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If the dealer says a new car had light body damage and was repaired will it be hard for you to insure?

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It is still easily insurable.
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Can car dealer cut the engine light off and say that they fix something but did not?

I am assuming you are talking about the 'check engine' or 'service engine' light, right? Well, they can cut the light out by clearing your car's computer memory, but it came

If the other party's insurance says that your car is totaled can it be repaired?

Yes. Here's what will happen: The insurance company will still total your car, but since you own the vehicle, you have the option of retaining the salvage. You can then take

Can a car be repaired if the frame is damaged?

  Answer     It depends on how badly. Some body shops have equipment for straightening bent frames. If the metal has actually buckled, the repair might involved c

Can a damaged hard disk be repaired?

  Answer   It depends on the type and severity of damage. If the disk itself is physically damaged, the chances of repairing it are small, but a professional service

If you buy auto insurance when your car is already damaged and needs fixed will they pay to repair it?

    Answer       Again, insurance fraud is a felony crime.     *   No. When a claim is made the owner of the vehicle is required to present the

Your car was hit by a stolen vehicle and damaged your insurance can't help so you went to the persons who car it was insurance and they said you may have to pay for the damages ourself how can repair?

  Answer   I've been an insurance adjuster for 20+ years so please let me see if I can help.     The other insurance company won't pay for your damages becaus

Does a car dealer in California needs to say if car has frame damage?

Yes other wise he trying to cheapskate some one out of some money now if he didnt notice it, it another story and before you buy any car you should look it over drive it check

How do you repair damaged cars?

Depending on the type of damage you have different options.    If the damage is to the body or paintwork of the car then you can take the to a "Body Shop" or sometimes

If a car is damaged where will they go for repairs?

Your insurance company will have their assessor assess the damage and work out a price the repairs. They will then get the repairs done by a repair company that will do the wo

Can a CAR dealer repo a car for no insurance?

Usually the lender, not the dealer, will just tack it onto your payments, but yes, you probably signed an agreement to insure contract. However, they do not want the car back,