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The best, fastest, most effective, easiest, and most fun way to learn any language is to immerse yourself. Go to an immersion camp, study abroad, or live in a country that speaks the language. You'd be surprised at how quickly you learn if you focus on your goal and soak up the culture and language as much as possible. I studied abroad for a semester and learned more French than I learned in years of school instruction.
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How do you learn French?

You learn French by finding the learning tool that works best for you. You may or may not need a teacher, depending upon the strength of your motivation and the quality of you

What is learning in french?

  Apprendre. (present) J'apprends, tu apprends, il apprend, nous apprenons, vous apprenez, ils apprennent.

What is 'You're learning French' in French?

"Vous apprenez le français" or "Tu apprends le français". About the difference between "vous" and "tu" : "je" -> "I" "tu" -> "you" "il" -> "he" "elle" -> "she" "

How to learn french grammar?

There are various ways to learn French grammar. The best option is  using audio-visual aids which will help in pronunciation and  understanding French grammar.

Where to learn French?

u can download podcasts on iTunes completely free of charge!! Something that helps a lot is watching movies you know by heart, preferably movies with a lot of dialogue, dubb