Is it safe to have a biopsy on your cervix done when you are 30 weeks pregnant?

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If the doctor knows you are 30 weeks pregnant and wants to do it, it's probably safe. If you have questions, talk to the doctor and find out if there are any risks and what they are.
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Cervix soft and low at 5 weeks pregnant is this a miscarraige?

\nNot necessarily. If you are worried go to the doctor. Your cervix gets soft to prepare for the baby. If you are carrying unusually low go to the doctor and have a physical.

I am 22 weeks pregnant my cervix is 2.1 cm what does that mean?

This means you have a short cervix. I am 22 weeks and my cervix is also 2.1 cm and I have been ordered to bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy and I may also have to get

Should your cervix be really low at 7 weeks pregnant?

Hi there. I am now 8 weeks but at 7 weeks I noticed that on day 5 my cervix was extremely low and soft and I wasn't sure what that meant either. Looking up stuff on the intern

When you are five weeks pregnant and your cervix is closed is a miscarriage possible?

Hi, with my experience you can miscarriage 'anytime' I have miscarriaged at 4 and half weeks and again at 10 weeks, the first three months are cruicial for the embryo implanti

You are pregnant-36 weeks your cervix is open?

If you have had one or more babies previously, the cervix may not completely close after birth and so is slightly open during the next pregnancy. This does not mean that the w

Is a liver biopsy often done several weeks after a transplant?

In most UK liver transplant centres, it is not considered "routine" practice to do a liver biopsy several weeks after transplant if the patient has a normal liver function. Ho

What should your cervix feel like at 4 weeks pregnant?

Cervix becomes soft at 4 weeks pregnancy. Not only cervix but uterus also becomes soft. Gynecologist is very careful while doing termination of pregnancy. ( Suction and ev