What are the harmful effects of plastics?

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They are myriad. Plastics are made from petroleum and can leach all kinds of toxins that are released by either heat or cold. Plastic water bottles specifically can leach something called phyto-estrogen, which can distrupt the reproductive organs in fetus and small children. Plastics left unattended in nature can cause severe damage to fish and wildlife. There is currently a plastic bag slick about the size of Texas floating in the pacific. In addition to the phyto-estrogens, the bags can be ingested and strangle fish and ocean creatures. Plastics do not biodegrade and when landfilled have the potential to leach toxins as well. There are plastics on the market now that are not made from petroleum but from a material called PLA or Poly Lactic Acid. These are made from corn starch. There are also plastics made from rice and other bio-resins. Recycle your plastics. You will help bring down the cost of gasoline and keep potentially harmful substances out of our water supply.
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there is a very high chance that you could die just by touching plastic and even higher chance of catching gingivitis by putting bubble wrap down your pants.SO DONT DO IT KIDS

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