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Hitler was a great leader because of he lead his people out of depression and, even made Germany and other countries around it thrive such as: Italy, Austria, and Poland. I only gave you som of the countries not all f them if you want to look at the countries look up countries the Nazis took over. He lead Nazi Germany to many Victories and saved many religious artifacts, he also pushed for new techonlogy "really creepy things". So I would say he was a really good leader and one of the best.
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Was Hitler a leader?

Yes, he was a ruthless leader- much like Stalin of the Soviet Union who may have been responsible for upwards of 40 million deaths of the Soviet Union's rural poor. Hitler did

How did Hitler become leader?

Adolf Hitler became Leader of Germany because he was very strong and had many plans for the future. Also the propaganda helped because they used radio's,adverts etc. to tell

When did Hitler become leader?

Hitler became leader of the Nazi Party in 1921. He was appointed chancellor in 1933.

What made Hitler a good leader?

Hitler was a good leader in the sense that he brought Germany back  from the grave. "He also ensured that even in the last days of the  war not a single German went hungry.

How did Hitler become leader of Germany?

He joined the Nazi partyin 1919 and then when the Party win more seats in Parliament he eliminated all opposition and took control of Germany.

Was Hitler a laissez faire leader?

Not at all. He was quite the opposite. Laissez faire leaders keep  hands-off and let their staffs do their jobs with minimal  supervision. Hitler was in complete control of

After Hitler who was the leader of Germany?

    Answer       Hitler appointed Admiral Karl Doenitz as his successor. Doenitz permitted Germany to surrender one week after Hitler's death. After tha

What qualities made Adolf Hitler a good leader?

Some leadership qualities which Hitler had was that he was: Very CharismaticGood Public SpeakerPowerfulPatrioticInspiringDemandingReliantControllingJudgmentalConfidentDetermi

Why was Hitler an influential leader?

Hitler was influential because he used nationalism as a tool for igniting the interests of people to follow in his cause. like Napoleon he was power driven. influentiality has

What made Adolf Hitler a good leader?

Although Adolf Hitler is not known for doing the greatest things he was still a very good leader for what he accomplished. I'm not saying killing all those Jews was a good thi

How was Hitler as a leader?

Answer   Hitler was cruel, especialy to jews, which he put in death camps.   Answer   According to Ian Kershaw's biography Hitler was a lazy leader with a disorga

What sort of a leader was Hitler?

Hitler was a very dynamic leader. He brought the German people together and begain fighting a very bad bought of inflation that was devastating Europe. Unfortunately for the