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What Egyptian gods were the ten plagues by God attacking?

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Because of a lot of mixing, absorbing, andoverlapping roles of many Egyptian gods, there is often more thanone god who could easily be mocked by one ormore of God's plagues in Exodus:

1. Nile water into blooda. Hapi: god of the Nile
2. Frogsa. Heket, Hekhet, or Heqt: Egyptian goddess of Fertility,Water, Renewal; frog-headed
3. Gnats or Lice from dusta. Geb: Egyptian god of the Earth; alsob. Khepri: Egyptian god of creation, movement of theSun, rebirth; beetle-headedc. Thoth: one time considered god of magic,failed along with magicians (or priests) to duplicateconjuring of gnats or lice.

4. Flies (gadflies)a. Khepri: Egyptian god of resurrection, creation,movement of the Sun, rebirth; beetle-headed
5. Cattle/livestock diseasea. Hathor: goddess of love and protection; possiblyabsorbed Bat, the cow-headed goddess.b. bull cult gods Apis, Buchis, and Mneuisc. bulls sometimes considered embodiment of Ptah and Ra
6. Boilsa. Isis: goddess of medicine and peaceb. Im-Hotep: real person turned deity, patron of wisdom and medicinec. Sekhmet: lion-headed deity of plagues, believed tobring about or prevent epidemics or pestilence
7. Thunder/haila. Nut: Sky goddessb. Shu: god of air; associated with calm or coolingc. Tefnut: goddess of water/moisture; linked to sun and moond. Seth: associated primarily with chaosbut also thunder, the desert, and infertility.
8. Locustsa. Senehem: possibly locust-headed, god of protectionfrom ravages of pests
9. Darknessa. Ra or Amon-Ra: god of the sunb. Horus: sky god; sun was his right eye, moon his left.
10. Death of the firstborna. Pharaoh himselfb. Min: god of reproductionc. Ra: god who was believed to create all thingsd. Anubis: god of the dead and embalming;Ex 11:7 refers to no dogs barking,possibly referring to jackal(or dog)-headedAnubis having no power over Israelites during this plague.
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