What are the size and population of the seven continents of the world?

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World Continents Size & Population based on 2005 World Census North America: Continent Size: 24,474,000 sq. Km or 9,449,460 sq miles 16.5% of the Earth's Land Population: 501,500,000 South America: Continent Size: 17,819,000 sq Km or 6,879,000 sq miles 12% of the Earth's Land Population: 379,500,000 Africa: Continent Size: 30,065,000 sq km or 11,608,000 sq miles. 20.2% of Earth's Land Population: 877,500,000 Australia: Continent Size: 8,112,000 sq km or 3,132,059 sq miles. 5.3% of Earth's Land Population: 32,000,000 Asia: Continent Size: 44,579,000 sq km or 17,212,000 sq miles 30% of Earth's Land Population: 3,879,000,000 Europe: Continent Size: 9,938,000 sq Km or 3,837,081 sq miles 6.7% of Earth's Land Population: 729,000,000 Antarctica: Continent Size: 13,209,000 sq km or 5,100,021 sq miles
(varies due to changing ice shelves)
8.9% of Earth's Land (Population 0 )
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What are the 5 most populated Continents in the World?

Here they are in order from most populous to least populous: 1. Asia - 4 billion 2. Africa - 1 billion 3. Europe - 738 million 4. North America - 542 million 5. Sou