean. Evaporation from rivers, lakes, ponds etc. is a temporary stage of the overall trip back to its origin in the oceans.

How much water evaporates from fountain in summer?

Answer . It depends on the location. The National Weather Service (NOAA Technical Report NWS 33) has data from all over the U.S. on pan evaporation and free water surface evaporation. The Western Regional Climate Center has data on the Western states.. Take the evaporation number for your area i (MORE)

How much water is in a swimming pool?

I depends on what type of pool your are swimming at. Like if one pool you are swimming at is 12 feet and a different pool is 5 feet the is going to be more water is the 12 foot swimming pool. It depends on the size of the pool.

How much water is evaporated each day?

According to "Total annual evapotranspiration amounts to approximately 505,000 km 3 (121,000 cu mi) of water, 434,000 km 3 (104,000 cu mi) of which evaporates from the oceans.". So each day 1,400 km 3 water evaporates all over the world.

How do I calculate how much water evaporates from a water feature?

You can't calculate because the amount will vary according to the time of day, the temperature, the humidity, the wind and other factors. What you can do is measure how much water is there at the beginning of a day, or a week, and then measure again how much is there at the end of your time perio (MORE)

How much water is evaporated each year?

According to the most recent data, about 80,000 cubic miles ofwater is evaporated each year. Most of that falls back to earth inthe form of rain or snow.

Why does your pool water evaporates fast in your in ground pool?

IF YOU ARE SPEAKING ABOUT YOURSELF - YOU AS A PERSON - THEN DON'T USE THE WORD "YOUR" AS IN YOUR POOL WATER. PLEASE USE THE WORDS "I" OR "OUR" OR "MY" POOL.... ***** To the person that replied with this answer above: ***** I created this account just to tell you that if you don't have an answer (MORE)

How much is swimming pool evaporation in Dallas Texas where it is hot dry and windy?

This can vary but be anywhere from 2 to 4 inches in a week. If you are unsure if you are losing water due to evaporation - do a static test - also known as the "bucket test". . Bring pool water to normal level. . Fill 5 gallon bucket with pool water about 3-4 inches from top. . Place bucket o (MORE)

How much water in pool that is 70ftx30ft?

It amazes me how many questions about pools don't have enough information to give a proper and simple answer. This is another of those questions. A pool of these dimensions is most likely going to have a variable depth bottom, probably starting at 3 feet deep in the shallow end and possibly going to (MORE)

How much water will evaporate daily?

\nThe answer to this depends on several factors.... the area of the surface and the local mean temperature for example. The temperature of the water itself is also a factor.

How much water evaporates from a pool in south Florida?

It all depends in the relative humidity of the air at the time. If you suspect that you are loosing more water then you should. Put a bucket of water next to the pool or even better on the top step of the pool to keep it the same temperature. Mark the water level in it. then mark the water level of (MORE)

How much water is there in a swimming pool?

Use this formula to calculate water volume: When you are having your water tested on a regular basis, they will usually ask you what your water volume is. You also need to know this so you can adjust your chemicals as needed. There are some simple formulas to figure out water volume. For a rect (MORE)

How can you tell how much water is in your pool?

first of all, unless you want to empty it completely and count how many buckets it takes to fill it, you have to be good at math. it'd probly be easier to figure it in metric (since 1 cubic centimeter is equal to 1 milliliter), and then convert to gallons. first you measure the length, and multiply (MORE)

How much water evaporated from a pool?

What size is the pool? Where do you live? How much average rainfall do you get? How hot is the area? I live in South LA. We haven't received any rain here in the month of June. I'm having to constantly add water to keep the level above the skimmer line. It takes an hour to two hours to simply add an (MORE)

How much water in an in ground pool?

7.5 gallons per cubic foot of area inside the pool.. You need to know the length, width and average depth.. Multipy all three and then by 7.5 to get the capacity.. To keep the math simple, a 10 x 10 pool is 100 square feet.. If it were 10 feet deep it would be 1,000 cubic feet (10x10x10=1,000). (MORE)

How much time it takes for water to evaporate?

Specific rates of evaporation can only be measured when one knows the exact measurements of those energies and factors that bear influence upon it: air flow, temperature (of air, container, as well as actual water at time evaporation), concentration of impurities in the water, concentration of subst (MORE)

How many gallons of water is lost through evaporation in a pool?

That's going to depend on -- the surface area of the pool -- the temperature of the water in the pool -- the temperature of the air -- the relative humidity of the air -- the barometric pressure -- the period of time you're interested in (evaporation in 30 minutes ? an hour ? a day ?) (MORE)

How much water can a wading pool hold?

It depends on the size of the wading pool and how deep you want the water to be. Some may hold a few hundred gallons or less. Big wading pools would hold more.

Your pool is 12x22x9 how much water is in the pool?

Is there no shallow end? If there is no shallow end and the entire pool is 9' deep, the pool would contain 67280.8 litres of water (17773.57 US gallons) length x width x height = volume 12 x 22 x 19 = 2376 ft³ 2376 ft³ = 67280.8 litres (1 cubic foot = 28.316847 litres)

How much water evaporates in a swimming pool on a summer day?

The evaporation rate depends on the surface area of the pool, the temperature, and the relative humidity and the wind. I'm sure an "equation" containing the variables is known. Perhaps a civil or mechanical engineer would have a specific equation. I did find what seems to be a credible source that p (MORE)