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What age can another child watch a sibling?

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Depends on what State you live in. You can google it.
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What age can watch my younger siblings?

In Ontario the child who is watching a younger sibling has to be the legal age of 12..... though a ten or 11 year old can stay home by him or herself,But they are not legally

What age does a child have to be to babysit siblings?

The age of being able to babysit varies with the location you are in. In many US states, the age is 12.

What age can a child stay home alone and watch younger siblings in Colorado?

it depends on how long the parent is planning to leave the child/children at home. also, is there a naybour next door that can assist in anything the child cannot? is that

What age can siblings watch younger siblings in Ontario?

12yrs old is the youngest one can babysit and training is required. When it comes to children younger than that you will be leaving them alone. Depending on the children that