Is manufacturing explosives base or acid?

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Its an acid

How is boric acid manufactured?

boric acid can be prepared by treating borax Na 2 B 4 O 7 with H 2 SO 4 or by passing SO 2 through colemanite Ca 2 B 5 O 11

What is an acid and base?

acid and bases are chemicals in drinks.acids are in sour and sharp things.andbases in bitter ones.

How can you an acid from base?

first of all your question doesn't make any sense. The difference between acid and bases are the power of hydrogen (pH) or more scientifically their ions. Bases have negative oxides (-OH) and acids have a positive charge and hydrogen ions (+H).

What is Base and Acid?

There are three definitions for acids and bases. Arrhenius definition: An acid is a substance that produces hydrogen (H + ) ions in water while a base produces hydroxide (OH - ) ions. Bronsted-Lowry definition: An acid gives up or donates a proton (H+) to another molecule while a base accepts a (MORE)

What are acids and bases?

Acids are proton donors in the form of hydrogen ions, while basesare proton acceptors in the form of hydrogen ions. Acids are lessthan 7 on the pH scale, while bases are more than 7.

What are acidic bases?

the base neutrilises the acid. bases in chemistery are none acidic, in fact completely the opposite!

How do you manufacture sulphuric acid?

Sulphuric acid is manufactured by CONTACT PROCESS which is a three step process. These are: . Burning of sulphur or sulphide ores in air to generate SO 2 . . Conversion of SO 2 into SO 3 by catalytic oxidation in presence of Vanadium Pentaoxide as catalyst. . Absorption of SO 3 in H 2 SO (MORE)

Is stomach acid a base or acid?

It's an acid, hence the term stomach acid. Gastric acid is a digestive fluid, formed in the stomach . It has a pH of 1-2 and is composed of hydrochloric acid ( HCl ) (around 0.5%, or 5000 parts per million).

Are explosives very acidic?

Yes, extremely. The yellowish smoke of a high-velocity explosive is mostly H 2 S and H 2 SO 4 .. Before modern percussion fusing confined gasses largely inside brass cartridge casings, the acrid reaction products of artillery could erode bronze, brass and gunmetal artillery vents. Disposable vent l (MORE)

What is a base and acid?

A base would be a bitter substance a lot of substances we eat and drink are acids & bases, but the reason why its not bitter is because of sugar & salt.. An acid is a sour substance a lot of food & drinks are acids but, the reason why we can't taste the sour is because of sugar & salt.

Acids do this to bases?

when acid and base is mixed together it creates a poisinous gas and can kill you. other low acids like lemon lemonade coffee does not do anything when mixed only ammonia,bleach, exc. can harm because thoose are very very powerful.

Is battery acid a acid or base?

\nIt is an Acid, and when concentrated, around 97%, as in batteries, has a pH under 1, (very strong) which can vary depening on the solution. As the name tells, it is an acid

What is an acid base?

An Acid is a substance that tastes sour and Base is a substance that tastes bitter and feels slippery.

About acids and bases?

Almost all liquids will have either acidic or basic traits although some substances are neutral. An acid, when placed in water will ionize into positive hydrogen ions (H+). This H+ ion is a proton. A base, when placed in water will ionize into negative hydroxide ions (OH-). A strong acid/base is one (MORE)

Is hydrochloric acid explosive?

Only if you add in another chemical. The process is really easy. Get some aluminum tin foil (or even pop rocks) Scrunch a lot of small bits of it up and put it in a bottle. Pour in a 1/4 of the bottle with HCl. Screw on cap and then run away. Remember safety first. Glasses and gloves at all ti (MORE)

Why do manufacturers add acids?

"Acid" refers to anything that doesn't have a pH balance of "7" (neutral). Acids are found naturally in many foods already, such as tomatoes and oranges, and are actually important for your body. So, besides the taste factor (Lemonade, for example, wouldn't taste lemony at all if it wasn't acidic), (MORE)

Amino acid as acids and bases?

Amino acids are organic molecules which proteins are build from. There are twenty. However there is two amino acids which are acidic: Aspartic acid and glutamic acid.

How can you get acid and bases?

You have a couple of them at home. Citric acid in your lemon and orange. Hydrochloric/sulfuric acid in your drain cleaners. Lye (sodium hydroxide) in drain cleaners. Acetic acid in vinegar.

How sulphuric acid is manufactured?

it turns out that sulphuric acid is shiped around in little specially modified glass-like containers. This acid has a lot of harsh chemicals that when in contact with human ( in any way ) would result in serious illness. Therefore, the glass-like containers were modified so that when manufactured th (MORE)

What is the base of an acid?

There's no such thing as a base of an acid! A base is a substance with a pH of 8-14, and an acid is a base with a pH of 0-6. A neutral substance has a pH of 7.

What makes acid a acid and a base a base?

If the substance produces Hydrogen ions when it is dissolved in water, then it is an acid. If it produces Hydroxide ions when it is dissolved in water, then it is a base.

How are acids manufactured?

It depends on the acid. Organic acids can be manufactured through oxidation or carbonylation of other organic compounds. Sulfuric acid is produce by reacting sulfur dioxide with ozone and water. Hydrochloric acid can be produce by reacting chlorine gas with either hydrogen or with hydrocarbons.

Does acid have a base?

All acids(pH -7) can be neutralized by a base(pH 7+) to form hydrogen molecules or become neutral (pH:7) Acid does not have a specific base.

What does acid do to a base?

Acids and bases neutralize each other. This is pretty obvious, as you probably know an acid donates H+ ions, while bases accepted them. An reaction between an acid and base would produce the salt of the two. Sulfuric acid produces sulfate salts, nitric acid produces nitrite salts, hydrochloric aci (MORE)

Why do manufacturers put acid in food?

to revent it from rancidity Usually as a flavouring or preservative. e.g. Pickled Onions are preserved in vinegar (an acid) the vinegar also adds flavour to the onions.

What is acid what is base?

An acid is a sour substance which has Hydrogen (H^+) ions in it. A base on the other hand is bitter and has Hydroxide (OH^-) ions in it.

Is there acid in bases?

Yes. When bases are dissociated in water an anion is formed with the formation of a conjugate acid.

What is a acid and a bases?

An acid is a substance that readily accepts electron pairs or that readily gives up protons. When mixed with water, the solution has a pH lower than that of the water itself. A base is a substance that readily gives up electron pairs or that readily accepts protons. When mixed with water, the sol (MORE)

What are acid bases?

acid is a substance which can give (H+) ion is called acid and baseis a substance which can give (H-) ion is call base