Installing a fuel pressure regulator into a 1998 GMC with a 5.7 engine upon removal of the old regulator and beginning to install the new regulator it says to hook the hose to the regulator upon remov?

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Most of them are under the upper intake manifold but there is not a hose connected to it, point connection down
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Does the intake manifold have to be removed in order to replace the pressure regulator in a 1998 GMC jimmy?

Answer . Yes... If your trying to fix a starting problem you might want to wait on replacing it... I replaced mine and it didn't change a thing. Only attempt the installat

Where is a fuel pressure regulator on a 5.7 vortex engine?

Answer . Vortex engine? Got me. I thought Vortex was just a brand of supercharger. . I believe you mean Vortec engine.. GM also called this the L31 (they use 3 letter/num

How is the Fuel pressure Regulator removed on a 1992 Eldorado?

Answer . The Fuel pressure Regulator is located between the carburetor and distributor. Mounting screw is beneath the retaining bracket leaving about 3 inches to work with

Where do you install a after market fuel pressure regulator on a 2001 Toyota solara?

Check along the Fuel Rail, see if the part you have matches the part attached to the fuel rail. Alot of Toyota's models where put in that locationi, since it does regulate fue

1998 jimmy where is the fuel pressure regulator?

i think that all of them are in the gas tank with the fuel pump. It is in your plenum, which is the intake that your throttle body sits on. it is on the backside of the injec
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How do you install a fuel pressure regulator on a 1988 Chevy k 1500?

I have a 1988 Chevy Full size blazer. It has a 350 5.7 that is brand new crate motor. I have the TBI system on it. Here's what it's doing. I start the truck Idles fine (I chan
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How do you replace a fuel pressure regulator on a 5.7 vortec engine?

Hi to perform this start by disconnecting your battery. Then releasing pressure from the fuel lines. There should be a valve on one of the lines on top of the manifold. Get a
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How do you install a fuel pressure regulator on a Subaru Forester?

super easy...two lines and done. The FUEL line coming from behind the drivers side strut tower is your fuel FEED line. Ther is another line right under it but its not a f