Is it legal to fly the Confederate flag in Ohio?

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It is Legal to fly any flag you want in any state that is apart of you American Rights.
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Is it legal to force condo owners not to fly American flags?

Sure, you can contractually waive any civil rights you want to, as a condition to being a tenant or a condo owner. Read your association bylaws and take legislative action in

Why do people fly the confederate flag?

Many reasons. Often it is because they are proud of their southern heritage. It may also hold sentimental value for descendants of confederate soldiers. Others may simply fly

Is it illegal to fly the confederate flag in the state of Ohio?

In the United States (including Ohio), the First Amendment and related jurisprudence guarantee that it isn't illegal to fly any flag, anywhere, with just a few exceptions. The

Is it legal to fly a confederate flag on private property in missouri?

Yes Added: Exactly WHICH Confederate flag is being referred to? The so-called battle flag - OR - the national emblem of the Confederate States (sometimes referred to as "Th
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Do they fly the confederate flag in the US?

For some values of "they", and some values of "the confederate flag", yes. The Battle Flag of the Army of Tennessee, the one that's red with white stars on a dark blue salt

Is it legal to fly the NAZI flag in the US?

Yes. A great number of disgusting, distasteful and unpleasant things are legal in the United States, of which the Nazi flag, the ISIS flag and the Confederate flag are only a