Is Lebanon a country?

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Yes, Lebanon is a country, the link below is the Wikipedia page for it.
a small country
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How old is the country Lebanon?

It is difficult to give an exact age but the earliest settlements in Lebanon date back to 5000 bc. You can read more about the history here:

Where is the Lebanon country?

Lebanon republic is a country located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea in Southwest Asia Mediterranean sea. The country is bounded by Syria on both the north and

Is Lebanon a developed country?

It was a higly cultured economic powehouse in the Middle East to the point that it was often called the Paris of the area. Today it is a war torn rubble and a battle field bet

Lebanon is in what country?

the Lebanese Republic is a country in Western Asia , on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea . It is bordered by Syria to the north and east, and Israel to the s

Is Lebanon a wealthy country?

It is a country of average wealth. If it wasn't for the ongoing Israeli aggressions and wars against it it has the potential to become a very wealthy nation because of the edu

Why is Lebanon a developing country?

Lebanon has passed through a series of occupations and wars from the Ottoman occupation to the French mandate, and the civil war that started from 1975 to 1990, then the perio