How would you get to Cuba?

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In Cuba
You need to fly there. There are no boats that go to Cuba. If you are a US citizen you need to fly over the Bahamas, Mexico or Canada to get in.
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What is the GDP of Cuba?

The 2009 estimate was $110.9 billion per the CIA World Factbook. You can look up lots of information about any country for free on their site. See the related link for more information.

What amendment stated that the United States would not make Cuba one of its territories?

The correct answer would be the Teller Amendment. The Teller Amendment was an amendment to a joint resolution of the United States Congress, enacted on April 19, 1898, in reply to President William McKinley's War Message. It placed a condition of the United States military in Cuba. According to (MORE)

Is Guantamamo in Cuba?

A city of southeast Cuba north of Guantánamo Bay, an inlet of the Caribbean Sea. A U.S. naval station was established on the bay in 1903. The city was founded by French settlers from Haiti in the 19th century. Population: 208,000. . For the source and more detailed information concerning t (MORE)

What can you do in the winter in Cuba?

Cuba's climate is pretty much the same year round, so you can pretty much do the same things year round. That's the advantage of being in a tropical location.

Is Cuba a Dictatorship?

Yes. The Cuban government is controlled by a handful ofindividuals. Those elections that do exist are usually for minor,unimportant posts.

What state is Cuba?

Cuba is not a state. It is a country, with a communist regime as the type of government. It has its own flag and constitution.

Were is Cuba located?

Cuba is south of Florida near the Bahamas . Cuba is west of indies , and 90 miles from Florida.

Is Cuba a theocracy?

No, it is a dictatorship, a theocracy is a rule by religiouspriests (such as Iran).

Is Cuba a republic?

The official name of Cuba is The Republic of Cuba, it has been a republic since it's independence in 1902. Under Castro's rule it became a socialist republic.

Is Cuba an island?

Yes, it is indeed an island. It is the largest island in the Caribbean and the 17th largest island in the world.

What holidays are in Cuba?

There are a lot of holidays in Cuba. Triumph of the Revolution iscelebrated on January 1st. Victory of Armed Forces Day is onJanuary 2nd. Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st. Day before theCommemoration of the Assault of the Moncada garrison is on July25th.

What are facts about Cuba?

1 ~ Bacardi Rum was born in Santiago de Cuba on 4 Feb 1862. Bacardimoved to Puerto Rico after Castro's takeover. 2 ~ Stephen Crane became shipwrecked en route to Cuba in 1897. Heand a small party of passengers spent 30 hours adrift, anexperience he later transformed into his short story masterpiece" (MORE)

Cuba to Hawaii?

It is 4998 miles (Approx.). Note that this is a straight distance between the twoplaces. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path or road/sea routechosen.

Why did they name the country of Cuba Cuba?

The etymology of the origin of Cuba is often debated. Most agree that it comes from the Taino language and it's definition being " where the fertile land is abundant ". It seems no one knows for sure.

If America had not invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs do you think the Cuban Missile crisis would have taken place?

The Cuban Missile Crisis was partly motivated by Fidel Castro's concern about his own security, and his pressuring Khrushchev for support. Whether or not the Bay of Pigs happened may not have influenced that concern or fear on Castro's part. The Bay of Pigs was certainly not the only way that the (MORE)

If there was a war between the U.S. and Cuba who would win?

America has the largest and best trained troops in the world and Cuba can fit in Nevada ill let you do the math I did the math, it is impossible to complete since it is the most unevenly matched sides since the alamo. Comparison: US:Chuck Norris::Cuba:A quarter ounce piece of dirt

Does Cuba have seasons?

I think Cuba is an endless summer wich gets a little bit cold during November and December but that's about it

What to bring to Cuba?

Going to Cuba for the first time is really fun.... I hope you have a fun time but for what to bring... I didn't wear half the things that I brought .... The only thing I did wear was my bathing suit, a dress, 2pairs of shorts and 2 shirts..... And other than that you should bring your hair and makeu (MORE)

Are there turtles in Cuba?

Im pretty sure there are...My uncle would eat turtle meat once in a while so yeah, there are definitely turtles :)

If you sent an airstrike to cuba would the USSR strike Berlin?

Not sure what decade you are living in, but the USSR ceased to exist almost twenty years ago. And Cuba.... Well, who knows if Castro is still alive and his brother Raul is not even half as bad as Fidel was in his youth. So the US has no reason to send an airstrike to Cuba. Didn't happen during the C (MORE)

What is the weather for Cuba?

The weather in Cuba is hot and humid. The temperatures are 95 deg F most of the year Feb - Nov. Dec and January are high tourist seasons because the temperatures are in the 80's with cool nights in the 70's. It rains most days but only for short times.

Where is Cuba found?

Cuba is located south of Florida, USA. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and east, the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. Hispaniola is located off the southeast end of Cuba.

Why is the country cuba named cuba?

The word "Cuba" comes form the Taino language. it either means"where fertile land is abundant" (cubao) or "great place"(coabana). People who believe that Christopher Columbus wasPortuguese, state he might have named it after a town in Portugalcalled "Cuba".

Is Cuba in Florida?

No. Cuba is an Island and a country. There just happens to be many Cubans in Florida as it is the closest US state to Cuba,

Who would win in a fight Mexico or cuba?

Mexico is a very large, very populated nation, and one that is industrialized and modern. It may not be regarded as an international "player", but they've more than enough to take out a nation the size of Cuba. Neverminding Cuba's own disastrous experiment with Socialism, which has held them back fo (MORE)

Why is guantanamo in Cuba?

The place Guantanamo is there because because that's where it is. The Camp Guantanamo is there because access to it is easily controlled, and b/c the US government has decided that as it isn't in the US , they can do stuff there that aren't allowed in US laws.

Were there an Incas in Cuba?

The Incas were located in the area that is now modern day Peru. They also occupied a small chunk in southwest Bolivia and a chunk of Northern Chile.

Why would people want to leave Cuba?

Cuba is ruled by a communist government, it has been under the control of the Castro brothers for over 40 years. People are often incarcerated for speaking out against the government or for trying to perform any protests including passive ones. Food is scarce and the economy is tough. Feeling locked (MORE)

Why would there be an embargo on trade between the US and Cuba?

At the time of the communist revolution in Cuba, Castro nationalized all the American property in Cuba (not counting the Guantanamo Bay naval base), which is to say, he seized it for the Cuban government and did not pay for it. The US is holding a grudge about this. Aside from that, Cuba has been ho (MORE)

What are the pastimes of Cuba?

Baseball is a huge one! playing and watching it. Also, amatuer boxing is very popular. Other sports such as athletics (track and field), skating and volleyball are also common

What can you do at cuba?

If you mean what can you do when vacationing, it really depends on the area since some have beaches while others don't. Apart from that, you can always go to a hotel and spend a nice time there and go to the pool. If you are staying at someone's house, you can always walk around and get to know diff (MORE)

What is Cuba and where is it?

Cuba is an island country. It is south of Florida, USA and south of the Bahamas. To the east of Honduras and Mexico. To the west of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. To the north of Jamaica.

Why would you never hear of a typhoon in cuba?

The term typhoon is reserved for intense tropical cyclonesoccurring in the western Pacific ocean. Such a storm occurring inthe Atlantic basin, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea,is called a hurricane.

What airport would i use to fly from Cuba to UK?

Cayo Coco International Cienfuegos - Jaime Gonzalez International Guantanamo - Mariana Grajales Havana - José Martí International Holguín - Frank Pais International Santiago de Cuba - Antonio Maceo International Santa Clara - Abel Santamaria International Varadero - Juan Gualberto Gomez Int (MORE)