Is Luxembourg in France?

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No, Luxembourg is a country in its own right.
It is surrounded by France, Germany and Belgium.
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Where is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a landlocked country in northwest Europe, bordered byBelgium, Germany, and France. It lies South of Belgium, West ofGermany, and East of France. Luxembourg was c

Was Luxembourg ever a colony of France?

Luxembourg wasn't a colony per se, but it was under French military occupation during Napoleonic times and Napoleon bequethed the codified sytem of laws and driving on the rig

What is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a country in Western Europe that has borders withGermany, France, and Belgium. The capital of this country isLuxembourg City. The total area of this country is 2

Is Luxembourg a neighbor of France?

near mainland France, clockwise from the North: Belgium - Luxembourg - Germany - Switzerland - Italy - (then theMediterranean sea) Spain - (then the Atlantic) - Great-Britain

Was Luxembourg part of France?

Yes, Luxembourg was originally a part of the country called France. The area of Luxembourg encompasses about 409 square miles and is one of the smallest countries in the world