Is media spoiling your young generation or not?

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"Media" is a term that covers a vast array of information storage and delivery. It includes newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, computer based storage and retrieval.

Do newspapers spoil our young generation? Probably not. And on line news services are also not considered to be harmful to young people. No doubt, content is available that delivers poor moral messages to people, young and old. Content on social media sites is often of such a poor quality that it is barely understandable and of no value at all.

It is far too general to arrive at an answer to the question. Some media are very good for children and teenagers, others are just the opposite. However, to blame a medium for harming a generation is simplistic and probably incorrect. Look to content carried by the medium to judge it, not the medium itself.
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What is the bad impact of fashion on young generation?

They are going more for the look and the name, rather then quality. Just because a pair of skateboarder/basketballers names are on a pair of sneakers that cost $75.00 no less, they think they are great shoes. Girls and guys these days are buying into the media of "stars" fashions, that somehow they (MORE)

How does mass media influence the young people?

All people really, are influenced, but mostly the young due to their lack of life experiences. It is that lack of experience which opens a door for the media influance. This can be seen in society by the act of copy-cat crimes. A person seeks a manner of acting out but does not use a method of their (MORE)

How does the media influence young people?

The media can influence young people negatively or positively with the kind of programs they broadcast. Some of which may have negative effects, while some positive effects. Ugben, Blessing A. C.R.s

Does media influence young girls to become anorexic?

Well, we look at the stars alot, the bony thin people who seem to look amazing in any clothes they wear. Alot of the stars have been anorexic, take Mary Kate, or some others. This basically screams to us, THIS IS THE WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT! But it really isn't.. So much emphasis is on the way that peop (MORE)

What are the four general types of media?

Types of Media The four general types of media are print media,broadcast media, out-of-home media, and interactive media. Print media includes newspapers, magazines, directories, mail,brochures, packaging, and all other forms of message delivery thatare produced by printing words or images onto pap (MORE)

What is the good impact of fashion on young generation?

Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience, viewers, readers or even listeners to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering, although political and ideo (MORE)

Does young generation knows best?

the younger generation is better with technology because it is getting so advanced, but i do not believe that most of the younger generation knows too much. the older generations are more aware of things, and they've "been around the block" a few times.

What is general purpose media in microbiology?

general purpose medium is a media that provides enough nutrients in which most any microorganism will utilize for growth. Allows for a wide variety of microorganisms to grow. It can be used for a wide range of applications including; culture storage, enumeration (counting), isolation of pure cultur (MORE)

Are young girls influenced by the media?

yeah because young girls have a lot of pressure in the first place. Second of all when young girls see ads about how you should look girls would be like hey i wanna be like that too.

Media impact on younger generation?

The media has had a huge impact on the younger generations values.Younger generations tend to value items that are sold by morerevealing models.

How does the media play a role on the young females body image?

The media portray young women as skinny, usually white, has perfect facial features as being beautiful and sexy. This educates young girls to believe that this image is what they need to look like to get recognised. This leads to anorexia, depression and all kinds of illnesses.

What is general purpose media?

a general purpose medium is a media that provides enough nutrients in which most any microorganism will utilize for growth. Allows for a wide variety of microorganisms to grow. It can be used for a wide range of applications including; culture storage, enumeration (counting), isolation of pure cultu (MORE)

What is general growth media?

The general growth of media is the improvement and changes that ithas undergone. Technology has played a major role in the growth ofmedia.

Are young sports players subject to media scrutiny?

It really depends on the sport, how publicised it is, whether it is a professional sport and how well mentored the player is- for example, Ryan Giggs, who plays football/soccer for Manchester United under the mentorship of Alex Ferguson, was not allowed to do any interviews until well into his twent (MORE)

Type of general purpose media?

There are three types of general purpose medium: . Tryptocase Soy Agar (TSA) . Tryptocase Soy Broth (TSB) . Nutrient Agar and Broth

What do young people generally think?

I believe most young people sense most like to wonder, wonder what that drug is and then ask themsleves if it's okay... And most don't realize that it is bad then most just say they really don't care. Because once you hit at least 13 to maybe 16 they really don't care and around that age of kids are (MORE)

Why young generation is not interested in studies?

The youth of this generation face many great challenges. One of the most important of all is that the things around them change faster than we can even understand them.. There is so much to distract a person now than there was before, like the latest gedgets.. Even when it comes to relatinships wi (MORE)

What is the Impact of computer on young generations?

Potentially made them the most intelligent and informed group in many generations, also may have made them the laziest and out of shape generation as well, because of lack of physical activity, which is vital to our health.

How fashion effects the young generation?

Fashion effects this generation greatly and believe me i know. I am part of this generation. I love trendy new hip clothes like Holister and Aeropastale. As long as it doesn't effect school work and what's important fashion should be left alone. Thank you

Is media spoiling young brains?

no its actually teaching them things that they can use in the futureand use in everyday life p.s. well most of the stuff media tells them

Bad effect of media on generation?

Media has a bad effect on a generation mainly because, youth is strongly influenced by the media and what is seen on tv. Teenagers and children will want to follow the people who get recognized and do what they do to get noticed. Drugs, sex, rock and roll. These things are what get i nto the young c (MORE)

Is this generation reflected by media and why?

To answer your question in a word, yes. In todays society it'salways about how skinny you are, what brand you're wearing, whatdoes your hair look like, etc. We are all deeply impacted by mediawhether it's a magazine, a reporter in your face, or even just thenews. Point is, it has too great of an imp (MORE)

Computer generate programs for multi-media?

Do you mean computer generated imagry If so: Computer-generated imagery ( CGI ) is the applicationof computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art,printed media, video games, films, television programs,commercials, videos, and simulators..

What are the positive and negative effects of mass media in young children?

it has a lot of positive effect like youngsters come to across outer world,current affairs,business news,quiz etc.mass media provides them the golden oppertunity for their career by its latest information updates.on the contrary it has some bad effect.sometimes it spread the rumers for which youngst (MORE)

Is fashion good for young generation?

yes and no, some fashion is good for the younger generation, the younger gerenration wants to follow and be like their favorite celebs and try to follow their example of how they dress, or it can be a bad thing, the way the young actress or acotr projects himself or herself can not be a good thing f (MORE)

What is the biggest challenge to young generation today?

The biggest burden on youngsters is to make a positive impact on the society. Their challenge is how to do that. In my opinion they should not just follow the traditional path blindly but use their creativity to do something special and meaningful.

Is computer useful for young generation?

Definitely! I actually fit in with that category. Computers can used for many things according to age. + 1-4 years , some parents do not let their younger children use the computer, but there are several educational programs. + 5-7 years , still many educational games, more children use computers (MORE)

Are mobiles spoiling new generation if yes then give you a debate?

mobiles spoiling new genaration by if is many incoherent questions yes why is no puntuation many in sentences? word is meaning this? mobiles not only but also too amouont of not good speeching learn in schol. freind your to much having by pithies. many little. not phototext only is more how? Wh (MORE)

Does the young generation care about the traditional values?

The younger generation was brought up in a time where it appeared as if every thing they wanted was handed to them on a silver platter. People rarely recognize the struggles that this generation goes through. Due to the stereotypical idea that they have life easy, people expect above and beyond what (MORE)

How is media spoiling your new generation?

The media is corrupting the minds of innocent youngsters who get addicted to the Idiot Box. They fall prey to the misleading advertisements and ask the parents for al those being advertised the TV, and addicted to Junk Food. At young age, their brains are tuned to manipulations, criminal thinking an (MORE)

What percentage of young people are negatively affected by the media?

I'd say about 90%, 88% of young people watch T.V. and commercials negatively effect young people alot. there is this one test that has been done and it shows that if you give a coke drinker a cup of coke and a cup of coke, but label one coke and one mystery soda then they will say the coke tastes be (MORE)

How is media spoiling Islam?

Islam is not a 'touch me not' kind of a thing. It is based on human nature. A true Muslim is not spoiled by media. Anyhow, the young, material-minded and ignorant 'Muslims' may be misled by media. Media has also its advantages. Media can be used in the service of Islam.

Does media affect young peoples body weight?

yes because the media can make young people feel bad and feel fat so they may want to loose weight. Or vice versa, they are too skiny and want to gain weight. This can also lead to annorexia, bolemia, and other things like that. Also young generations are very influenced by media.

Is technology helping by making things easier or spoiling this generation by making things easier?

Technology is assisting us in doing our things and focusing on whatis important so that we can achieve our dreams in less time that itwould take earlier. Consider you want to travel to a place till 2005, all you depend onis some magazines or other tourists who visited that place for someinformation (MORE)

What is a generic young cow called?

The generic name for a young cow is a heifer. If she is afirst-calver, then she would be called a first-calf heifer,usually, though some people refer a "first-calf heifer" to a heiferwhose dam was a young cow that has calved for the first time.

What message does the Media send to young females?

The media makes young girls think hat they aren't skinny enough, aren't pretty enough, aren't tall enough and overall not good enough. They portray an image through magazine where everyone is perfect. Their hair is amazing there dress sense is perfect with designer labels and they are a size 6. A gi (MORE)

How was Crosby Stills Nash and Young treated by the media?

It depended on which time period. Each member had already become known for his work with other bands, and when Neil Young joined the group in 1969, initial reaction was positive, and there were great expectations for the band. People liked their harmonies, and songs such as "Teach Your Children" and (MORE)

Why is he media harmful to young people?

It is harmful not only for young but all the sixty-two millionAmerican who watches T.V and the only truth they accept is whatthey get on the T.V. Of course such Machiavellian activity requiresthe disguise, which is why propaganda's call themselves publicrelation industries. But do not be fooled, pub (MORE)

How does media influence violence and aggressive attitudes in young people?

The short answer is: "It doesn't." That, however, is not what many people believe. Since the earliest days of radio, it was claimed that listening to crime dramas could cause kids to become gangsters. When television came along, it was claimed that watching violent westerns could cause kids to go (MORE)