What can you do in Scotland?

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ok almost anything, skiing theme parks rubbish tourist crap shops and tours all claiming to be the original Scotland tour
western isles
culloden Moore
edinburugh castle


The Skiing in Scotland is in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands
i used to work there and its a nice part of Scotland to visit on Holiday
Id also recommend using say the capital of Scotland Edinburgh as your base
as you can also in advance book a tour for the Highlands by bus
for a day and while in Edinburgh you can take in one of the most breathtaking citys in Europe as Edinburgh has fine architecture and is a city which also has what we call the old town and the new town..Also has some nice Museums to visit
and on Chambers Street it has a nice museum The Museum Of Scotland which is Free of charge to get in..was closed down this winter just past for refurbishment inside the Museum but i think its open this Summer ?
Worth a check ..there's also a museum close-bye which was chargeable but i think that's all free of charge now..Edinburgh Castle on the Royal Mile is also a must visit and has much History also in Scotland the castle was built on a Volcano..

Also like any city many bars and restaurants etc ...Edinburgh has many cobbled stone walk-ways also so comfy footwear is an essential..Although there's bus tours which leave from Waverley Bridge just nxt to the Waverley Station which takes you if you like around the city on a city tour which like all tours in a city is chargeable...For Mountain scenes with quaint villages towns and Lochs in Scotland then the Scottish Highlands is a must visit
and is the best scenic area in the whole of the UK..

Ben Nevis close to "Fort William" is the largest Mountain in the UK..
other nice citys are Perth and Inverness..although Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland ..Glasgow is the Largest city in Scotland and the pubs in Glasgow are a must visit :) Fife in Scotland has some nice small tranquil fishing villages Anstruther / Crail / Pittenweem / St Monans / also is a nice visit..
and there is other nice areas to visit in Scotland...

Theres tonnes of stuff you can do in Scotland, there are hundreds of mountains, forests, rivers, lochs, rapids, beaches, basically there are a lot of things that you can do that involve nature. You can do everything you can do in any other place though. Some fun places to go are cadonas - Aberdeen, Edinbugh Dungeons - Edinburgh obviously, Landmark - not sure where that is, St. Andrews Golf Course (not sure what the real name is) which is the worlds oldest golf course and where golf was invented, Aviemore because of the skiing and snow boarding and all of that stuff, Loch Ness and do I really have to explain that one? Orkney and Shetland are fun to go to and all of the other islands, and there are hundreds of castles to go to too. There are millions of historical sights around Scotland so go there. Oh, and the highland games are fun to watch.
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go to the imax,cinima,M&D's,swimming,thegym,parks,resteraunts,mcdonalds,KFCect.,clubbing,parties,trampolining,canoeing,orienteering,camping,viewingart galleries and riding the

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