Was Hitler a good leader?

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Hitler was a great leader because of he lead his people out of depression and, even made Germany and other countries around it thrive such as: Italy, Austria, and Poland. I only gave you som of the countries not all f them if you want to look at the countries look up countries the Nazis took over. He lead Nazi Germany to many Victories and saved many religious artifacts, he also pushed for new techonlogy "really creepy things". So I would say he was a really good leader and one of the best.
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How was Hitler as a leader?

Answer . Hitler was cruel, especialy to jews, which he put in death camps.. Answer . According to Ian Kershaw's biography Hitler was a lazy leader with a disorganized l

What made Hitler a good leader?

Hitler was a good leader in the sense that he brought Germany backfrom the grave. "He also ensured that even in the last days of thewar not a single German went hungry. Despit

Was Hitler a leader?

Yes, he was a ruthless leader- much like Stalin of the Soviet Union who may have been responsible for upwards of 40 million deaths of the Soviet Union's rural poor. Hitler did

Why was Hitler a good leader?

Hitler was a good leader because he had great confidence in his speeches and had pride in the decisions he was making. Even though he wasn't the most nicest man he still loved

How Was Hitler A Good Leader?

ok Hitler was a good leader he wasent the most liked leader bt he was good. he lead his contry into many won battels.

What made Adolf Hitler a good leader?

Although Adolf Hitler is not known for doing the greatest things he was still a very good leader for what he accomplished. I'm not saying killing all those Jews was a good thi

What is Hitler good at?

He was alright at painting because while living in Austria, that's how he made a living. But he was rejected from Art College twice so he wasn't that good. He got Germany back

Is Hitler a good leader?

No he killed 6 million Jews. Hitler was no leader. he was a murderer ruthless. evil, Satan incarnate, Germans hate him more than UK. best thing Hitler ever did was Die,

How was Hitler good?

ANSWER 1 Hitler Killed the Jews because he claimed that they caused the economic failure in Germany. By doing this, Hitler through Germany even further into economic turmoi

Did Hitler do anything good for the Germans while he was the leader?

He really commited chaos but he regained the pride of the German people and he stopped Germany from communism In the 1930's, Germany was in chaos. Extremely high inflation a

Was Adolf Hitler a good leader to his people?

No because he was the person who came up with the idea of "The final plan". Which was the total extermination of the Jewish religion. Hitler was not at all a good person. ___

What did Hitler do when he was the leader?

He demanded to control the whole of Europe which laded into the world war he also convinced Germans to fight for their country and invade others. The first thing he did was at